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Fast commerce refers to online platforms that facilitate the operations of an online marketplace where merchants can sell goods and services to their customers without needing a physical store. They are designed to be fast, efficient, and user-friendly. 

These businesses have become increasingly popular as consumers have embraced online shopping, and the advancement of digital technologies has made it easier for businesses to sell their products and services online. 

Recent years have witnessed the rise of fast commerce businesses, and many factors are responsible for this huge growth of this industry. Some of the evident factors are the proliferation of e-commerce platforms, the increasing popularity of mobile devices, and the growing importance of online marketing. 


The fast commerce market size in the Middle Eastern countries and North Africa (MENA) is predicted to increase by 24% and reach $20 billion by 2024. The factor responsible for this growth is the rise in digital shopping habits of the masses since the pandemic and this is steadily increasing even after the Pandemic has subsided.

In the next few years, the fast commerce space will not just remain limited to grocery retail but will cover almost all the products that can be delivered quickly. For example, Glovo, a European company, has started quick deliveries of electronics and furniture in some selected regions. The same fast commerce market is seeing a positive growth trajectory in Germany and is expected to reach approximately 560 million euros by 2030.   

The rise of fast commerce has also been driven by the increasing demand for convenience, as consumers expect to be able to shop and make purchases quickly and easily from any device. As a result, fast commerce businesses have become a vital part of the modern economy, and this industry is expected to grow steadily in the coming years.

Why Choose React For Fast Commerce Applications

React has recently gained widespread adoption as a JavaScript library for building stunning user interfaces. It is known for its versatility and performance, making it an ideal choice for building complex, data-driven applications.


The most trusted tool of google, the “Google Trends” confirms that React is currently at the top when compared with similar technologies like Vue and Angular. Approximately 8787 industry leaders currently use React in their app development projects. Top and successful companies like Airbnb, Uber, Netflix, Instagram, WhatsApp, BBC, Twitter, and Reddit use React to build their web apps and websites. Since the release of this robust technology in 2013, the React community has increased to 56162. 

One area where React can be particularly useful is in the development of fast commerce applications. These online platforms provide a marketplace where people can order from their local stores sitting at home and quickly deliver goods and services. These applications need to be able to handle large amounts of traffic and data without compromising on speed or usability. Hence, React is the perfect technology for this, and it is a good idea for fast commerce businesses to hire React developers to build their apps.

10+ Best React JS Ecommerce Templates

Want eCommerce templates that work well and adapt to different devices? The React JS eCommerce templates listed below are powered by the React JS library and have been carefully chosen to keep up with the latest web design trends. These eCommerce website templates are sure to get people to your site and quickly boost your sales.

Serial NumberTemplate NameDescription
1FloneReact JS eCommerce Template
2WokieeReact Next JS Multipurpose eCommerce Template
3Bazar ProMultipurpose eCommerce Template with React, Nextjs & TypeScript
4BonikMultipurpose React eCommerce Template with Nextjs & TypeScript
5HelendoReact eCommerce Template
6FurnsReact eCommerce Template for Furniture Shop Website
7RickReact JS Mobile eCommerce Template
8MultikartResponsive React eCommerce Template
9PickbazarReact GraphQL Ecommerce Template
10NovineReact eCommerce Templates with Nextjs
11StroykaTools Store React eCommerce Template
12CiyaShopMulti-Purpose eCommerce React Template
13MartfuryMultipurpose Marketplace React Ecommerce Template
14React Next eCommerce StoreLivani

How to create an eCommerce website using React JS?

  1. Pick a template that works for you.
  2. Get the template and put it in place.
  3. To make your eCommerce website, use the instructions that come with the React JS eCommerce template.
  4. After you set up your eCommerce site, you can start adding products.
  5. You can also watch videos on YouTube or Udemy to learn how to use React JS to make an eCommerce website.

There are several reasons why fast commerce businesses should consider using React for their applications:

  1. Improved performance: One of the key benefits of using React is that it allows developers to create highly performant applications. This is because React uses a virtual DOM (Document Object Model) that allows it to efficiently update the actual DOM and minimize the number of DOM manipulations needed. This results in faster rendering times and a smoother user experience.
  2. Reusable components: React encourages the use of reusable components, which can save time and improve the maintainability of an application. Components are self-contained pieces of code that represent a part of the UI and can be easily shared and reused throughout an application. This means that freelance React developers can build complex UIs more efficiently and with fewer errors.
  3. Easy to learn: React has a relatively simple API and a small learning curve, which makes it easier for developers to get up and running with the library. This can be particularly beneficial for fast commerce businesses that need to build and maintain their applications quickly and efficiently. Hence, businesses can find many skilled developers in these domains who would also prove to be cost-effective.
  4. Strong community support: React has a large and active community of developers, which means that a wealth of resources and support is available for those using the library. This can be particularly useful for businesses that are new to React and need guidance on best practices and common pitfalls to avoid. Hence, it will be easy for your project managers to manage React developers.

In addition to these benefits, using React with Python can be particularly advantageous for fast commerce businesses. If you hire Python developers with good knowledge of React or vice-versa, then you can get some magical results in your fast commerce app development project. 

How Python Can Be Magical With React: For Fast Commerce Apps

Python being a versatile and powerful programming language, is popularly used in various application development projects, including web development, data analysis, and machine learning.

Here are a few reasons why combining React with Python can be a good choice for fast commerce applications:

  1. Full-stack capabilities: One of the main advantages of using Python is that it can be used for both the front-end and the back-end of an application. This means that developers can use the same language throughout the development process, which can make it easier to manage and maintain the application.
  2. Strong data handling capabilities: Python has a number of built-in libraries and frameworks for handling data, such as Pandas and NumPy. These tools make it easy to manipulate, analyze, and visualize data, which can be particularly useful for fast commerce applications that need to process large amounts of data in real-time.
  3. Wide range of third-party libraries: Python has a large ecosystem of third-party libraries that can be used to extend the functionality of an application. This means that developers can leverage existing tools and frameworks to build complex features more quickly and efficiently.

Overall, using React with Python can be a powerful combination for building fast commerce applications. The combination of React’s performance and reusable components with Python’s full-stack capabilities and strong data-handling capabilities makes it an ideal choice for businesses that need to build and maintain complex, data-driven platforms.

To Conclude

Fast commerce businesses should consider using React for their applications due to its improved performance, reusable components, ease of learning, and strong community support. Combining React with Python can further enhance the development process by providing full-stack capabilities, robust data handling capabilities, and a wide range of third-party libraries.

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