Small Business Saturday Ideas That Will Get You Customers

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Low-Cost Marketing Strategies

Small Business Saturday is a chance for numerous business owners around the nation to grow their clientele and boost their Q4 earnings. However, there are so many small businesses vying for customers’ attention that you must develop a marketing plan that is successful and distinctive.

We’ll give you some of the top Small Business Saturday ideas so you can get started creating a special campaign. To find out how to increase your consumer base in 2022, keep reading!

What is Small Business Saturday?

The Saturday following Thanksgiving in the US is designated as Small Business Saturday. After the global recession in 2010, American Express pioneered it, and today it is known all across the United States and the rest of the globe.

This day promotes supporting local businesses during the Christmas shopping season. It will take place on November 26th, a Saturday this year.

However, it’s not enough to simply operate a small business on Small Business Saturday; you also need to reach out to your customers and potentially remind them. Social media is a more accessible means to reach a larger audience than the in-store indications some businesses opt to install and make available to customers.

Businesses may promote Small Business Saturday in a variety of ways. Regardless of the approach you use, it’s a great chance to promote your company or urge people to purchase locally.

Our favorite small businesses ideas 2022

We’ve got you covered with ideas for your posts, featuring inspiration from some great small businesses.

  1. Rubies in the Rubble

In the Instagram post, Rubies in the Rubble encouraged their fans to tag their favorite small businesses in honor of Small Business Saturday. Customers received a 25% discount when they mentioned a small company in the comments section of Rubies in Rubble’s Instagram post. This strategy inspires clients to participate while also drawing attention to various small enterprises.

  1. Fishwife

The canned fish company Fishwife took a simpler (but decent) approach by highlighting many local small businesses in an Instagram post and sharing a message of appreciation for them: “One of the absolute best parts of running this business is having so many opportunities to talk to and work with other small business owners. It’s unbelievably inspiring to witness folks build something out of nothing and bust their butts to create incredible products and incredible community.

  1. DAME

DAME went a step further by providing discount coupons and ongoing specials on their Instagram Stories. They explained their thinking behind their strategy: “Small brands are often lost amongst the Black Friday chaos, so we’re taking this opportunity to put small sustainable brands in the spotlight.”

  1. Ombar Chocolate

Use your size to your advantage and draw attention to yourself on Small Business Saturday. A chocolate firm, Ombar Chocolate, emphasized that they are a tiny business and provided customers with a discount coupon. Additionally, they stated that a foundation would receive the revenues from their sales. Additionally, they featured additional local companies and tagged them in their article to encourage their audience to buy there.

  1. Kinfield

The Better Together campaign was developed by the skin care company Kinfield to assist clients in locating female- and BIPOC-owned businesses to purchase from during the Christmas shopping season. They featured environmentally friendly businesses like OUI The People and Pineapple Collaborative. Additionally, they exhorted their audience to mention additional companies in the post’s comments.

Useful Tips for Small Business Saturday 2022

Planning will assist if you want to take advantage of Small Business Saturday this year. However, there are certain things you can do to make the most of this event regardless of when you start planning.

1. Download the free marketing materials

American Express makes the process simple by giving you the marketing resources you need to promote Small Business Saturday. So, if you haven’t already, start by downloading them from the Small Business Saturday page.

2. Get your physical (or virtual) storefront ready

Make sure you’re ready to greet consumers, either in-person or online if you’re counting on Small Business Saturday to bring in a wave of them.

For instance, start by looking at the layout if you manage a physical boutique. Customers should be able to browse your business while adhering to social distancing guidelines easily.

3. Take part in a local Small Business Saturday event

Participating in a neighborhood Small Business Saturday event may increase your company’s visibility and possibly increase sales.

There are two approaches you may take here. The first step is to search for Small Business Saturday events in your neighborhood. Regional groups, including chambers of commerce and NGOs for small businesses frequently sponsor events for Small Business Saturday.

4. Fine-tune your marketing plans

An excellent place to start is by posting notices about Small Business Saturday and other holiday deals online or in-store. However, there are other things you can do to advertise your company all season long. That might incorporate:

  • Sending out email newsletters
  • Promoting Small Business Saturday sales on your social media
  • Investing in a local newspaper, social media, or TV ads
  • Setting up a cross-promotion with another business

5. Launch your holiday sales promotions

You may utilize Small Business Saturday to promote bargains like big-box retailers do on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Choose the sort of promotion you wish to run first.

Consider the bottom line while organizing your Small Business Saturday sales. For instance, lowering prices could help you compete with bigger-name businesses, but it might also cause your profit margins to narrow. To avoid compromising money to get customers in, carefully consider how to construct sales promotions.

10 Simple Ideas for a Successful Small Business Saturday

  1. Own your identity as a small business
  2. Get web ready
  3. Utilize free resources.
  4. Craft a compelling Small Business Saturday offer or discount
  5. Send out an email series
  6. Extend your hours.
  7. Get customers back in store
  8. Host an event
  9. Offer deals and discounts
  10. Keep the momentum going
How Can I Promote Small Business Saturday?

Your Small Business Saturday advertisements have to highlight this positive vibe. Make your buyer feel as though they are a part of something wonderful.


Since Small Business Saturday only occurs once a year, maximizing its potential is critical. Utilizing these tactics may make your small business successful all year long and throughout the holiday season. Consider approaching Small Business Saturday deliberately rather than promoting excessive consumption or pushing sales to move inventory.

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