Top 5 Common Mobile Learning Solutions Challenges For Corporate Training

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Businesses focus on offering the best solutions when it comes to dedicated training and learning solutions. However, selecting the right solution remains a key challenge amid the availability of different options. Many businesses and training organizations prefer to go with mobile learning solutions.

Mobile learning facilitates the gigantic task of corporate training for many departments. So today, let us focus on understanding what these learning solutions are followed by the top challenges observed by the corporate training while using them. We’ll help you with a quick yet effective solution guide for the same.

What are mobile learning solutions?

These are dedicated solutions like platforms and tools focusing on the different types of learning using mobile devices like smartphones, tablets, and others. Hence, mobile learning solutions focus on harnessing the power of the adaptability, accessibility, portability, and convenience of mobile devices while offering comprehensive learning. 

The concept of mobile learning or m-learning is widely used in corporate training, educational institutes, and professional development. Some of the key components of the mobile learning solution are:

  • Dedicated mobile learning platforms

These act as a host for the different mobile learning programs and can be software-based or cloud-based. Some of the key features of these platforms cover assessments, analytics, user tracking, and content management. These platforms are highly adaptable to different mobile devices. 

  • Highly responsive mobile learning design

Mobile learning offers a highly responsive design to facilitate the user with the best experience. It is easy for these solutions to adapt to different screen sizes and resolutions. Hence, the responsive mobile learning design offers a consistent and user-friendly experience.

  • Availability of mobile applications

The mobile learning solutions do offer customized mobile applications for delivering interactive learning and educational content. Hence, businesses can personalize thesis applications according to their needs like multimedia content, offline access, or push notifications. 

  • Different content formats

It is easy for mobile learning to include different content formats for better learner understanding. These cover gamified elements, quizzes, interactive simulations, videos, text, and others. So, it is easy for businesses to use these elements for increased learner understanding according to their learner base.

  • Use of the gamification elements

The use of the game-like elements never takes a backseat when it comes to mobile learning. It is easy for businesses to add different elements like rewards, leaderboards, and badges to the learning content. Hence, the learning becomes highly interactive and engaging for the learners.

  • Allowing offline access to learning materials

The dedicated mobile learning methods do offer quick offline access to the learning materials. It ensures that the learners can access the content even when not connected to the internet currently. Hence, learning never stops.

  • Seamless collaboration

The mobile learning content solutions offer several out-of-the-box features like collaboration and social learning. Hence, it ensures that it is easy for the businesses to create team building and team management activities in the learners. The features like collaborative projects, chat functions, and discussion forums offer seamless interaction with peers.

  • Integration with the learning management systems

It is important for the mobile learning programs to seamlessly integrate with the learning management systems for easy management and tracking of training programs. Further, it helps in quick reporting, data tracking, and streamlined administration.

  • Advanced security measures

The mobile learning methods implement robust security measures for protecting the data of the users and the organization. Some of the advanced security measures adopted by mobile learning techniques are data privacy regulation compliances, secure authentication methods, and encryption protocols.

  • Dedicated assessments and feedback

Mobile learning methods must offer dedicated assessments, interactive exercises, and quizzes as integral components. It is easy for businesses to quickly adjust their learning solutions according to the feedback collected.

Mobile learning solutions in corporate training

After having a quick overview of the mobile learning methods and their components, let us focus on their use in corporate training.

The growing use of mobile devices like smartphones and laptops has increased the use of mobile learning solutions in corporate training programs. These solutions unlock the benefits of mobile learning for corporate training modules.

The use of mobile learning in corporate training covers the following aspects:

  • Flexibility for diverse learning styles

It is easy for the participants of the corporate training to go with the different training elements like written materials, podcasts, interactive modules, or videos.

  • Use of gamification for high levels of engagement

The addition of different game-like elements like points, badges, or rewards adds to the effective gamification of the training programs. Hence, it increases the overall learner engagement and interactive levels of the training programs.

  • Offline learning access for seamless training.

The mobile learning content solutions must allow quick offline access to the training materials for the employees. Hence, it is easy for the employees to access the training modules according to their requirements.

  • Collaborative training opportunities

The use of the different discussion boards, online communities, and other features unlocks the potential for collaborative training opportunities. Hence, employees from different geographical locations can come together for dedicated training. 

  • Seamless integration of training programs with the HR systems

The different mobile training programs must seamlessly integrate with the existing HR systems. It ensures that all the data collected and the training program is tracked in the dedicated HR system.

  • Anytime and anywhere training access

It is easy for the learners to access the different training programs anytime and anywhere using mobile learning techniques. Hence, employees can quickly access the corporate training methods according to their availability.

  • Use of the microlearning training modules

The mobile learning solutions focus on the use of microlearning training modules. It is widely useful for training programs offering complex learning solutions to participants without creating unnecessary pressure on them.

  • Offering end-to-end training performance support

Mobile learning offers end-to-end training performance support using troubleshooting information benefits, dedicated tutorials, and easy reference guides. Hence, learners can quickly access these features when in need.

  • Use of adaptive learning paths

The use of adaptive learning increases the customization capabilities of the corporate training programs. It is easy for businesses to personalize their training solutions according to their needs.

  • Data analytics for performance management of trainees

The availability of the data metrics helps in the understanding of the trainee’s performance. Hence, it is easy for businesses to track the trainee performance and offer the necessary changes accordingly.

  • Cost efficiency

Last but not least, the use of mobile learning focuses on the overall cost-effectiveness of the corporate training program. It is easy for businesses to offer high-quality training without putting pressure on their training budgets.

Common mobile learning solutions challenges in corporate training

So, here you’re at the top and common five mobile learning solutions challenges in the corporate training programs:

  • Technical compatibility and infrastructure problems

Mobile learning methods face the complexity of technical and infrastructure issues when employed in training programs. These learning solutions may not be compatible with the different devices leading to a fragmented learning.

Solution: It is important to take care of the cross-platform compatibility of the mobile learning methods. A detailed compatibility test and regular updates to mobile learning can help overcome technical and infrastructure issues.

  • Maintaining the user engagement and motivation levels

The convenience of mobile learning has adverse effects when it comes to the focus and attention. Mobile learning devices are prone to increased distractions and reduced focus impacting the effectiveness of the overall training program.

Solution: It is easy for the solution providers to maintain the user engagement and motivation levels by using multimedia elements, gamification, and other techniques. Hence, it helps the team to increase the learning experiences and employee motivation.

  • Integration with the existing learning management systems

The mobile learning content solutions further face issues when teams try to integrate them with the existing learning management systems. Hence, it becomes difficult for the trainers to maintain a unified reporting system, progress tracking, and seamless data flow between mobile learning and existing learning management systems.

Solution: Using mobile learning methods adhering to common standards like xAPI or SCORM, along with easy API-based integrations, can help solve these issues.

  • Managing the rising data breach threats and privacy concerns

With the use of mobile learning methods, there is a significant rise in the possible data breach and privacy concerns. It covers the corporate training data and the personal data of the participants.

Solution: It is important for mobile learning programs to offer different security features like secure data storage methods, secure authentication processes, and robust encryption protocols.

  • Restricted bandwidth and connectivity problems

The seamless delivery of mobile learning content has largely been impacted by the restricted bandwidth and internet connection problems. It further leads to disruptions and frustrations.

Solution: Businesses need to optimize their training content for offline access when using mobile learning techniques. Some of the easy methods cover using content delivery networks (CDNs), compressing multimedia content, and using lightweight content formats.

Key Takeaways

Corporate training solutions can achieve high levels of efficiency with the use of mobile learning techniques. These are the innovative learning solutions harnessing the potential of mobile learning for different corporate learning modules. It is easy to understand the different elements of mobile learning useful for corporate training. Not to miss are the top five common challenges faced by businesses in implementing the use of mobile learning in corporate training programs.

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