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Best Metaverse Online Casinos Games & NFT Slot Machines

NFTs and the metaverse are taking the online gambling industry by storm, but what are the best metaverse casinos and NFT slots...

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Metaverse and Play-to-Earn Crypto Games

It’s hard to escape the hype surrounding NFTs and the metaverse, two highly-publicized tech trends that have taken the internet by storm in 2022. Both NFTs and the metaverse are signifiers of wider technological advances made in relation to blockchain, cryptocurrency, and artificial intelligence, but what’s the significance for the online casino industry? Let’s find out more about the metaverse and NTFs in relation to online gambling, including some of the best metaverse platforms and NFT slots available to play this year:

What is the Metaverse?

The metaverse is a connected network of digital worlds in which the user can interact with objects and other people. Much like a new-and-improved version of VR, the metaverse enables users to wear a headset and experience a life-like, ultra-realistic 3D universe. Unlike classic VR, the metaverse enables its inhabitants to travel, trade, accumulate items, and communicate using an avatar – the emergence of the metaverse is intrinsically linked with the arrival of other on-trend technologies such as AI, blockchain, and cryptocurrency. As more gaming development companies get in on the metaverse trend, it seems likely that this emerging new tech will come to dominate the iGaming landscape very soon.

The Best Metaverse Casinos Games to Play

  1. Serenity Island
  2. ICE Poker
  3. Tominoya Casino

Having been touted as the ‘future of the internet, this rapidly growing technology is not all trade – the metaverse concept is designed with social interaction at its core. It has already affected how we do business and socialize online. Growing numbers of reputable online casino platforms are utilizing the emerging tech to provide a rich and interactive gaming experience that more closely replicates classic land-based casino gameplay – advantages of metaverse casinos include more realistic wagering, immersive graphics, and heightened sociability. If you’re looking for the hottest SA online casinos this year, check out some cool suggestions by In the meantime, let’s take a look at three online casinos that have already made use of metaverse elements:

Serenity Island

As you may have guessed from the name, Serenity Island offers a serene and calming metaverse casino experience. The main selling point of this platform lies in its graphics and environment – users can freely travel across a sprawling casino complex set on a beautiful 3D island. You will even have to ‘walk’ up a rocky island incline to get to your destination, where you’ll find a three-floor casino including lobbies and a lavish nightclub decked out in classic Monte Carlo style. This could be a great choice for those who’d like to replicate a sunny gambling getaway from the comfort of their homes.

ICE Poker

ICE Poker is one of the most popular metaverse casinos on the market today and certainly the most popular online poker arena. Attracting more than 6000 players each day, ICE Poker is a poker lover’s paradise, offering a range of realistic gaming options including multiple poker halls, tournaments, and challenges. Players can even earn crypto tokens and wearable NFTs if they perform well at the table.

Tominoya Casino

Tominoya Casino is another groundbreaking metaverse casino that Decentral Games power. Perhaps this platform’s main selling point is that it features real human hosts, rather than CGI-generated avatars. At Tominoya, headset-users can enjoy a beautiful and calming Japanese-inspired 3D environment whilst sampling a wide range of high-quality casino games including blackjack, poker, slots and roulette. The casino is crypto-friendly, enabling MANA and DAI wagers as well as free play; notably, casino gameplay also features real estate NFT leasing, which could see you earn significant passive income.

What are NFTs?

NFTs (or Non-Fungible Tokens) are unique digital currency tokens that can be used to represent ownership of items. What’s most interesting (and confusing) about NFTs is that their specific value depends on the perceived value of its corresponding item or service – this essentially means that you can use an NFT to prove ownership of (and sell) almost anything in the world, with its value being subjective. Unlike other ‘fungible’ blockchain crypto coins like Bitcoin, NFTs cannot be mutually interchanged and can serve as reliable validation of identity when making online transactions. While NFTs have previously been most popular in art trading, increasing numbers of NFT marketplaces have led to rising interest in the online casino industry, especially in developing NFT blockchain slot machines.

The Best NFT Slot Machines

  1. Lucky Degens Embassy Slot
  2. Slotie

While there are an increasing number of NFT video games set for release in 2022, the NFT craze has extended beyond the realms of casual games and put down firm roots in the online gambling industry. In particular, online slots are particularly well-suited to NFT wagering – while the technology is still in its infancy and NFT slots remain relatively rare, there are some high-quality blockchain slots currently on offer. Check out two of the best NFT blockchain slots available to enjoy in 2022:

Lucky Degens Embassy Slot

Billed as the first-ever NFT slot in the metaverse, this Lucky crypto-powered slot works in conjunction with their new range of NFTs known as Lucky Degens. The NFTs are available in two varieties (the OG Collection and the Jungle Animal Collection) and can be used exclusively on the slot, which can be accessed via the Lucky Degens Embassy.


Sloties are unique tokens that gamers can use to play Slotie, a much-publicized new NFT slot game. As well as offering real-world perks in more than 150 casinos worldwide, Sloties can also be used to verify Ethereum blockchain ownership and gain access to the DeFi Gambling network. Slotie is probably the most well-known new NFT slot this year.

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