10 Ideas On How To Use Sms Marketing For Real Estate

The effectiveness of such a tool as sms text marketing has long been noted by marketing experts and direct customers of such...

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Real Estate Text Message Marketing Strategies

The effectiveness of such a tool as sms text marketing has long been noted by marketing experts and direct customers of such services, in our case, real estate.

To engage in SMS marketing, no special equipment is required. It is enough to have a phone and a database of customer numbers. In order not to do this on your own, you can also ask for help on the text marketing platform, they will leave an action plan, and a special program will take care of the mailing. 

Advantages of text message marketing for real estate

This article would hardly have been written if there were no pluses for text marketing for real estate. So let’s talk about them: 

  1. Allows you to quickly talk about important things: a discount, a seminar, a new product release;
  2. Almost 100% Open Rate;
  3. Easy to use. No need to create designs, be a copywriter or programmer;
  4. Cheap;
  5. Gives you the opportunity to be closer to your clients.

Is SMS marketing right for you?

SMS marketing for real estate is undoubtedly employed, but is it the best strategy for your business? Your use of SMS marketing solution is ideal if:

  • Your business involves repeat purchase;
  • You have promotions from time to time;
  • You have new offers;
  • You have clients’ birthdays.

If you have determined at least two of these, SMS marketing is recommended for your business. 

Proposals of use for SMS marketing

It is safe to assume that if you are reading this, you are looking for advice on how to use text message marketing for real estate. Perhaps you don’t have time to think of something, or you really don’t know where to start. Below are a few ideas. 

  • Promotional offers or discounts

You can send enticing offers to your customers just before the day when the special offer starts, offering them special prices, discounts or offers.

For example, “Hi John, get a 15% discount on the purchase of a parking space when you book an apartment using the code on the site Just use this code: 15OFF. To unsubscribe, send STOP.”

  • Reminders

If you remind clients of an appointment, then this will reduce the losses from missed meetings. Clients will know that you care about them and want to help them organize their busy lives.

For example, “Hi Mary, don’t forget, tomorrow you have an appointment with TTT Developers at 2:30 pm. We would love to see you. Need to cancel? Call us: +1 (xxx) xxx-xxxx. To unsubscribe, send STOP”.

  • Alerts

A new development has begun, a previous project is nearing completion, or you have changed your web address. SMS marketing is a quick way to alert customers with vital information.

For example, “Hi Laura, we have just completed the construction of a residential complex, all apartments are available. Call the office or go to our website and reserve your apartment today! To unsubscribe, send STOP”.

  • Contests

Run a contest to build your mobile customer base. Just place the poster in your office and spread the word about it on your website.

For example, “Win a parking and storage space with TTT Developers by submitting the code word ‘Luck’ followed by your name and the answer to the next question at 000-000… How many floors did the first skyscraper have?”.

  • Booking confirmation

Everyone likes to receive booking information in writing – “just in case”, and it is most convenient to receive such notifications on a mobile phone. Send booking confirmations, so customers don’t forget.

For example, “Hi Joe, thank you for booking Apartment B14 at Debut Residential Complex. Have you changed your mind?? Call us at +1 (xxx) xxx-xxxx. To unsubscribe, send STOP.”

Use Email + SMS simultaneously 

If you decide to lose weight, then you need to choose a diet and exercise. The same approach and in case of increase in sales. It is necessary to use a complex of all possible tools. 

  • Simultaneous use of email-mailings and SMS will allow:
  • Increase the conversion (you will be reminded of yourself in two ways);
  • Create the effect of the presence of the company everywhere.

Don’t be a spammer! 

There are no spam filters for SMS mailings. It can, and is good, if not abused. Sending SMSes to everyone in a row is fraught with the fact that you will be blacklisted. SMS spam is just annoying. And why should we buy tours from those who are tired of us?

How not to be SMS spammers?

  • Always explain why the client subscribes to the SMS mailing list. For example, he will be aware of the hottest offers or be able to save.
  • Ensure data privacy. Everything comes down to trust – it is important to convince customers that you will not sell their numbers.
  • Therefore, every worthy company provides an opportunity to unsubscribe from SMS mailings.

Basic Rules

In order for text message marketing for real estate to be successful, you must go by a few rules: 

  • Check messages for clarity;

A simple and understandable text for everyone is the main rule of a good newsletter. Nobody wants to solve puzzles and think about what you meant.

  • Keep it brief;

It’s necessary to talk simply and clearly, with subdued calls to action.

  • Be moderate;

If you often send SMS, you will end up in spam. You shouldn’t write about all the promotions, tell all the news of the company, or advertise every new article on the corporate blog.

  • Segment and personalize;

The personal touch works. An SMS mailing that calls the customer by name and offers personal discounts on goods is more engaging than a message for everyone at once.

  • Don’t forget about analytics.

We advise you to monitor the percentage of open and purchases after receiving SMS, so as not to overpay for mailing to inactive customers. Clean the database and exclude users who do not respond to messages for a long time.

All these tips will help you build a competent strategy for promoting your business using SMS marketing service.

Marketing has moved forward with the growth and development of technology. There are various ways to connect with potential customers and text message marketing for real estate is one of them. As a real estate business owner or marketer who needs new ideas and strategies to increase sales in this niche, retain customers, improve your brand and get a quick response in the shortest possible time, you should consider text message marketing. When used correctly, text message marketing has a higher success rate than any other mobile communications medium. This article will help you better understand what text message marketing is and what an effective strategy to apply.

Benefits of Text Message Marketing

SMS marketing for real estate should be considered as an additional way to contact potential buyers. In mailings, you can show floor plans, describe the advantages of the developer and a separate residential complex, add a GIF with a mortgage calculator – gradually build loyalty. With the help of mailings, you can gently remind yourself and those who have already bought an apartment. It is unlikely that a person will run to buy a new property in joy. But the very fact that the developer remembers him and stays in touch after the sale increases loyalty. The likelihood that a happy apartment owner will recommend a caring developer to friends, colleagues, relatives, etc. is also growing.

So, what are the functions of email newsletters in the field of real estate:

  1. Increase brand awareness and loyalty of potential buyers;
  2. Remove objections;
  3. Engage in communication;
  4. Inform customers and agents;
  5. Simplify the work of managers.

Real Estate Text Messaging Marketing Strategy

Lead generation

The first thing to do is to collect a database of contacts to whom marketing sms will go. There are two ways to capture contacts through the site: a static subscription form and pop-ups.

Ask for confirmation of the number

When registering, a person may indicate an incorrect or inactive number. Then the company is wasting money. Set up Opt-in – confirmation of the number by code in SMS immediately.

Be relevant

Sending a lot of SMS often is a direct way to the blacklist. You should not write about all the promotions, tell all the news of the company, or advertise every new article on the corporate blog. Leave only useful and urgent information for text messages. Consider the client’s time zone when conducting sms text marketing procedure: it is unlikely that anyone will be happy with SMS in the middle of the night.

Speed is your assistant

The user receives SMS from the company faster than in any other way. 34% of people read SMS in the first five minutes after receiving it. For email, you need to specifically check mail, and users often turn off pop-up notifications from instant messengers and applications. SMS will not be lost like a spam email, and will not disappear like Push. Keep this in mind and add more call-to-action to your texts.

Demonstrate the value, benefit when buying real estate from you

The benefit and value that the customer will unquestionably gain when purchasing is the primary motivator that increases their attention to your advertising. Your consumers’ continued interest in receiving mailings is a result of your profitable and compelling offers. There are general templates that can help you connect with every part of your target market and encourage a purchase.

Regular mailings

If you do not have a contact database, start collecting it and immediately send emails to users. There are two types of strategy:

  • Send everyone the same messages;
  • Segment the database and write to people about what they are interested in.

The second way is more effective because personalized messages hit the target and evoke a powerful response. Such mailings receive more opens, clicks, completed applications and real estate purchases.

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You can segment the database according to different criteria:

  • Class of housing, if the developer builds houses in different segments;
  • Type of property: residential or commercial;
  • Due date: sale in a house under construction or already commissioned;
  • Construction technology: for example, a company that builds country houses from glued laminated timber and ceramic blocks may offer to subscribe to letters about houses using only one technology;
  • Family size – so as not to offer a large family a one-bedroom apartment;
  • The number of rooms – so as not to upset those who want a big apartment, but can only afford a studio, etc.

Do not segment at once by all parameters. Select the most interesting part of the audience to send a message.

  1. New project announcement

Tell about the novelty, advantages, terms of purchase. If a company builds private houses according to standard designs, you can announce changes to the old project and talk about the benefits of the new one.

  1. Discount

The task is to inform subscribers about special purchase conditions, mortgages, etc. Increase the number of sales. Send an email to segments that are interested in the promotion. It is logical that people planning to buy an apartment in installments are unlikely to be interested in special mortgage conditions. For those who have not opened, send a mailing list with a more provocative topic.

To motivate users to make a purchase faster, highlight the terms of the promotion with a contrasting color or add a countdown timer. Write about the conditions of the promotion, the benefits from the point of view of the client, the timing. You can prepare several letters. For example, the first message should be devoted to the announcement, the second to the conditions, and the third should be written as a reminder that the promotion will end soon.

Real Estate Text Message Marketing Strategies
Real Estate Text Message Marketing Strategies
  1. Birthday Specials

Being interested in your clients’ life is essential to maintaining a good relationship with them. If the scope of your services permits it, gather details about important anniversaries like a client’s birthday or wedding anniversary in addition to their usual data so that you can contact them on a special occasion with an offer. Give the customer a complimentary present with their purchase or provide a larger discount than usual, and they’ll be interested in your holiday promotion right away.

  1. SMS messaging tools

Companies use a separate SMS marketing service or direct integration with the gateways of their marketing system operator. In the first option, the base with phones usually has to be uploaded to the service. In the second case, the customer number is associated with other data in the profile. Client data is stored in a single profile and enhances personalization in SMS, email and Push. The text marketing platform already has ready-made integrations with mobile operators and the possibility of a custom solution for the client.

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