React JS vs React Native? Which Platform is An Ideal For Your E-Business?

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If you want to build a robust web or mobile development framework in react. And, if you are confused about the difference between react native and react js, you are at a perfect place. 

Here you will find a solution to all your questions. But before comparing react native vs react js, let’s know these frameworks in detail. It will make your decision easier and faster. Most importantly, you will learn why your business needs it. 

Without further ado, let’s dive deep into our topic 

What is Reactjs?

React was created in 2011 by Jordan Walke, a software engineer working for Facebook to handle view layers for web and mobile apps. React.js is an open-source JavaScript library used to build a single-page application interface. It allows developers to create reusable UI components of mobile and web applications. 

The major objective of React is to make applications simple, fast, and scalable.  The developers get the liberty to change data without page reloading. 

Reactjs consists of two key components, such as functional components and class components and an HTML document. HTML codes are used to render these components so that users can see the desired output. 

Difference Between Angularjs and Reactjs

Key Features of Reactjs

Here we have a list of key features defining Reactjs. These will help you to understand React js how it works;

  1. Virtual DOM:

Reactjs is well known for boosting up mobile and web development processes. Therefore, whenever the app is modified or updated, the whole UI (user interface) is rendered by virtual DOM. It abstracts out the attribute manipulation, event handling, and manual DOM updating that reduce the time and cost for development. 

  1. Intuitive Architecture: 

React js library brings the concept of component-based architecture for development. Like, earlier developers have to work on a complete set of codings to change or modify the specific segment. Now, if any component requires significant modifications within the Ad set tab in Facebook or other apps, only redefining and reusing that component is sufficient. Hence, it serves as a great opportunity for businesses to concentrate on other production operations. 

  1. Boost Search engine Optimization (SEO): 

React has great contributions from enhancing web page or applications’ SEO to landing organic traffic. For instance, when a server is visited by Google Bot and finds already rendered images, contents, and other details making it is faster to render. Besides, React’s unmatched coding decreases loading time and initiates unmatched visibility.

  1.  Enhanced Code Stability: 

The data chart flows downwards in Reactjs. It ensures that developers design codes for child structure that will not harm parent structure. Therefore, if one changes or updates a particular structure, the other things remain the same. 

  1. Large Ecosystem: 

One of the biggest privileges is that your business can enjoy the most trending platform. The established community of reactjs developers keeps on looking for something new that keeps your web and application stand tall, among others. 

What is React Native?

React Native is a JavaScript-based cross-platform used to build impressive mobile applications for iOS, Windows, and Android. With this framework, developers can create applications for various platforms without writing different codes.  

React Native produces native apps, and great User Interfaces that widely motivate developers and organizations to choose it. Therefore, brands like Facebook, Uber, Instagram, and Walmart are its major users. 

Key Features of React Native

React Native became the number one preference for the mobile app development industry. Here we have some features defining why professional developers prefer it;

  1. UI Focused: 

Designing an attractive and effective UI is one of the biggest application challenges for developers. Therefore, react-native has become the hottest topic. The easy-to-handle framework grabs a lot of attention to app UI designing. Its responsive approach and high rendering capabilities made it the fondest framework of the era. 

  1. Programming Language: 

A well-known programming language and flexibility are the key elements for its wide acceptance. After HTML and CSS, the internet’s third most widespread programming language is JavaScript. JavaScript is one of the easiest also. Therefore, it is convenient for developers to make corrections and updations. 

  1. Platform-specific code: 

Using react native framework, mobile apps can be designed for both – native devices or cross-platform devices. Therefore, businesses get the opportunity whether they want to target a specific audience or build an app for all. Even, the right combination of codes also helps the front-end developers to build applications in less time. 

  1. Hot Reloading Feature: 

With the react-native, the development team gets the liberty to reload a mobile application in a seamless manner automatically. It enhances users’ experience for seamless loading time and completes the process faster. 

  1. Strong Community: 

React Native opens the doors for great community support in terms of cross-platform support. Therefore, it has become the favorite platform for react native developers in a very short time.

As aforementioned, you may have observed many similarities between these two platforms. Still, there are some dissimilarities between react native and react js. Let’s have a look at some of them. 

What is the Difference Between React Native And React js?

To make your understanding more convenient, here we have broken the differentiation react js vs react native into categories. So, let’s read them. 


  • Reactjs is an open-source library designed to build UI for web applications. 
  • React Native is an open-source framework designed for creating cross-platform mobile apps for iOS, Android, and Windows devices.
  • React js is designed with a purpose for web applications, whereas React Native conceived the cross-platform mobile development idea.
  • React Native explicitly designed to build UI responsive mobile applications. 

Platform Dependency

  • React has no dependency on specific platforms, meaning an application designed in react can work on all platforms. 
  • Applications created on React Native platform can be native or non-native. There is a large percentage of codes that work on multiple platforms, and there are some specific codes that can be used for iOS or Android-specific applications. 

HTML tags

  • React js works on two components and HTML tags. 
  • There is no HTML used in React Native.


  • React and is completely integrated with JavaScript, which is an ideal choice to reduce web application loading time.
  • Using your own navigation in the React Native library is slightly complicated. Only professional mobile app developer can assist you in customizing your own way. 
  • In Reactjs, CSS is used to change the layout, whereas a stylesheet is required for styling in React Native.
  • If you want to show animation effects, you will use CSS in Reactjs. In contrast, animated API is required in react native for the same effects. 

Many companies have already adopted react native and react js technologies to build cutting-edge applications. Here is a list of famous companies backed by ReactJS or React Native.

Reactjs ApplicationsReact Native Applications 
WhatsAppUber Eats
Yahoo!SoundCloud Pulse
New York TimesBloomberg
Khan AcademyFacebook

Famous Companies Backed by Reactjs Applications 

  • WhatsApp
  • Yahoo!
  • New York Times
  • Khan Academy
  • DropBox
  • Netflix 
  • Airbnb 

Famous Companies Backed by React Native Applications 

  • Uber Eats 
  • SoundCloud Pulse 
  • Bloomberg 
  • Facebook
  • Discord
  • Skype
  • Instagram 

Why does your business need a React Native Platform?

Can we use ML in react native? There are going to be many more use cases for using ML in a mobile device. Building Machine Learning Chatbots using react JS libraries is much smooth process comparative scratch. React-native have some components already existing that are handy for ML and chatbots. This is pretty cool

As you have seen, the major brands have been shifted to react native solutions, now it’s your turn to join this platform. Still, why? Don’t fret, here we have more promising reasons for you to join. Let’s have a look:

  1. Known for Optimal Performance

Undoubtedly, react native has proven a great asset to enhance business performance. The native control and modules help to keep an eye on application activities. Plus, UI and the native (Application Programming Interface) APIs have great contributions to enhance your business performance. 

  1. Reusable Codes 

In react native, you can use 90% of the codes for Android, iOS, and Windows platforms. This unique feature helps to save developer’s time and curtail development costs. When you hire professional developers for new app creation or for certain changes, you can expect faster results.

  1. Advantage of Live and Hot Reloading

In a stiff competitive era, waiting for a long time to see outcomes becomes quite hard. Meanwhile, your competitor can target your market. But the react native platform allows you to see and check live updates. 

  1. Offers Simple User Interface

If you want an attractive and appealing User Interface (UI) but do not want to increase loading time as well. Then choosing to react native makes sense for your business mobile application. Responsive UI designs help you to get attractive mobile applications without struggling with page loading issues. 

Wrapping UP!!

Which is better ReactJs or React Native?

Both ReactJS and React Native are crucial pillars for app and web development, and they’re gaining traction with each passing day because to their flexible features and a growing ecosystem of libraries. While Reactjs is essentially a JavaScript library and React Native is the whole framework, the former is the heart of the latter and the two function in tandem.

React Js and React Native are gaining popularity at a very high pace among the developer community. Perhaps, before reading this, you were not aware of mobile and web app development. The article ables to clear all your doubts. 

Now, what are you waiting for!!! Start your business with an upgraded platform and be the trendsetter in your industry. You can also approach our professional mobile and web app developers for more assistance. 

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