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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Consulting Companies

If there is a technology that could help modern businesses to conquer their respective market, it has to be Microsoft 365. With dynamic features and capabilities to leverage operational expertise and service delivery, Microsoft 365 is a perfect medium to empower the day-to-day deployment of solutions and services.

To attain this vision, one must count on a Microsoft 365 consultant that integrates your company with Microsoft features and cloud interface in order to optimize the storage, processing, accessibility, and sharing of information and encourage an authentic and lubricated work culture.

“On one project, we saved more than two weeks of testing time and got the system up and running ahead of schedule, helping our customer start producing faster than expected. That wouldn’t have been possible without the use of Teams and Real Wear wearables”. — Hank Wrenn: Vice President and General Manager of Americas Projects and Automation Solutions, Honeywell Process Solutions

So, To formulate a functional work culture, you first need to find out the best Microsoft 365 consultant or certified partner of Microsoft that could enable you to foster strong customer and employee relationships with transparency, visibility, and cemented ethics across every touchpoint of the company.

Let’s make a list of top Microsoft 365 Consultants of 2022 that can transform the blueprint of your company goal into reality.

List Of Top Microsoft 365 Consultants in 2022


Bitscape is one of the certified Partners of Microsoft that has the phenomenal capability to deploy a customized and tailor-made solution of Microsoft 365. Being the champion of the squad that deploys Microsoft 365 customized and in-built solutions, Bitscape has made a remarkable benchmark at a global level. Not only to IT enterprises, but this company has delivered Microsoft 365 services and solutions to many off-shelf industries in the western and Asian sub-continent.

Be it healthcare, tourism, education, pharmaceutical, or the public sector, Bitscape has given a success-proven service to around every possible industry. Thus, relying on this Microsoft-certified M365 solution won’t be the wrong choice.

2. RAVENSWOOD TECHNOLOGY: Microsoft 365 Consultants

With a comprehensive suite of Microsoft 365 formulated for innumerable industries, Ravenswood technology is a renowned company known for its Microsoft office 365 consulting across the globe. With controlled identity via cloud support and 360 degrees authorized accessibility that maintains a compliant and user-friendly behavior, This company has sold its office 365 services like a hot cake in the market.

The team of IT professionals and friendly consultants working for this company have been an example of an outstanding Microsoft 365 solution and service provider in the market. Counting on Ravenswood for Microsoft 365 consultation is never an irrelevant choice.


With a long list of IT services and solutions available in the bucket list of this company, it also has an exclusive in-built and customized solution of Microsoft 365 that not only functionalizes the operating system but also promotes the advanced work-from-home culture. To stay agile and transparent in market conditions, you have to stay tuned to accessibility, data storage, data sharing, communication utility, and service delivery. This can only be possible when you are assisted by an office 365 consultant like Gordon, that leaves no stone unturned to get you to the niche of your market. In the case of IT Columbia support, or support in anywhere in USA, this company can be the game changer for you.

4. beiNVENTiV: Office 365 Consultant

Microsoft 365, driven by cloud solutions, often forms the fundamental base along with rational business intelligence tools, customer segmentation methods, easy-to-go communication channels, and wide operational lubricity. This can only be facilitated by a certified Microsoft Partner like beiNVENTiV. This company’s important business element for its clients via M365 usage is Microsoft exchange as an Email solution, integrated MS Office software solution, File storage capacity, skype, and SharePoint for business conferences and collaboration.

So, beiNVENTiV has often been the most preferred choice for Microsoft 365 users, clients, and customers across the globe.

5. STONERIDGE SOFTWARE: Dynamics 365 Consultant

Stoneridge is a reliable Microsoft Dynamic Consulting partner that also delivers a firm and dependable solution of Microsoft 365 to a wide range of business owners in the market. With such capability of technology deployment Stoneridge has marked down a remarkable step of Aligning with the clients to plan the delivery; Define a perfect plan for project delivery; creating a list of pros, cons, and challenges; Deploy the required M365 solutions to the clients; Strategize, plan, educate, maintain, and enhance the Microsoft 365 capabilities.

Hence, Stoneridge is also a good choice if you are looking for Microsoft 365 consulting services for your business at any scale. 

6. JourneyTEAM: A CHAMPION AMONG ALL Microsoft Dynamics Consultants

The company itself says that you deserve a better IT experience. It promises to optimize your IT strategy, solutions, services, and support to deliver phenomenal performance in business, employee engagement and compliant behavior. With a vast pool of IT experts, systematically aligned for the clients and users, JourneyTEAM highly aims to leverage you with a customized Microsoft 365 solution that will give a firm assurance of network connectivity, Cloud services, IT consulting, Cybersecurity and managed IT services.

Hence, choosing the correct Microsoft Consultant would certainly make you knock the door of journey team.


With Comprehensive Microsoft 365 support, Applied Tech Solution, LLC offers you a full -fledged capability of running a functional operation and facilitate technology strategy, proactive planning, 360 degree overview, with cost effective operational model for aspiring modern businesses.

Today a wide range of industries including healthcare, tourism, education, hospitality, medicine, pharmaceutical, and other outsourced corporate offices are dependent on the features and delivery of Microsoft 365 solution. To fulfil the industry-specific need of such broad variant of industry, Applied Tech Solution, LLC is understandably a one-stop solution for the same.

8. MYTECH PARTNERS: Microsoft Dynamics Crm Consultant

Starting from small to medium-sized business, Mytech Partners Inc. has eased the operations of countless enterprises with Microsoft 365 consulting services. To enhance the productivity and collaboration of you organization, you need to explore the benefits and utilize the full-fledged capability of customised M365 solution deployed by this Microsoft service delivery partner. Mytech Partners Inc. is one among them. With multiple usage and services in regard to delivery and operations, this company is known for empowering your company with Microsoft 365 Power User Groups, Microsoft 365 Roadmap, Customized Microsoft 365 Training, and File Server to Teams & SharePoint Migration.

9. INTERLINK CLOUD ADVISORS: Microsoft Dynamics Functional Consultant

This company promises you to bring the capability of the cloud to your business. With vast consolidation of tools, technologies, and hi-tech applications; the office 365 solution deployed by this company is a complete business package for multiple business house at the global level. A unique collaboration, exceptional security and compliance behavior, better intelligence, and analytics, connectivity, productivity, and mobility; Interlink Cloud Advisors, Inc. gives end-to-end assistance in incorporating every business benefits.

10. AERIE CONSULTING: Microsoft Office 365 Consultant

The long list of IT resources and Microsoft 365 capability of this company has a unique capability to offer a complimentary Microsoft 365 risk assessment that would first analyse the ecosystem based on Microsoft 365 configuration and then initiate the compliance settings. To optimize the plan and operational delivery, this company uses M365, D365, Azure solution, Power Apps, Power Automate, and Power BI to evaluate the protection policies and data loss, analyze the ownership and data management schedule, backup recovery, and data assessment, compliance regulation and adherence review, analyze the security score, risk control and accident management, and manage the advance threat management policies and stipulations, this company deploys everything for advance business solution.


With strategic infrastructural service and cybersecurity delivery, the Microsoft 365 solution deployment of Dataprise is something that you will immensely wish for. As a Microsoft Partner and cloud solution provider; this company helps a wide bandwidth of enterprises to resist the friction of operations and grab M365 solutions to meet their unique business needs. 24 hours customer support, proactive issue management, supplemented migration support, identification of operational threat, application, and mailbox usage, analysis of Microsoft 365 features; Dataprise offers you anything and everything.


If you want to incorporate the capability of omnipresent work culture, binaryrepublik Office 365 consulting service is best for the requirement. You may be using any device, computer, tablet, or mobile phone, Office 365 has all the content systematically integrated at online and offline base, eventually facilitating the work pattern and operational expertise of the complete ecosystem. The SharePoint online that is an integral part of Office 365 offering facilitates a reliable content management system and business management system.


For reliable SharePoint Intranet consultation and Microsoft 365 advance management service, Klarinet is a dominant and renowned company in the market base. Using Microsoft 365 Intranet, it encourages the digital workplace solutions, that makes the organization smarter, mistake-free and with an improved return of investment. The technical experts and IT professionals available with the company delivers an outstanding suite of Microsoft 365 for employee engagement and outstanding business outcomes.


Catapult is a Microsoft certified company of the market that strives to build an information-driven M365 software solution promoting a digital workplace and complete lubricity of the market. Be it any business challenges or complexity in regard to the operational requirements of the users, clients, and customers; This company has the astounding capability to sort out the drawback with precise solutions to the problem. So, if you are looking forward to driving your operational journey with cloud-based Microsoft 365 service, Catapult can be better proximate with the decision-making of your IT team.


Starting from Office 365 Development service, SharePoint Intranet, Office 365 Consulting, Document management, Office 365 migration, SharePoint migration, Process, and operational automation, Dynamic 365 CRM and ERP, Xero Integration, Dynamic 365 Field Service, Teams Governance and Microsoft office pricing service; 365 Digital consulting has more than enough for everything you require for the business flow. The sustainable strategies and procedures brought to you by the team of IT professionals and experts could make soar high in the respective marketplace. 


A visionary, forward-thinking and technology-oriented consulting service of Withum is now being highly demanded in the market. The Microsoft 365 consulting service that would optimize operational efficiency with technical advisory services, forecasting evaluation, assurance accounting, digital transformation services, and cybersecurity will undoubtedly be a blue-chip investment for any business. In any industry you belong to, an optimized service deployment from within can boost your operational success like anything.


The strategically managed IT services with Microsoft 365 solutions deployed by Ntiva have made this office 365 consultant a hot favorite of the market. The golden law of the market demands you to partner with the best in order to be the best. Hence, partnering with Ntiva will never be adverse decision-making for you. With 24 hours of limitless technical support and infinite cybersecurity protection, you can use the cost-effective solution of Ntiva and witness the best operational behavior that any company can ever imagine.


With outstanding and strategical software consulting services specially designed for integrators and developers based on real estate and construction business, Hingepoint has become worthy to be adopted Microsoft 365 consulting service provider at any marketplace. Right away from consulting services, system integration and migration, customized development, reporting dashboards, project management systems, team consulting and development services, or Power Apps solution, Hingepoint is a perfect blend of the budget-friendly and efficient service provider.


As the tagline says, “Unlock Possibility”, this company holds a high degree of capability in unveiling the possibility of operational success with Microsoft 365 solutions and services. Aerie aims to execute the process of understanding the need of the company’s enterprise and forms in order to deploy them with the exact solution that they are actually looking for.  


To get the best out of your Microsoft 365 investment and facilitate collaboration, team building, communication, and operational delivery, BCS365 has been exhibiting exceptional performance over the years. No matter how complex the requirement of the client is, this company has left no stone unturned in its business process and flow with easy-to-use Microsoft 365 solutions and services.

FINAL THOUGHT: Choose Your Own Microsoft 365 consulting Service Provider

Despite of countless service providers and consultants available in the market, you need to thoroughly gauge the traits, attributes and features of the consultants that would deliver you an out-of-the-box solution developed for you company. In order to do so, firstly understand and jot down the requirement and then figure out which solution or service provider is exactly feasible for meeting the goal and objective of the company.

“RealWear exists to create safer and more productive workplaces for frontline workers. Microsoft Teams is an incredible complement to our wearable tablet devices. It’s opened up completely new frontiers for knowledge sharing for our customers”. — Andrew Chrostowski: Chairman of the Board and CEO, RealWear, Inc

“We have set a new standard. With the combination of Teams and RealWear, we have proven that we can do things in a better way, a more efficient way, and with logistics that are much easier for everyone”. —Hank Wrenn: Vice President and General Manager of Americas Projects and Automation Solutions, Honeywell Process Solutions

People Also Ask

What is the use of Microsoft 365 in business?

The fundamental purpose of the Microsoft 365 solution is to boost the productivity and operational success of any business using applications like Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Teams, and other cloud-based tools.

What role does a Microsoft 365 Consultant perform?

Understanding the operational requirement of the client, gather the specification, analysing risks, evaluating compliance factor, plan the deployment, and finally executing them is the role of a Microsoft 365 consultant in the market.

What is the need for Microsoft Consulting Services?

Microsoft Office 365 consulting services assist businesses with an understanding of Microsoft Office applications, planning business prerequisites to synchronize the arrangements in the suite. The administrations likewise incorporate execution support, client reception, and limitless Office 365 solution support and services.

What are the three essential components of Microsoft 365?

Microsoft Office 365 usually encapsulates Microsoft Exchange Online, Microsoft SharePoint Online, and Microsoft Lync Online.

What is the difference between Microsoft 365 and Office 365?

Office 365 is a cloud-based consolidated software suite that is comprised of applications like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Teams, and many more. Microsoft 365 is the collaborated suite of MS Office, Windows 10 Pro, and Enterprise Mobility+Security solutions, tailored as per the need of the company.  

What happens when Microsoft 365 subscription expires?

If your subscription expires, it will straightaway go to these stages Expired / Disabled / Deleted. The Expired stage starts instantly after the subscription has reached its end date. Contact the chosen service provider to renew the benefits if you want to continue with the business advantages.

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