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How To Get Spotify Web Player Unblocked?

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Spotify is a popular music streaming service with limited availability in various countries and regions worldwide. Presently, it is only accessible in most of Europe, the Americas, Oceania, and some regions in Africa and Asia. However, individuals residing in locations not currently covered by the service may still access the platform’s vast music library by unblocking the Spotify web player. 

Furthermore, schools and companies may restrict access to certain websites, such as YouTube, Facebook, and Spotify, to avoid any unwanted interference. This article provides a guide featuring several useful solutions to circumvent such restrictions and unblock Spotify’s unblocked web player. Let’s explore these options together.

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First, Find Out Why Your Spotify Web Player Is Blocked? 

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There can be different reasons why your Spotify is blocked. The reason can be the following:-

The Service Might Not Be Available In Your Region 

Some countries don’t have Spotify offering the services in their region, which could prevent you from accessing it. 

Firewall or Network Restrictions

The second reason could be the firewall and network restrictions. Sometimes, your workplace, school, or public network might have implemented firewalls or content filters that block access to certain websites, including Spotify’s web player.

Account Issues

The third and most popular reason that could prevent you from accessing the web player is account issues. Suppose there are issues with your Spotify account, such as payment problems, violation of terms of service, or suspicious account behavior. In that case, you may face a temporary block from using the web player.

Updates or Maintenance

Sometimes, Spotify temporarily blocks web player access for maintenance or updates. However, this is not a prolonged issue. Try after some to access your account.  

Browser Compatibility

Last, if your web browser is not updated to support the Spotify web player, you can face issues accessing it. 

Once you have identified the issue with your Spotify web player, you can proceed with the appropriate solutions. Mentioning the solutions, let’s move on to the next section and learn how to resolve the Spotify web player unblocked issue. 

5 Solutions To Get Your Blocked Spotify Web Player Unblocked

Let’s dive into 5 amazing solutions we have just found for you.

Use A VPN 

If you cannot access Spotify because of geographical restrictions or firewall issues, use a VPN. VPN authorizes you to connect to the internet via a remote server in a different country or region. When you use a VPN, your internet traffic is encrypted and routed via the VPN server, which effectively masks your IP address and location.

You Can Follow These Steps To Get Your Spotify Webservice Unblocked:- 

  • Firstly, sign up for a VPN service that offers servers in a country or region where Spotify is available. 
  • Next, download as well as install the VPN on your device. Once the VPN software is installed, launch it and connect to a server in the country or region where Spotify is available.
  • Once connected to the VPN server, open your web browser and navigate to the Spotify Web Player website. 
  • From there, log in to your Spotify account and enjoy your favorite music and podcasts without restrictions.

Using a VPN helps you unblock Spotify Web Player and provides added benefits such as online privacy and security. However, choosing a reliable and trustworthy VPN service that offers fast and stable connections is essential to ensure a seamless listening experience. 

5 Top VPN Services To Try To Unblock Your Spotify Web Account

Here are some of the most popular and reliable options that you can try:- 

ExpressVPN-With lightning-fast speeds, rock-solid security features, and a wide range of server locations, this VPN service is a fan favorite. 

NordVPN- This VPN offers an impressive network of servers and top-notch security.

TunnelBear- This is a go-to choice for streaming enthusiasts. Easy to install and download. You can even use it as an extension in your browser. Overall, you can enjoy full ease of access with this VPN service. 

Surfshark- It is a newer player on the scene but has quickly become known for its affordability and reliability. 

HideMe- Finally, HideMe boasts a large server network and a great track record for unblocking geo-restricted content. 

You can try any of these services to access your account. They are reliable and tested. However, check their services and availability (free or paid) to find the perfect one fitting your needs. 

Sign Up From the Account And Sign In Back To Your Account 

In case your account has been blocked, you can try this Spotify web player login unblocked option. 

  • Simply log out of your account and sign in again to see if the option appears. To log out, follow these steps:
  • If you use the web app, go to the Home Page and tap the gear icon at the top. Scroll down and select “Log out.”
  • If you use a computer, click your name at the top of the window and select “Sign out.”

Reinstall The Web App

If you have been using the web app to access your existing account, but suddenly it’s not summoning, you can try this option.

You can try deleting the Spotify application from your desktop and then reinstalling it. This has proven effective in resolving the issue for some users. Please note that this process will not result in any loss of data, so you can confidently proceed with these steps.

– Use Task Manager on your computer

– Press Ctrl+Alt+Del on your keyboard

– Scroll down until you see the ‘SpotifyWebHelper’ application

– Select it and end the task

– Proceed to uninstall Spotify.

Clear The Cache 

Irrespective of the version of Spotify that you are using, you can conveniently clear the cache to resolve a wide range of problems, such as menu items not appearing. If you are using the web version of Spotify, you will have to clear your web browser’s cache, such as Chrome or Safari. To clear the cache in the Spotify web app, you need to follow the steps given below based on the app version you have.

Desktop app:

  • Click on your name and select Settings. 
  • Scroll down the page and click on Clear cache present under the “Storage” section. 

By following these easy and quick steps, you can easily clear your Spotify cache and troubleshoot any issues that you might be facing.

Use A Proxy Server 

If Spotify is working in your region and you don’t know exactly what happened to access your account, try this option. It’s another way of accessing mediums. Don’t mistake it with a VPN. You can employ a proxy server as an intermediary between your device and the internet. Basically, your web requests go to the proxy server first, and then the server forwards them to the web server. This means that the web server won’t see your actual IP address but instead the IP address of the proxy server.

Here’s how to use a proxy server to unblock Spotify Web Player:

1. Find a reliable proxy server in a country or region where Spotify is available.

2. Set your browser to use the proxy server. You can usually do this in your browser’s network settings.

3. Go to the Spotify Web Player website in your browser.

4. Sign in to your Spotify user account and enjoy hearing your favorite music and podcasts without any restrictions!

Using a proxy server is a great way to bypass network restrictions and access Spotify Web Player from anywhere. However, it’s important to be careful and choose a trustworthy proxy server. So, we have found some for you.


When looking for plenty of threads, extensions, and included IPs, SmartProxy makes for the perfect option. The only downside is that geotargeting is restricted.

Bright Data:

To access a wide variety of options, IPs included, and great targeting options, Bright Data is a great choice, although the pricing mechanism can be a bit complex.


If you’re in need of a solid proxy pool and limited support, Oxylabs is a good option. However, keep in mind that there are no separate mobile IPs available.

Contact Spotify support

In case you’re still not able to get your Spotify web unblocked, contacting support is another thing you can try. You can reach out to their support team through any of their official communication channels. 

  • You can attach a screenshot of the three-dot menu on the user’s profile along with the details of your operating system and device information to help them understand the issue better. 
  • If you prefer to get in touch with them via Twitter, you can send a direct message to the designated username. 
  • You can also visit on your browser and click on the “Start messaging” option to send a message conveniently.


Spotify is a widely popular music streaming service that delivers access to millions of songs and podcasts from around the globe. However, there may be times when network restrictions or other limitations prevent you from accessing Spotify Web Player when you need it. Thankfully, several methods are available to bypass these restrictions and unblock Spotify Web Player. Thank you for reading this guide. We hope you have liked it! 

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