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Reasons Why You Should Switch to Android 12

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Written by Ashok Kumar · 3 min read >

When it comes to smartphones, you always need to be at the top of your game. What better to do that than to make sure that your phone is running the latest system software? Here, however, we will be talking about Android specifically, with its latest version, Android 12.

Aside from the system software, there are some other key elements that the latest phones share in common, such as 5G support. If you want your phone to run 5G, you need to make sure your phone service provides you with it, such as Xfinity Mobile. While the carrier and its services may be the same from phone to phone, where your phone would differ is where you have the latest Android version while the rest are still stuck on the previous one. 

Here are some cool reasons why you should either update your phone to Android 12 or get a new phone that runs it:

A Significant Improvement in the User Interface (UI)

The UI is basically everything that you can see on your phone while you are using it, especially the lock screen, home screen, and all the apps that you can access. Android 12 has introduced a futuristic UI to every phone that runs it, making it quite pleasurable just to look at your phone. 

The interface also allows you to switch between all your favorite apps as smoothly as possible, ensuring you keep a presence on as many social media platforms as possible. 

More Liberty to Personalize Your Phone According to Your Needs

Personalization looks best when your phone itself compliments it. Android 12 gives you a plethora of colors that make your phone aesthetically pleasing. The best part is, when you change your wallpaper, your phone’s color scheme changes according to your wallpaper’s colors. This feature is now popularly known as Color Extraction and it helps your phone follow a specific theme, making your phone even more beautiful than it is. 

This feature looks best when your phone has a vibrant screen that can show you many colors and has a great resolution. To top it off, you can get a phone with a 120Hz refresh rate so everything looks as smooth as possible. 

Tweaks with the Widgets

Even the widgets have been tweaked a bit to ensure you have a better experience than the previous Android versions. The part where you can select your widgets has been changed entirely from scratch so that you can have an easier time trying to decide which widget you want to add to your phone. 

All of your widgets have a new and improved interface so that when you add those widgets to your home screen, they can add convenience by acting as shortcuts, saving you a lot of time and functioning as shortcuts. Widgets also make your phone look cool if you place them right. 

Easier Access With the Quick Settings Tiles

One of the many reasons to have an Android is how it makes things a lot easier due to greater accessibility to things. They have made things a lot easier with the introduction of Quick Settings Tiles, which have increased significantly in size and considering the fact that people are conscious about their mic and camera being on. One of the settings allows them to toggle both on or off. You can also use these tiles to make payments through Google Pay and also control your smart home devices through your phone. 

Other tiles that existed before include turning your WiFi on or off, toggling your Bluetooth and long pressing it for more actions, and even turning the Airplane Mode on your phone on or off. 

Taking Longer than Usual Screenshots

For quite some time, people have been given the option to take longer screenshots, something which was fortified with the introduction of Android 12. You can now take screenshots called “scrolling screenshots” in which you can increase the length of your screenshots to what you want them to be. You can crop the screenshot according to your needs and resize it. Not only can you resize your screenshots but you can also add text to your screenshots if you want something added to it. 

Your Phone Not Rotating Anymore as You Lie Down

Do you remember the times when you would lie down and use your phone and your phone would auto-rotate, frustrating you to your core? Well, that’s not the case anymore. Previously, phones used to rely on the accelerometer, which would detect that your phone has changed its orientation and it would rotate the screen. However, with Android 12, it now makes use of the camera!

You might be wondering how that works, the camera looks at your face to see which position your face is in, if it is in portrait orientation, it will stay straight but if it is in landscape, it will rotate the screen. This makes it easier to scroll through your favorite social media apps without your screen rotating over and over again. 

Wrapping Up

If you prefer comfort over anything else in a phone, then an Android is what you should be opting for, that too with Android 12, which is the latest version. So go ahead and ensure you get your hands on this OS version as soon as possible for all the convenience you need!

Written by Ashok Kumar
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