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RAM NFT | Frequently Asked Questions about RAM NFT Gen 2

Today, a new NFT project is set to take the world by storm. And no, this isn’t one of those faceless scams...

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Today, a new NFT project is set to take the world by storm. And no, this isn’t one of those faceless scams plundering hundreds of unsuspecting NFT enthusiasts; it is the second iteration of the RAM NFT. If you’re familiar with the super engaging World of Mazes virtual game, you must have heard about the famous RiseAngle Inc. 

RAM NFT Gen 2 is an NFT project that opens a floodgate of excellent opportunities, not only for lovers of virtual gaming but also for everyone who’s ready to lock in on the fantastic benefits of NFTs. This article will walk you through seven frequently asked questions about RAM Gen 2. 

Let’s begin! 

What is RAM NFT Gen 2? 

RAM NFT Gen 2 is the second generation of RiseAngle Membership NFTs, launched in June 2022. RAM NFT is a membership NFT that grants users access to private communities, exclusive NFT collections, and a steady inflow of the latest information and trends in the NFT world. Launched in 2021, the RAM NFT project focused on releasing amazing NFT collections for the NFT space’s super fans; collections of different art styles, formats (2D, 3D, digital comic books, metaverse, etc.), and utilities. 

Gen 2 users get to mint from the collections for 12 months, with each month having a unique collection. The membership itself is an NFT that was initially minted and now can be purchased on secondary marketplaces like OpenSea, after which owners are welcomed into a future-forward community that offers the coolest NFTs. RAM NFT Gen 2 collections provide a diverse range of NFT collectibles, from 2-dimensional art, 3-dimensional art, digital comics, metaverse-based NFTs with virtual reality or augmented reality, or combinations of all

The first generation of RAM NFTs; RAM NFT – Gen 1 – was released in 2021 and gained raving fans. Minting for both RAM Gen 1 and Gen 2 is now closed. They both had really exclusive supplies with RAM Gen 1 now being limited to 400 units, and RAM Gen 2 being limited to 300 units only. The only way to procure one at this point is to buy from an owner on secondary markets like OpenSea. 

RAM Gen 2 is, therefore, another opportunity to hop on the RAM NFT project. The intro video of RAM NFT Gen 2 on Imgur grossed 400,000+ views, with NFT fans swarming to join their Discord servers and Twitter community. Clearly, RAM NFT Gen 2 is a future-forward project far ahead of its time. You will have access to the most incredible digital arts and collectibles and enjoy exclusive access to a culturally enriching and private community that keeps you updated on RAM NFT projects and partner projects. There’s more value than you could ever imagine.  


NFT is the future, and there’s no stopping it. Investors, businesses, and brands must embrace it in all of its possibilities. This explains why in 2021 alone, NFT marketplaces exploded with a total market trading value of $40 billion, especially with massive support from celebrities like Stephen Curry, Mark Cuban, and Snoop Dogg. 

However, with NFT popularity, counterfeit and scams. Today, the fear of missing and bandwagon effects pushes many innocent people into scam deals, with others settling for low-quality NFT projects. It’s not surprising that NFT ranked among the most popular Google search queries in 2021. 

Scam and counterfeit NFT projects are becoming more sophisticated, rebranding to feed off people’s enthusiasm to tap into the robust benefits that NFTs offer. You’ll agree that the best way to tackle such concerns is by creating exclusive yet all-inclusive NFT communities that keep NFT enthusiasts and users updated on the latest market trends. 

Such communities will help users internalize the disparities between scams and authentic NFT deals while offering the most excellent NFT collections to foster an enriching and comprehensive NFT experience. 

This is what RiseAngle is doing with the RAM NFT Project. With a community like RAM NFT, you can rest assured that you’re in safe hands, in a family of NFT lovers seeking out accurate information on NFT and the blockchain world in general. Most importantly, if you’re in for 12 months of unique NFTs you can enjoy your share of the multi-billion dollar NFT market.  

Away from its fantastic arts, ingenious business model, and various NFT utilities, RiseAngle’s idea of tokenizing membership may be the most exciting twist of such a novel project. RAM NFTs are hosted on Ethereum, underpinned by a smart contract that allows members to enjoy the unique collections and perks; the membership NFT is also transferable and tradable on a verifiable market.

Is RAM Gen 2 Trustworthy?

RAM NFT Gen 2 is the brainchild of RiseAngle, renowned makers of VR games and a pioneer of virtuous gaming that integrates storytelling and culturally didactic themes into virtual gaming. RiseAngle, Inc. is not a faceless company; instead, it is made up of a team of highly committed leaders and seasoned experts who have cut their teeth in-game developments, blockchain science, and quality leadership. The team is fully doxxed and known to the community, and the founder Kaveh Vahdat is an international speaker and thought leader.   

Collectables in RAM NFT Gen 2 Collection?

RAM Gen 2 offers various unique collectibles in one package. According to the RiseAngle Discord channel, one collection will have a digital comic book themed after the World of Mazes NFT Games Metaverse as another features amazing 2D artwork, and the next one in line showcases a full 3D NFT collection which is highly in trend these days, with some collections having in-game utility. There are also NFTs compatible with Metaverse for AR and VR uses across various metaverse platforms. 

There are also NFTs with specific utility within the World of Mazes Games Metaverse, such as mini-games, exclusive worlds, stories, and secrets; RiseAngle games; RiseAngle partner games; other metaverses. 

The Ram NFT Community

RiseAngle is building a long-term NFT community. RAM project is an overarching NFT project encompassing many different collections and accordingly open to partnerships and collaborations.
As RiseAngle team has outlined on various occasions, RAM collections are initially developed and published by the RiseAngle team, but then RiseAngle will open its doors to third-party collections from renowned brands. 

To further emphasize the value of being stronger together, RiseAngle has created an NFT calendar that currently includes more than 3,000 external NFT projects, a place for other NFT projects to list their projects for free, and a great informational source for NFT lovers who are looking for new NFT mints and next drops. 
Establishing such an NFT calendar shows the dedication of RiseAngle’s team for opening its ecosystem to external projects and emphasizes the value they see in partnerships, collaborations, and an open ecosystem, something that they have also embraced in their discord. 

According to the RiseAngle team, leading to the mint of RAM Gen 2, RiseAngle server has done more than 1,000 collaborations with other NFT projects, which is a huge sum by any measure.   

Bottom Line for RAM NFT

The first collection minting will occur within the first month after the direct sale closes. It will then continue for 12 months, where users receive 12 collections for 12 months. 

If you’re a lover of NFTs, RAM Gen 2 is one project you should never miss. Head over to and see for yourself!

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