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List of 20 Mobile App Development Companies in San Diego

San Diego is hug of app companies. This guide will explore 20 mobile app development companies in San Diego that have surprised...

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Mobile App Development Ideas 2022

San Diego has been a home for one of the best tech giants in the industry. And here, this guide will explore 20 mobile app development companies that have surprised the world with their services. 

Handpicked the best mobile app development companies in San Diego

S. NoCompany NameLocationHourly RateFounded in
1Auxano Global ServicesUSA< $25 / hr2013
2TreelineSan Diego, CA$99 – $149 / hr2004
3Dog and Rooster, Inc.San Diego, CA$150 – $199 / hr2000
4RunningfishSan Diego< $25 / hr2003
5Barefoot SolutionsSan Diego, CA$100 – $149 / hr2006
6EchobindBoston, MA$150 – $199 / hr2015
7Cofa MediaCarlsbad, CA$100 – $149 / hr1998
8BL3NDlabsSan Diego, CA$100 – $149 / hr2015
9BiTE InteractiveWest Hollywood, CA$150 – $199 / hr2011
10Wired AvenueSan Diego, CA$100 – $149 / hr2002

Detailed Description of App Development Companies in San Diego, CA

1) Auxano Global Services

Founded in 2013, Auxano is a global web design and mobile app development company in San Diego that specializes in a variety of tactics. They strive to deliver the best design, development, and marketing solution for your company’s needs. By combining the company’s superior services, they provide a cutting-edge solution that can help your organization to achieve its goals. 

They are a group of analytical innovators & creative engineers who use industry learnings to achieve innovations.

2) Treeline Technology

Treeline has produced it all from mobile apps to wearables, iOT solutions with custom hardware & embedded systems, to complicated web applications with 15 years of experience in hardware and software. They can help you to develop your suitable apps like they have helped their clients with other clients. Treeline technology can help you turn your concept into a viable solution, working with you.

3) Dog & Rooster Studio

It is one of the best and most unique mobile app development companies in San Diego. Dog & Rooster Studio, technical expertise, and design confidence are required to construct any user interface and online application required by your firm.

For the fun fact, they are one of the few that began designing with a single laptop and a mobile phone in 2000, but now they have their fantastic. As a client you can frequently inquire about what you like, they are known for their friendly sheep. 

4) RunningFish

Running Fish is a boutique agency that will invest in the success of your company as if it is its own. The company functions as in-house staff, allowing you to focus on running and growing your business.RunningFish delivers a bundle of services that your business will need to access and produce the best mobile app for your needs. From branding to app development, and content marketing to digital marketing, here you can expect top-notch services. 

5) Barefoot Solutions

With more than 15 years in the industry, the company is an in-one platform for a business like yours. Founded in 2005, Barefoot has since developed into a full-service interactive agency that builds and manages first-rate digital products for a variety of sectors. At Barefoot, they do the hard work and deliver you the unique products that push the boundaries of developing technology. 

6) Echobind

If you want to build beautiful apps this Echobind can be your choice. Since its foundation Ecobind has delivered hundreds of successful projects that marked the success of its clients. Particularly, the Echobind provides you with a sense of shared space & purpose as a remote team. However, they do not lack in any way when it comes to developing excellent solutions for you and your company.

7) Cofa Media

Because of the services they provide, Cofa Media is a well-known name in the mobile app development San Diego industry. Since 2007, they have provided amazing solutions to their clients including mobile app development and more. They make the development process more enjoyable – and effective – that way than you can imagine. 

8) BL3NDlabs

With lean industry research & broad trend analysis to lay the strategic groundwork for the brands and products, BL3NDlabs can become the potential business partner you are looking for. They may begin with a common vision, but they have a powerful concentration on user experience, product strategy, & technical approach. They consistently work on ideas based on user value, commercial effect, and technological feasibility.

9) BiTE Interactive

BiTE Interactive are mobile professionals who believe in Job-To-Be-Done product strategy, intuitive and accessible design, and behavior-driven development. To create amazing mobile devices, They immerse themselves in each of our client’s complex businesses, including aerospace, life science, finance, manufacturing, and CPG.

10) Wired Avenue

While technology has advanced since its founding in the early 2000s, the company has aspired to create robust and scalable software in both visually appealing and provides an excellent user experience. They can deliver you the best digital solutions with the best mobile apps. 

11) Creative27

From cutting-edge technology and user interfaces to visually breathtaking masterpieces, Creative 27’s project has become more than just showpieces. They have become the new criterion for perfection. You can expect services like mobile app development, web app development, copywriting, UI/UX, and much more. 

12) Dropsource

Dropsource is a full-stack mobile development firm that uses unique technology to create strong mobile apps which delight both users and businesses. They have created industry-recognized technological tools that enable the development of mobile apps more quickly and effectively. So, if you need a go mobile app, you can consider Drop Source as your Next Partner. 

13) EffectiveSoft

EffectiveSoft offers competitively priced, powerful, and scalable software solutions for its clients, it ranges from small businesses to major corporations and innovative startups. They have vast experience in a variety of industries, including medicine, finance, and trading.

As a premier custom software development firm, they hold the potential to meet the exceeding customer expectations on every assignment.

14) PROS

PROS is one of the significant companies in app development. PROS processes over two trillion AI-powered operations per year to help businesses improve their gross margins. And the best part? PROS pays for itself almost immediately after implementation, sometimes within weeks, and nearly always within 12 months. Combine PROs with a broader digital transformation strategy to generate a net positive return within one fiscal year.

15) MJD

MJD is a global digital firm focused on business development spanning Europe, and San Diego, America. They can deliver you the experience of development and software engineering, as well as their mission of delivering the world’s most incredible experiences. You can trust the company a lot more from the company. 

16) BitCot

Founded in 2011, and situated in San Diego, the company can be your best partner. The company offers different award-winning services for its clients. Bitcot Team is the ideal choice if you need specialized developers to assist you to construct your next great thing. Bitcot offers customized solutions for your organization by offering developers that are suited to your specific requirements. They have a fantastic team of web developers & project managers who will work with you to create your website and app.

17) DEVBatch

Mobility, big data, CRM Solutions, enterprise solutions, mobile apps, digital marketing, social media & workplace reimagination, AI, cloud, and IoT are all part of our service portfolio. DevBatch’s inspirational concepts, ideas, and plans can have limitless possibilities and market durability in all of its services. Their business intelligence expertise assists entrepreneurs, startups, companies, and government organizations in increasing income by making informed decisions.

18) EyeUniversal

EyeUniversal, based in Southern California, is a world-class design, development, & marketing agency dedicated to delivering creative and technical perfection in every project. Their mobile app developers 

San Diego uses cutting-edge technology and frameworks to create modern designs that represent what makes your business special. Whether you’re a Fortune 500 firm or a local entrepreneur, they can help bring in new growth in your business while keeping costs low.


TENELEVEN can provide you with a fantastic combination of creative, technical, and business concerns. With more than 25 years of experience, they’ve become experts in each of these aspects. 

The company works for you to address all of these and create a project scope tailored to you and your clients. After that, their technical and creative teams collaborate to build the user experience with advanced features that will not only amaze your site visitors but will also drive your bottom line.

20) Comentum

Situated in San Diego, California, Comentum generates transformation and fosters corporate growth. Comentum Corporation is a major enterprise digital solutions organization with four specialized divisions: Creative Services, Web Application Development Services, Marketing and Research Services, and Technology Broadband Services. So, if you are looking for the best company that can have the potential to become your future partner you can consider Comentum. 

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Wrapping Up!

Choosing the proper mobile app development company is an important step in making your app idea a reality. However, with hundreds of mobile app development firms San Diego around, it can become difficult to determine which one is best for your company. An excellent place to start when looking for an app development partner is with a business that knows your vision and has technical knowledge that matches what you’re attempting to achieve.

Then, You can check the company’s website for any verified reviews or case studies. Firms with previous experience in the same domain & technology as your mobile app are far more likely to be a suitable fit for your software development project.

After that, be sure about what type of team you want. If you plan to hire an in-house support team, you must know you will have a long-term engagement with the company. Mobile apps, unlike other types of product development, require ongoing IT support, including frequent mobile app updates. Maintenance is critical to maintain the software current with shifting user experience trends and better security needs.

So, those are some things that you can take care of. Hope, you have enjoyed the guide. 

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