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Star Citizen Will Have PERMADEATH – How Does That Work

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Star Citizen

In Star Citizen, space trading and combat simulation gameplay are being developed in real-time. Microsoft Windows is the platform for which Cloud Imperium Games is developing and publishing the game.

Chris Roberts is directing Star Citizen, which is an extended retry of Freelancer’s unrealized plans.


The four playable modes of Star Citizen combine elements of space simulators, first-person shooters, and massively multiplayer online games. Players experience these modes in different ways depending on which module they are playing. There are three examples of gameplay mechanics in the Persistent Universe module: Hangar, Arena Commander, and Star Marine. With Star Citizen auec, you can get advacned weapons. 

There is the opinion that Star Citizen will allow PERMADEATH, and there will be some equal consequences for this action. 

Star Citizen currently allows you to reclaim your ship after dying and respawning. A cargo ship full of loot is presently the only real risk, and there will be resets. There is no real loss since you can go right back into the game. Sadly, this won’t be true for much longer, as permadeath will be incorporated into the game. But don’t worry! Despite wanting to avoid it, it’s not a lost cause.

A Death of a Spaceman mechanic’s goal is to make death in the game meaningful and to drive player behavior. A sense of accomplishment and a story should accompany getting out of a risky situation or reaching a goal.

Using Dark Souls as an example, Chris compares that type of death versus the risk/reward feeling they’re trying to achieve in Star Citizen. In between missions, players will need to plan their missions, repair their ships, consider their load-outs, and visit hospitals and shops between missions.

Characters should feel more believable, and players should be able to relate to them. In the unfortunate event that you perma die, another character will be created as your next of kin. This character will inherit your stuff but will also be charged a death tax. The reputation and assets you possess pass down to your descendants, but not all of them.

Your reputation will decline rather than improve because you won’t have a clean slate. There will be a good number of times when you can “die” and bring yourself back to life before a permadeath occurs. 

The mechanicals of the process

These Mechanics have evolved the following:

  • Some deaths are worse and will damage your character’s life force more than others, so you’ll have a limited number of lives.
  • Sometimes you can be rescued or lifted up.
  • The hospital may be able to help you with gene therapy or ways to regain your life.
  • The characters will age and wear out (kind of), accumulating damage and battle scars and becoming injured.

Types of death state

There are following three types of death states:

Being downed 

You are bleeding out on the floor and are in zero health. However, someone can stabilize you or get you back up. Respawning will be an option if you don’t want to wait or don’t think you’ll be able to get back up. Buy Star Citizen Auec to avoid injury with better armor and suit. 

 There is a possibility that security forces can save you. There is a possibility that you can purchase rescue services if you are downed. Your friends might be able to find and rescue you. This situation will give you wounds, and you will be required to heal them properly.


It is necessary to respawn if there is no one coming or if you bleed out completely. Basically, this is a clone of Eve Online. If your body hasn’t been moved, you’ll be able to respawn at the exact location you died (if it’s not been moved).


When you die and respawn into the same character too many times, the character becomes permanently dead, and their assets will have to be passed on to their next of kin.

Downed states are being worked into actor status systems, and hospitals are also being worked on spawning. There will be a new actor status update known as Actor Status V1. This will include buffs, debuffs, status treating, and healing drugs. Medic pens will be replaced with a medical gun that is stronger.

As a result, medi-pens will become a quick fix stabilizer, which won’t give you your health back or cure you completely, but will at least prevent you from injuring yourself further.

An injured person might need to be dragged to safety or to an area for treatment when downed. An arm injury could cause a fracture that requires treatment at a medical facility. Otherwise, you will be debuffed until you get it treated. It could be far worse, and your limb could be completely crippled or destroyed if there is more damage to that area. Depending on how much and what type of damage is sustained, the treatment, cost, and time needed to heal will vary.

A field medic can likely fix some damage (or status effects), while others will require a med bay aboard a ship, and others will require more advanced facilities.

Each body part and limb will be damaged in a different way, from minor to severe, and usually, it will be progressive. You will have the option to disengage and heal, but you also have the option to continue.

Consequences of respawn

It appears that your respawn point will be determined by downloading your DNA into the medical facility where you would like to spawn. It’s possible that you might also have inherited some of the injuries your previous character had if you spawned as a clone. You might also have a prosthetic arm or a different eye color, depending on your DNA stability and the nature of your death. It is also reasonable for them to pay a fee to reappear in medical facilities. To ensure that players remain alive, they are encouraged at all stages to avoid respawning or to get at least rescued. You can find more information about permadeath at MMOPIXEL and can even download Star Citizen using this website.

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