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The real estate sector initiates and closes hundreds of transactions daily, creating an absolute need for a temper-proof ledger that can record...

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blockchain real estate companies

The real estate sector initiates and closes hundreds of transactions daily, creating an absolute need for a temper-proof ledger that can record all of the data while being transparent and secure. Blockchain provided the real estate sector with this solution. Blockchain also brings time-saving and reduced costs.

However, implementing the blockchain is impossible without having real estate blockchain companies. A real estate blockchain company analyzes all the scenarios in the real estate industry to create a perfect custom solution and investment methods for its clients.

Here this guide will underline the 10 best real estate blockchain development companies. So, let’s get you started. 


Webisoft is a cutting-edge technology studio known for its specialization in blockchain technologies. With a team of seasoned experts and innovative visionaries, the studio embraces the disruptive power of blockchain to deliver sophisticated solutions across various industries. Their expertise lies in creating custom applications, ensuring seamless integration with existing systems, and building decentralized applications (DApps) that champion transparency, security, and efficiency. Recognized for their excellence in delivering blockchain-based projects, Webisoft is a trailblazer in turning blockchain concepts into real-world applications, shaping the future of technology.

2. CodeZero

CodeZero is known for examining current technology trends and market demand in software development to understand company expectations for high-tech applications better.

It assists startups and mid-sized businesses in growing their businesses. While developing new software, Adoriasoft always looks at it through the end user spectrum to make its solution as simple and efficient as possible. Because CodeZero understands the complete development process, partners can rely on them to deliver high-quality software.

As a client you can expect services like information security for enterprises, blockchain audit and consulting, blockchain for enterprises, assets tokenization, distributed ledgers, and apps for the different sectors, including the real estate and blockchain core R&D. Due to its variety of services, clients often love to refer to it as the go-to destination for blockchain enthusiasts. 

The company is situated in New York and has a decade-long experience in the industry. It practices the customs methods to deliver the best-practice implementation model in the industry. While working with the company, you will receive every update about the project’s research, analysis, and discovery face at every stage. 

3. Republic

Founded in 2016, Republic is a global fintech company that easily leads the best to invest wherever they want. Republic has three main business lines:

  • A retail investment platform
  • A private capital division
  • A blockchain advisory practice. 

The Republic ecosystem has invested over $1.5 billion, backed over 600 firms, and has over 2 million community members from 150 countries. Dozens of renowned investment firms and financial institutions support Republic. Its related businesses have co-invested with some of the most well-known names in venture & private equity. 

The company provides a great opportunity for investors looking to invest in the crypto and other financial fields like startups, music, art, real estate, litigations, and in other sectors. The company mainly aims at the angel investors in the market based on blockchain security. 

Now back to the Republic, If you want to invest in blockchain technology, go ahead and check out the Republic profile to know more about it. 

4. TechGropse Pvt. Ltd

TechGropse is one of the well-known and respected blockchain real estate software companies in the United States. The company has worked in every web & mobility vertical, including gaming, social media, search, & news, and is now a leading blockchain technology provider. 

It offers a wide range of applications for different sectors, including but not limited to taxi booking platforms, healthcare, restaurants, food delivery, and especially real estate. It is one of the best companies now working in the real estate blockchain technology sector. Along with the real estate blockchain development, it expedited the services like digital marketing services, website design & development, AR/VR app development, app development, and mobile app development.

The company has worked with clients like WASPHA, BBT, and Pro Fantasy with a team of highly qualified experts. You can expect the selection of the appropriate engagement model, team, and technique based on your project’s requirements, time, size, and budget while working with the company. 

5. CDN Solutions Group

Providing startups, and enterprises with blockchain solutions to secure, decentralized, and immutable data, CDN solutions have become one the leading blockchain companies in real estate. It provides solutions on Ethereum and engages in Defi, DAOs, NFTs, and the metaverse. CDN Solutions Group, which was created in 2000, is a significant blockchain, software, web, and mobile app development company with offices in the United States.

Its product and solution metaverse encompasses innovative web and mobile business strategy, rich design, fresh marketing ideas, agile solution development, and product lifecycle management. The company 

has created cutting-edge solutions, not for real estate but for every major industry, including education, healthcare, beverage and food, real estate, finance and banking, eCommerce, entertainment and media, and many others. 

Besides blockchain development, you can also expect web design and development, eCommerce and retail, mobile app development, game design & development, custom software development, conversion optimization, and much more. 

6. IdeaSoft

IdeaSoft was founded in 2016, with a development center in Kharkiv, Ukraine, and representation in over 12 countries, including the United States. Including the real estate industry, it has significantly launched more than 250 significant enterprise, corporate, and government projects.

The company works in Fintech, MEC, B2B, 5G, Smart City, B2G, DLT, and other potential blockchain-associated companies. With all these multi-dynamic services it does not concentrate on a particular service or industry, instead, it attempts to integrate and establish novel ideas to obtain the best possible result. As a result, their revolutionary software, blockchain, and UI/UX solutions have been effectively incorporated into various industries listed before, bringing their clients growth and improvement.

The company has an impressive portfolio that you will want to check.

7. Accubits 

Accubits is an AI and Blockchain development company based in the United States. It is a full-service software provider that leverages cutting-edge technology and solutions to assist governments, start, and enterprise companies accelerate their business growth. Besides AI and blockchain, Accubits develops data-driven solutions for mobile, cloud, and web platforms to help businesses prepare for the future.

Accubits focuses on industrialization and aims to pioneer blockchain real estate with the help of emerging technologies, including new technologies, that attract unconventional thinkers and innovators.

Accubits is the world leader in avocado research and development, with operations worldwide. Founded in 2012, the company encourages creative brains all around the world. Accubits, the market’s oldest and most skilled blockchain development organization, has pioneered as a specialized Blockchain solutions provider. It was named the firm with the most promise in increasing customer blockchain solutions by Frost & Sullivan in 2018.

By offering a combined integrations and services model, the company provides a set of services that include, AI, blockchain, robotic process automation, and web development. 

8. Envision Blockchain Solutions

Envision Blockchain Solutions creates Web3 applications. Its objective is to reorganize and align today’s systems so that companies like startups and unicorns can recognize the new value in the industry vertical solutions of tomorrow. It is a global leader in the creation of blockchain products. Building all of the supporting infrastructures required for every industry, the company provides optimal blockchain solutions for every industry, especially real estate.

Any company, firm, or industry to outfit their businesses can collaborate with Envision to create secure, decentralized, and blockchain solutions. Just alongside the blockchain, the company also provides the solutions like NFT development on the blockchain, metaverse development, walled development, and more. 

The organization is the best option for any business that needs a wide range of blockchain development services and more transparent, efficient, and automated versions of their operations.

In summary, zero-knowledge proofs, tokenization, API development, system integration, and mobile & web UI/UX development are some of Envision’s Web3 offerings. Envision specializes in leading organizations through three main Web3 milestones: use case analysis, proof of concept development, & scaled deployments. So, if you are looking for these services, Envision can become your potential partner for your next business project. 

9. OpenLedger

As technology advances, OpenLedger’s expertise in applying blockchain in commercial real estate allows your company to thrive by solving the industry’s primary problems. With OpenLedger, you can dive into blockchain for business plus educate your team on how to lead digital transformations and get the most out of corporate blockchain applications.

The company focuses on solving the major issues in the real estate industry like the intermediates with the help of its solutions. With OpenLedger’s professional blockchain development, any organization of any scale can take benefits of blockchain in real estate, such as data management and financial processing optimization.

The company was founded back in 2014, and since then it has collaborated with hundreds of real estate and other industries clients. Another benefit of working with the team of OpenLedger is that you can access your blockchain products’ experience and successfully build custom solutions. Companies open R&D systems by deeply researching the real estate blockchain system and find the unique easy to deliver what your business needs. When trying to summarize its services, you can expect blockchain development, training and education, and other research and development services. 

10. Cubix

Cubix is a leading developer of games, mobile apps, plus enterprise-level software solutions. They have been in business for almost ten years, and their previous clients have included startups, individuals, and huge corporations.

With Cubix, you can use increased security, efficiency, & transparency. Partnering with the best in bespoke blockchain app development, integration, and adaptation company like Cubix can give your business new heights. Our time-tested development approach combines scalability with particular expertise. 

Cubix’s crew is always on the cutting edge, keeping up with the market. Examples are the Internet of Things (IoT), machine learning, E-learning, SaaS, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and many other technologies. Cubix’s talented development team has achieved everything and is constantly progressing in the business.

Cubix can assist you in securing and validating your digital assets’ ownership and decentralizing your network to manage your data using smart contracts. Its custom blockchain app development services have helped it become a top real estate blockchain company in the US. Cubix is an ideal choice if you are seeking maximum scalability in real estate, fintech, e-commerce, financial institutions, IoT, education, gambling, retail, health, and other industries. 

11. RWaltz

Differentiation factors include cutting-edge technologies and our commitment to meeting your company’s needs. RWaltz team of highly experienced and trained IT specialists has the necessary expertise to create high-quality output. The company works to provide high-tech technologies to startups to large-scale enterprises. 

With the increased power of Crypto, blockchain, smart contracts, and decentralized apps the company can bring a transparent and secure blockchain solution to your real estate. You can expect the services like Blockchain development, smart contract development, dApps development, defi development, and more.  

The company has followed the critical measurements to work with diverse solutions on the blockchain networks like Ethereum, HyperLedger, Polkadot, Polygon, and other networks. You can expect a 100% customer-centric experience from RWalt. Commitment to bringing speed, simplification, low cost, and quality assurance is something you will receive. 

Best Blockchain Real Estate Companies This Year

Buyers, sellers, and investors are becoming increasingly interested in blockchain real estate companies. Thanks to its integrated trust system, this technology is perfect for the real estate industry.

  1. Axioma
  2. RealBlocks
  3. CryptoProperties
  4. PropertyClub
  5. Blockquare
  6. CryptoProperties
  7. The Lending Coin
  8. StreetWire
  9. Reasi
  10. Propy
What are the Blockchain Startups in Real Estate?

1. Propy
2. Harbor
3. ShelterZoom
5. BitRent

Wrapping Up

These are the 10 companies that you can consider to be your partner in building systematic, business-oriented, and scalable solutions. As a client, you can have your thoughts and fully cross-check the details provided for each. Select the company that goes with your budget and the services you want to access. 

Also, consider the organization’s years of experience in building digital platforms when looking for a partner enterprise for your firm. To stay in a competitive market, ensure they have been here for a long time. In addition, inquire about their achievements and honors in the blockchain.

Furthermore, check if you can access the company’s developers’ technical expertise and skills. And the last thing to ensure is that you hire a blockchain developer if you do, based on extensive experience and whether they are a good fit for your business.

Written by WebClues Infotech
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