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Shopify Plus SEO Checklist & Optimization Features

Index1 SEO for Shopify Plus: Scale with 7 Built-in Offerings1.1 Read on to know how Shopify Plus SEO aids businesses in acquiring...

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Shopify Plus SEO Checklist

SEO for Shopify Plus: Scale with 7 Built-in Offerings

Shopify Plus is a known name in the enterprise-grade eCommerce industry, and due to its popular plug-and-play nature, more and more brands are opting for it. Currently, Shopify Plus has over 5800 businesses live and running on this evolving platform. It is an enterprise offering and has helped businesses handle vast data volumes to the next level of eCommerce success. 

However, the most common Shopify Plus misconception is its lack of search engine optimization capabilities. Now the real question arrives – Is Shopify Plus SEO really that bad? In one word, NO. SEO capabilities in Shopify Plus keep on improving and the platform is adding new features like editing robots.txt files to accommodate more optimizations. We all agree that SEO is an integral and continuous process to gain, sustain, and improve search visibility. If you are using Shopify Plus for your eCommerce business or planning to go for it, here is our list of Shopify Plus SEO capabilities you can leverage to scale high.

Read on to know how Shopify Plus SEO aids businesses in acquiring better results:

  1. Shopify Plus SEO Plugins & Apps
  2. Omnichannel Offerings
  3. Growth in Traffic
  4. Create Compounding Content
  5. Image Optimization on Shopify Plus
  6. Meta Titles & Descriptions
  7. Integrated Analytics & Google Analytics 

1. Shopify Plus SEO Plugins & Apps

Shopify Plus is the platform that allows you to boost your business, all because of its dedication to SEO. The retailers can use various SEO dedicated plugins like Smart SEO, SEO Doctor, and SEO Image Optimizer to push eCommerce websites without a professional coder. This makes Shopify Plus a must for eCommerce businesses. 

You should be mindful while choosing the optimum SEO plugin for your eCommerce website. Plugins help you build your eCommerce business and helps to move fast and stay ahead of the competition. These plugins will enhance the overall SEO process and help your potential customers to discover your online store better.

2. Omnichannel Offerings 

Shopify Plus is uniquely known for its omnichannel offerings, tailor-made to suit the needs of your eCommerce business. You can leverage multiple sales channels across social media, mobile, and various marketplaces. This improves the SEO of your eCommerce website, giving it a chance of ranking better in SERPs. 

Let us take a look at how to do it with Shopify Plus:

  • Mobile Sales Channel: Mobile responsive content like detailed product descriptions are a must to target mobile users. These users make up for the majority of online shoppers in this smartphone-driven era. This exercise would help the retailers improve their mobile SEO by focussing on the mobile via the enterprise platform. 
  • Social Sales Channel: Shopify Plus gives a significant advantage to a social media-powered eCommerce brand. It allows the retailers to include as many social platforms as they want according to a solid social media strategy. The number of engagements on social media is always directly proportional to the visibility of your brand. Hence, multiple sales channels give you a sure-shot way to success and a chance to increase your eCommerce brand reach. 

With the right strategy and the mix of Shopify Plus features, you will surely see the SEO benefits arise. 

3. Growth in Traffic

According to Shopify, the average growth rate in a year for an eCommerce site across the client base for Shopify Plus was approximately 126%. These stats support that Shopify Plus is an eCommerce platform that shows success in black and white. Also, an increase in traffic is definitely on the cards for eCommerce brands on Shopify Plus.

It is not uncommon knowledge that increased traffic is a byproduct of excellent eCommerce SEO. Hence, brands and retailers need to accept Shopify Plus as an eCommerce platform for mass-market retailers focusing on consumer products that are in demand. Shopify Plus performs best for B2C eCommerce businesses. 

4. Create Compounding Content 

According to a HubSpot study, around 38% of the total traffic generated on an eCommerce website is because of compounding blog posts. Compounding posts gain more and more traction over time, i.e., their traffic increases over time because of organic searches. 

Shopify Plus supports the creation and optimization of evergreen content without any hassles. This allows the eCommerce websites on Shopify Plus to rank better in the SERPs. If retailers focus on evergreen content, they will stay relevant among the masses for a longer time and will show up in organic searches even after months of publishing. It does pay in the long term to achieve SEO targets. 

Some of the compounding content ideas that retailers can post on Shopify Plus powered eCommerce websites to boost SEO are:

  1. Beginners’ Guide
  2. Ultimate Guides
  3. Checklists
  4. Infographics
  5. Cheat Sheets

5. Image Optimization on Shopify Plus

Fast loading of images is necessary for retaining potential customers. No user wants to wait for more than a few seconds for images to load. And images are a crucial selling point of any eCommerce business. Still, images can be a source of stress for businesses, especially if they are oversized. 

Shopify Plus SEO is tailor-made to fix this problem. If you have high-resolution and large images for your business because they are necessary, then Shopify Plus will come to your aid. As an enterprise eCommerce platform, Shopify Plus is programmed to handle a significantly massive volume of traffic. Also, it lets the retailers optimize the size of the images to showcase your products with clarity without making the web page slow and sluggish. 

6. Meta Titles & Descriptions – the most crucial Shopify Plus SEO Feature

People are bombarded with hundreds of ads, messages, and calls to action every single day. It can get very tough to stand out from the crowd and reach your potential customers. To leverage the power of meta and product descriptions is the need of the hour. Meta titles are directly fetched by the search engines and improve the rankings significantly on the SERPs. As far as meta descriptions are concerned, they are used to set the tone for the users, whether to click on your eCommerce website links or not. 

Shopify Plus lets the retailers build their meta descriptions within the platform. All you need to do is frame captivating descriptions and titles focussing on the most relevant keywords. The content included in your eCommerce website should be handled with exceptional care. You can use the Shopify Plus admin to ensure your eCommerce store has the proper meta titles and descriptions to work for both the search engines and the customers. 

7. Integrated Analytics & Google Analytics 

Analytics is one of the most critical aspects of measuring traffic growth and conversions. They even give the retailers enough insights to consistently improve their digital marketing and SEO strategies to enhance revenue growth. Analytics can help business owners shed light on what each visitor is doing on the eCommerce website. Also, in case of abandonment or churning, retailers can pinpoint precisely where and why they are losing customers using advanced Analytics. 

Shopify Analytics and reports are very robust and easily accessible. You can get actionable insights for free and also review your store’s recent activities. Also, you can integrate Google Analytics into your Shopify Plus-powered eCommerce store for free. This will indeed give you an edge. 

The Comprehensive Shopify Plus SEO Checklist

Finally, here are some SEO tips to make your Shopify Plus-powered eCommerce website sizzle through.

  • Make sure to have a mobile responsive eCommerce store.
  • Try to use descriptive file names for your images. Avoid calling the images ‘image’ or ‘pic.’ Descriptive image file names help to improve the SEO as many people use Google Images or websites like Pinterest for searches. 
  • This one is a no-brainer. Avoid duplicate content at all costs. 
  • FAQ sections are a great way to fill your website and include keywords. They often help customers to make informed decisions and curb impulse buying and unnecessary returns. 
  • To index your eCommerce website, the search engines need your sitemap. Make sure to submit your sitemap to all of your targetted search engines. 
  • Website optimization is an absolute necessity. Do test your eCommerce website’s load times to reduce bounce rates. 
  • Give extra attention to metadata and make it a priority. 


Armed with this information, you can initiate brilliance to enhance SEO on Shopify Plus. There is no need to be daunted by the concept of SEO on Shopify Plus. It is no rocket science. Follow the checklist and you are good to go! Still, in case you need any assistance, Krish’s team of experts is always prepared to help your eCommerce business. For all your Shopify Plus needs and your SEO requirements –  contact us at the need of the hour!

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