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7 Popular & Useful Apps to Download on Your iPhone in 2022

Top 10 Popular & Useful Apps to Download on Your iPhone | 2022 Edition

Written by Ashok Kumar · 2 min read >
Top 10 Popular & Useful Apps to Download on Your iPhone

Currently, the App Store has 1.96 million apps available for download. The number is likely to increase by the time you are reading this. With so many options out there, how can you know which app deserves to be on your iPhone or fill your home screen?

There’s no definite list of must-haves because it all depends on your mobile usage. However, there are certainly some apps that are worth your time. Avoiding the obvious (Facebook, Gmail, Twitter, Spotify, etc.), here are some amazing iPhone apps:

Here is The List of Top 10 Apps for iOS You Should Install in 2022

 1: My Spectrum App

If you’re a Spectrum TV internet or internet customer, you definitely need this app. With this easy-to-use app, you can check what Spectrum packages you have subscribed to, manage your account, pay your bill, contact support, get service outage notifications, refresh equipment and so much more.

Basically, the app lets you do everything you can to manage your account without having to call customer support and wait in a queue. 

 2: Sleep Cycle 

Got a messed-up sleep routine? Who doesn’t in these stressful times! Hence, we suggest downloading this premium app. 

It’s actually a perfect alarm clock. It lets you choose a time window rather than a particular hour to be woken up at. Let your iPhone lay beside you while you are asleep. Sleep Cycle basically studies how you sleep. It also determines what time you hit R.E.M. The alarm rings when the app feels like you are ready to wake up (of course within the window you are specified). This will ensure you are not too sleepy or tired when you get out of bed.

 3: Streaks 

This to-do app lets you build good habits and become consistent with them! Once you keep on repeating that habit every day without fail, soon, it will become a regular part of your life. 

Streaks track dozens of activities that you want to turn into habits. These could be the things you want to do on a daily basis or every other day like hitting the gym, calling your grandma, quitting smoking, etc. 

The app’s interface is quite simple. The bright and bold colors let you customize the tasks and make everything more interactive. You can also integrate the Health app with Streaks. 

 4: Libby

COVID and its variants have made it tough to make out to the library. What if I tell you that it’s possible to carry a complete library on your smartphone? For this, all you have to do is download Libby! 

This app lets you borrow audiobooks and ebooks from your local library without paying for anything! Apart from this, Libby is a nice digital reading app. No need for a dedicated device such as Kindle to read ebooks.

There’s a catch though. You can only access or brow books if you have a library card to the local library. The borrowed books are your “loan” that is returned on their due dates automatically. Say goodbye to late fees. 

 5: Clue Period & Cycle Tracker

Every woman needs this app to track their menstrual cycle! It’s like having your personal menstrual health tracker. The app asks for some basic information to make predictions about your period cycle. Give it a few months and it will be able to track your menstrual cycle with perfection. 

Clue is so accurate, it can also predict your symptoms and their severity. You can count on this app to plan your vacation so that your period doesn’t surprise you just like that. Clue works like a charm!

 6: Headspace 

Good health does not stop with your body, which is why you need the Headspace app. We all need this app, especially after the coronavirus lockdown. 

Headspace helps you practice mindfulness through its guided meditations that calm your nerves down. This app is for everyone even if you believe meditation doesn’t work for you. The app’s sleep aid feature helps you catch a good night’s sleep by putting you in the right frame of mind. Both free and paid versions of the Headspace app are available. 

 7: Authy 

If you have installed 2-FA on your internet accounts, this app is for you. Authy will help you use your authentication code more efficiently. This app does a great job storing and keeping track of your authentication codes. It’s even better than Google Authenticator

This year, two things have changed my life. Signing up for Spectrum’s and getting Authy. If you want to stay on top of mobile security, download this app for sure! 

 If there’s an app that you recommend that deserves to be on the list, do share in the comment sections below. 

Written by Ashok Kumar
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