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Effective NFT Marketing Strategy to Boost your NFT Sales by 20x 

Create Your NFT Marketing Strategy from Zero - NFT Marketing Strategy

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The last decade was defined by NFTs. These digital assets shifted the creator’s economy upside down. 

The last two years have seen more NFT creators than the previous 5 years combined. This shows the enormous potential that NFTs hold. If you are a marketing company, you should be marketing your NFTs to stand out from the rest. 

With over 20,000 NFTs launched each day, partnering with an NFT marketing company can increase your chances of getting sold. 

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Impactful NFT Marketing Strategies 

To effectively meet your targets, you need to implement the most impactful NFT marketing strategies. Here are some of them explained in detail: 

Social Media 

Social platforms are a powerful tool to scale your NFT sales by targeting the most qualified buyers. 

NFT projects should start with Twitter – it enables them to create exposure and reach new audience demographics. Secondly, Instagram lets you promote your artwork to the followers and increase hype. 

Similarly, social media enables you to build a loyal community of followers actively promoting your brand. Discord and Reddit are the two of the most ideal platforms to build communities. 

It is also essential to reward the community members by hosting various activities like AMAs, giveaways, and live stream events. 

Drop Calendars 

Another excellent strategy to promote your tokens is adding them to an NFT calendar. Active NFT investors search these calendars to find upcoming projects with exciting potential. 

It is a one-stop platform for collectors looking to put their investments somewhere. Adding your NFT drop to these calendars can increase exposure for your project as well as drive hype. There are several steps in adding your NFT project to the calendar: 

  • Put an attractive title for your digital tokens 
  • Provide information about the artist of the project 
  • Add a detailed description of the tokens 
  • Provide the date and time of the drop 
  • Mention the market platform of the drop 
  • Provide your social links for more information 

As always, it is better to add your NFT to the calendar months before the launch to drive the desired attention. 


Leveraging social media optimization for your marketing can provide incremental promotion for your tokens. It is best to work with an NFT marketing company that provides SEO services. 

Ranking higher gives you the leverage over the competition in driving more customers towards your project. A professional also makes the tokens appear trustworthy and credible. Thus, it is best to focus on SEO. 

Additionally, make sure to optimize the right set of keywords for your SEO campaigns to achieve relevant traffic from qualified leads. 

Running paid ad campaigns is one of the best strategies to achieve increased NFT sales. You can run these campaigns on social media and search engines. 

An effective ad campaign lets you target the right audience to ensure efficient use of your marketing budget. 

Moreover, leveraging both PPC and SEO is a proven way to establish a commendable online presence that builds trust among investors. You can place these ad campaigns on Google, Facebook, and Twitter

In addition to developing an optimal ad campaign, track the correct metrics to ensure driving relevant results. 


Podcasts are getting highly popular among the newer generation of internet audience. NFT projects can especially drive significant attention to their project by partnering with top podcasters. 

Through podcasts, you can establish a niche presence for your project and communicate the utilities to a wider audience base. 

More importantly, featuring on podcasts make your NFTs more trustworthy and credible to the investors and buyers. These characteristics are essential to stand out from the crowd of other NFT projects. 

Community Building 

One way of promoting your tokens to a large segment of people is community building. As cited above, community building can be an important asset to your marketing efforts. 

This is also the easiest way to attract more buyers to your project since community-backed projects are viewed as trustworthy. 

When you are engaging with a community, show them the unique features of your project. For instance, if you are working towards a cause, prioritize promoting the cause to the community members. 

There can be referral programs that reward members who bring in new members to your community. This is a surefire way to boost loyalty as well. 

Telegram Community 

In addition to a discord community, you need a telegram community to boost the sale of your NFTs. Telegram is loaded with many features that will help you advertise your tokens to a mass community. 

Once you are done with the setup of your community, you need to partner with the right influencers. 

They can help more audiences join your community and teach them about the project. This creates a ripple effect where more and more people will get to know about the NFTs, leading to better exposure. 

More importantly, you should incentivize every activity that happens inside your community to boost the loyalty of the members. Make sure to offer useful rewards for the telegram community. 

Compelling Videos 

Visual content has the potential to attract more buyers than text content. As always, work with a professional team to develop the video concept and deploy them on the right platforms. 

It can be a short video or a long-form video that will promote the unique message of your brand. Studies show that audiences are drawn towards 30 second videos. These videos will pique interest in your project. 

You can create teaser videos to hype any upcoming NFT drops. This can spread the announcement to a large segment of the audience. 

A Marketing Agency 

The most effective way to sell your NFTs to qualified buyers is partnering with an NFT marketing agency. 

They will develop specialized strategies for your marketing campaigns based on the unique marketing needs. This allows brands to address their targets more effortlessly than they would without an agency. 

More importantly, hiring an NFT marketing company can help you save money in the long run. Their services come at an economical cost, while bringing incremental revenue through increased leads. 

You can choose the best NFT marketing company for your requirements by analyzing the available options. 

How to Choose an NFT Marketing Service? 

There are dozens of NFT marketing services available for creators to choose from. However, not all of them will offer the right solutions to promote their project. It is essential to hand pick the best one out of all these options to get the desired results for your marketing budget. 


The NFT world is relatively new to some people. The agency you are choosing should have proven expertise in marketing an NFT collection. From strategizing to campaign management, they should expertly execute every single detail flawlessly. You can pick an experienced agency by looking at their case studies. It reveals the type of clients they have handled along with the provided results. 


When you are choosing an NFT marketing agency, you need the ones with extensive influencer connections. 

They should have an influencer of every sort and budget. This network shows their established presence in the industry. Additionally, you get the flexibility to choose from different influencers when the options are many. 

In addition to the quality, pay attention to the quality of the influencers. It should be top content creators with organic fan following. Their quality should also extend to their posts. Henceforth, evaluate their content as well to make an informed decision. 


Similar to how you strive to drive credibility for your project, choosing a trustworthy marketing partner can do wonders for your campaign. 

It is an essential factor to look at if you want to drive the most value for your marketing budget. The best chances know the ins or outs of the market – they come up with the best solutions to promote your tokens to the target audience. 

They also stay on top of the latest trends to create a more relevant campaign that resonates with the audience. This will help to drive more qualified investors and buyers towards your NFT project. 

You can find a credible marketing agency by checking reviews about them. There are many reliable third party websites with reviews about NFT marketing agencies. 

Social media is another great platform to utilize when you are comparing the credibility of two agencies. Always go for the most trustworthy one because they can be your long-term NFT marketing partners. 

Summing Up 

Marketing your NFTs can be challenging, especially when you have no prior knowledge. However, the opportunities are plenty and potential is endless. 

The question that remains is whether you take the opportunities or not. One proper way of utilizing the opportunity is by working with an NFT marketing company. They have the resources and expertise to market your NFTs. 

Their team is experienced in developing and deploying all the above cited strategies in an effective manner. 

You should carefully pick the potential marketing agency by evaluating this track record and performance in recent years. Also, check their reviews and portfolio to make an informed decision. 

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