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App Developers Can Learn from Innovative Online Casino Industry Promotions

It’s astonishing to think that there are more than seven million apps across iOS and Android. This sprawling ecosystem is getting bigger...

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why gambling casino should be legal

It’s astonishing to think that there are more than seven million apps across iOS and Android. This sprawling ecosystem is getting bigger every year, making it harder than ever for app developers to gain attention with their products. For people who want to get their products the attention they deserve, it could be helpful to take some tips from the online casino industry.

Because the iGaming sector is so fiercely competitive, half the battle for sites is to stand out from the crowd. They do this through innovative promotions that hook players in. The method could potentially work for some apps too, so developers can learn from this industry.

What Are the Most Innovative Online Casino Promotions?

To get the attention of players and keep them coming back for more, online casinos have a range of winning tactics. For example, the Paddy Power Wonder Wheel is a unique promotional tool that gives players a game to play in which they can earn special rewards. The bonuses from it include free spins on slot games and free playing money to use on tables.

Lucky wheels like this tap into casino players’ enjoyment of uncertain outcomes. There have been tons of psychological studies into the phenomenon of random rewards, dating back to B.F Skinner’s work on rats and pigeons in the 1950s. According to Userpilot’s blog, variable rewards are an excellent way to drive product adoption because people are programmed to enjoy the rush of anticipation associated with them. This could be why games like slots and roulette are the most popular options at casinos because they come completely down to pure chance and players don’t know what the outcome will be.

How Can App Developers Integrate These Techniques into Their Products?

App developers can learn from online casinos and turn to gamification in marketing their products to audiences. They could even borrow the lucky wheel concept directly and use this as an introduction to new users. For example, when someone downloads an app, they could spin a wheel to find out how long their free trial period will be. They could also spin the wheel to receive monthly or yearly discounts on the service.

Another method of keeping customers coming back for more could be to offer an in-app currency. According to a report from Saasquatch, many modern companies are moving away from cash and points and offering their own currencies to their customers. This enables opportunities for unique reward schemes that are geared towards the business’s customers. The same could be done with apps. When people join an app for the first time, they could be introduced to the app’s currency. This could help forge a connection with the app and boost their chances of loyalty.

The app world has reached a stage when simply offering a great product may not be enough. There are too many options for users, meaning that developers need to use other methods to stand out. Learning from the online casino industry could be key in this regard, as the tactics found there have been proven to work.

Mobile gaming controls 60% of the entire online gaming industry. This figure could hit 80% by 2030 if iGaming continues to grow rapidly worldwide. Interestingly, mobile gaming wasn’t popular until a decade ago.

In 2013, nearly 70% of online gamblers played slots and table games through their desktop computers. In 2017, everything changed. The number of mobile players surpassed PC gamers for the first time.

Today, most casino players with smartphones use their iPhones and Android devices to gamble online.

A Full Range of Payment Options

Nearly all digital payment providers in 2023 work on smartphones. That includes Bitcoin, which launched in 2009. Bitcoin isn’t like any other payment provider, though.

Bitcoin provides peer-to-peer payments. Your transactions don’t go through an intermediary. This makes crypto payments faster and cheaper than e-wallets and credit/debit cards.

The number of Bitcoin casino sites around the world is growing. As such, finding a reputable, mobile-friendly crypto casino should be easy. Find a site with a welcome bonus. But ensure the bonus has fair terms and conditions.

Beyond crypto, most mobile online casinos support Visa, MasterCard, bank transfer, and a variety of e-wallets. The most popular digital wallets are PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, G Pay, EcoPayz, Trustly, and Sofort.

Mobile Casino Bonuses

Let’s face it. Few people would be gambling through their iPhones if casinos didn’t offer bonuses to mobile players. Casino promotions are important. They help increase your bankroll. And they can cushion you from losses during your unlucky days.

The best mobile casinos have a ton load of bonuses:

  • No deposit bonuses
  • First deposit bonuses
  • Reload bonuses
  • VIP Rewards
  • Cashback deals
  • No wager bonuses

No wager bonuses are the best casino promotions online. They’re like receiving cash—you can withdraw your winnings instantly. No deposits are great too—you receive free spins without linking your credit card or crypto wallet.

Although bonuses improve your bankroll, they come with terms and conditions. As such, reading these terms before accepting a bonus is essential. Wager requirements have the biggest impact on your experience. Select a bonus with a few or no wager terms.

Mobile Slots

Slot machines dominate up to 80% of all online casino games. Gamblers love these games for several reasons. They’re easy to play. They’re exciting and have loads of features, from wilds to scatters.

Casinos also love slot machines. Slots generate up to 90% of the profits some casinos make. This explains why every mobile casino offers slot machines. The best sites provide slots from these software providers:

  • NetEnt
  • Pragmatic Play
  • Play’n GO
  • BTG
  • Microgaming
  • No Limit City
  • Blueprint Gaming
  • Betsoft

There are more than 100 online software providers. Choose a mobile casino with games from all your favorite developers. Alternatively, look for your favorite slots—Money Train 3, Big Bass, Starburst, Mega Moolah, and Thunderstruck II, to name a few.

Mobile Live Casino Games

Live casino games provide an interactive way to play table games like poker, blackjack, and roulette. Online casinos work with software providers like Evolution, Pragmatic Play, and Playtech to offer this experience.

Evolution provides 80% of all live dealer games. It has casino rooms in all major cities, from Brussels to London. When you request to play live blackjack, you’re connected to a human dealer based in one of these cities.

The casino rooms resemble real-life Las Vegas casinos. They have real blackjack tables, true roulette wheels, and lots of lighting. The dealers and croupiers are smartly dressed while cameras and microphones facilitate communications.

You can play live casino games on your smartphone. However, consider using a phone with a decent screen size. Also, look for a special live casino bonus to boost your bankroll.

A Personalized Experience

Mobile apps allow casinos to personalize your experience. They use your gambling history to determine your likes and dislikes. Then they personalize your account based on your interests.

Let’s say you have a habit of choosing NetEnt slots. You also enjoy reloading deals. Your casino may customize your account to show you NetEnt slots. Or if you love fruity slots—it could show you more of these games.

And because you love reload bonuses, a good casino occasionally boosts your bankroll every time you deposit. Personalization goes beyond bonuses and games, though.

Some websites allow you to adjust the color schemes, navigation options, and payment methods. This way, you’ll enjoy your mobile gambling experience to the fullest.

Great for Casual Gaming

PC and consoles are excellent devices for avid gamers. They’re more powerful and can support the world’s best video games. If you just want to have fun playing slots for 30 minutes, you don’t really need an expensive gaming device.

A cheap smartphone can deliver all your mobile gaming needs. All you need is reliable access to the Internet. It does not need to be a fast Internet package. The same Internet speeds you use to stream movies on Netflix are good enough for casino gaming. Also, you need only a small budget to play most slots and table games.

The Pros and Cons of Legalized Gambling

There are several reasons why gambling should be considered for legalization:

Personal Freedom:

Legalizing gambling respects individual freedom and allows adults to make their own choices regarding how they spend their money and leisure time.

Economic Benefits

Gambling can stimulate economic growth by creating jobs, attracting tourists, and generating tax revenue for governments. It can contribute to local businesses, hotels, and restaurants, benefiting the overall economy.

Consumer Protection:

Legalizing gambling allows for regulation and oversight, protecting consumers from fraud and unfair practices. Licensed operators can be held accountable, and player funds can be safeguarded.

Harm Reduction:

Legal gambling provides an opportunity to implement responsible gambling measures. Regulatory frameworks can include age restrictions, self-exclusion programs, and addiction support services to minimize the negative consequences of excessive gambling.

Channeling Revenue:

Governments can redirect revenue from the black market or illegal operations to legitimate and regulated channels by legalizing gambling. This enables better control, transparency, and allocation of funds for public services like education, healthcare, and infrastructure.

Tourism and Entertainment:

Casinos and other gambling establishments often attract tourists and contribute to a vibrant entertainment industry. They can enhance the overall appeal of a destination and provide additional entertainment options for both locals and visitors.

It’s worth noting that while there are valid arguments for the legalization of gambling, it’s essential to strike a balance between personal freedom and protecting vulnerable individuals from potential harm associated with excessive gambling.

What are the Cons of Legalized Gambling?

There are several potential drawbacks or concerns associated with legalized gambling:

Addiction and Social Issues:

Gambling addiction can lead to financial ruin, strained relationships, and overall negative impacts on individuals and families. Legalizing gambling may increase the accessibility and availability of gambling activities, potentially exacerbating these issues.

Financial Consequences:

Legalizing gambling can lead to financial instability and debt for some individuals. People may become enticed by the possibility of winning and spend more money than they can afford, leading to personal financial crises.

Crime and Illegal Activities

The presence of gambling establishments, particularly casinos, can attract criminal activity such as money laundering, fraud, and organized crime. Additionally, expanding gambling can contribute to increased gambling-related crimes and social problems in local communities.

Regressive Taxation:

Governments often rely on gambling revenues, which can disproportionately affect lower-income individuals. As gambling tends to be regressive in nature, meaning it impacts those with lower incomes more significantly, it can perpetuate socioeconomic inequalities.

Exploitation and Predatory Practices

Some critics argue that the gambling industry preys on vulnerable individuals, including problem gamblers, by using manipulative tactics to keep them engaged and spending money. This can lead to significant personal and societal harm.

Negative Societal Impact

The widespread availability and promotion of gambling can shift societal values, emphasizing luck and chance more than hard work and skill. It can also contribute to normalizing gambling behavior, especially among young people.

Why should online gambling be legalized?

Personal Freedom, Economic Benefits, Consumer Protection, and Harm Reduction are why gambling should be legalized.

Where is gambling legal?

The UK has a well-regulated gambling industry. Nevada (home to Las Vegas), New Jersey, Delaware, and Pennsylvania also have gambling laws. Macau: Known as the “Las Vegas of Asia. Singapore has legalized and tightly regulated gambling. And gambling is also legal in the Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Germany, and Malta.

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