Netflix Developing Video Game Studio | Netflix Aims to Create Video Games

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Netflix Developing Video Game Studio

Netflix is set to create its very own game studio as the streaming service intensifies its efforts to shake up the lucrative mobile video game market.

When a company faces an existential crisis, how could the problem be fixed? Well, they could analyze what’s going wrong. Consider market competition and assess their strengths and weaknesses. If done right, they might be able to innovate their way out of a sticky situation.

Netflix is sort of in one of those crises at the moment. One of their recent solutions was to subtly include gaming in their content. So Netflix is starting a game development study in Finland and USA. Well, the first numbers just dropped earlier this month.

Well, let’s take a look. The last time we talked about Netflix, we saw how they were losing IP to competitors, losing subscribers and being eaten by general market competition. These issues have caused no shortage of headaches for the platform. And they decided that gaming content was part of the solution.

How Does The Netflix Game Will Work?

Does Netflix let you play titles in your TV with an existing Xbox or PlayStation controller? No, it’s a little more simple than that. Essentially, Netflix is supplying mobile games to their subscribers. On both IOS and Android, the Netflix app has quietly added a gaming section. It features IP from Netflix series such as stranger things and other mobile games that Netflix has bought the right to. When a user clicks on a game, it takes them to the app store or Google play to download the game. After this, you’ll be able to play that game within the Netflix Gaming Section or from the home screen. The only difference is that you get it ad-free. There are currently 26 titles, but the company plans for 50 by the end of the year.

The streaming service aims to emulate Apple as it strives to diversify its offering. Apple Inc. launched Apple Arcade, its own video game subscription service, in 2019. One of the benefits of the subscription, which for a monthly fee of $4.99 allows players to download games to their Apple devices via the App Store, is that the games are free to play and do not feature in-app purchases or ads. With high-quality games such as NBA 2K23, Fantasian, and Overland 2 available to play on Apple Arcade, Netflix will be looking to provide a similar experience on its app.

Country-specific content

The move reflects a growing increase of the use of mobile apps in the entertainment industry as the sector embraces the benefits of dedicated apps as an enhancement of websites. The ESPN App, for example, offers the latest scores, news and video content alongside a personalized experience so fans can receive alerts on their favorite teams and sports. The app also offers a country-specific experience which goes some way to explain the high popularity of the app with over 50 million downloads recorded on Google Play. 

Mobile gaming has also achieved virtual universal coverage in the iGaming industry with online casinos offering players the opportunity to play on the go with games such as live dealer blackjack and animated slots optimized for use on iOS and Android smartphones. The apps offer players a much-improved user experience over using the desktop version on a mobile. In the same way the ESPN app targets clearly defined countries, online casino apps are available to players in specific countries. For example, here is an explanation of what you should take into consideration when choosing an online casino in New Zealand. 

The advantage of gaming apps in Netflix

The benefit of the Apple Arcade app is that consumers are more willing to pay a subscription to access a wide range of games than buying individual games on the App Store. Now Netflix looks set to use a similar model for its game studio, particularly after collaborating with French video game company Ubisoft to develop an Assassin’s Creed mobile game, which is explained in detail here and will be exclusive to the streaming service and will dispense with in-app purchases and adverts. 

Customers have become used to the advantages provided by the wide variety of apps which you can read about on our site, with Netflix making a version of the indie game Oxenfree available as a free download to subscribers on iOS and Android smartphones. The move comes after the streaming giant acquired Night School Studio, the game developer, last year. 

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