Meta Quest 3 Vs Meta Quest 2 — The Biggest Differences

Mark Zukanburg has finally announced the Meta Quest 3, which means we will soon experience high-end virtual reality. According to an official...

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Mark Zukanburg has finally announced the Meta Quest 3, which means we will soon experience high-end virtual reality. According to an official statement from Meta, the highly-anticipated Quest 3 will debut on September 27 during Mark Zuckerberg‘s Meta Connect keynote speech. While the Industry experts are eagerly awaiting this event, we have decided to explore what new we will have in Meta Quest 3, isn’t an upgrade or not. If you were also wondering the same, let’s get you started with Meta Quest 3 vs. Quest 2 battle.  


Since the Meta Quest 3 drop announcement, everyone has speculated what will be in the design. Well, Meta Quest 3 will have a remarkable decision with an incredible transformation. Here are some of the main enhancements in the design of Quest 3.

A Sleek Design

Meta Quest 3 will feature a 40% slimmer design than Quest 2

This headset is a true work of art thanks to its pancake lenses and a trio of pill-shaped cameras and sensors. And let’s not forget about the improved flexible material used for the head strap, which will make wearing the Quest 3 an absolute pleasure.

IPD Control Button And Sleek Face Shield 

One of this new headset’s most exciting features is adding an extra button on the bottom. This game-changing button will allow you to adjust the IPD, improving your gaming experience! The face shield has also been redesigned, which will help to block out any external light and keep you fully immersed in your virtual world. 

Better Lenses

The Quest 3’s lenses are now surrounded by a flexible mesh, which means adjusting the inter-pupillary distance will be easier! 

Comfortable To Hold And Use 

The Quest 3 is not just a pretty face, though. The Touch Plus controllers have been completely redesigned to offer a more ergonomic design than the Quest 2. They are also more comfortable to hold and use. And with the addition of TruTouch Haptics, these controllers will provide an incredibly immersive gaming experience that will surely blow your mind! 

The Price 

The price is the next thing to compare in this face of Meta Quest 3 vs. Quest 2. Meta Quest 3 is finally hitting the market at an affordable price of $499. Yet we have to give to Quest 2 as it was $100 dollars. However, it’s still a great deal to buy Quest 3, considering the advanced VR technology packed into this headset.

Meta has indeed raised the price of the Quest headset. But it’s only because of the increased cost of parts and the use of advanced VR technology. And for those who are concerned about the price, keep in mind that the Quest 3’s cost is still less than the $549 PSVR 2. PSVR 2 requires a $500 games console to power it. 

To sweeten the deal, Meta has announced that they will reduce the price of the Quest 2 to $299 for the 128GB version and $349 for the 256GB model. Plus, the best part is that more people will enjoy VR, as the minimum age requirement for Quest 3 is just 10 years old. This is a significant reduction from the previous age limit of 13 years old on the Rift and Quest headsets. So, get ready to immerse yourself in the world of VR with Quest 3!

Performance And Software 

When it comes to the performance and software, in this meta, quest 2 vs 3, again, quest 3 will win. Let’s compare some important points to know how?


Quest 3 will have a newer Snapdragon XR2 Gen 2 processor and a whopping 12GB of RAM. Needless to say, with these two features, this headset will blow the Quest 2 out of the water. With more RAM, you can expect quicker app management and even better multitasking. But let’s be fair. The Quest 2 is already a champ in loading games quickly and multitasking with multiple windows. 


While the Quest 3’s software will likely be based on Android, it may be running the latest Android 11 or 12. So, Quest 3 will have better features and better performance than its later versions. On the other hand, Quest 2 apps all operate on Android 12.1, creating tight competition in both devices. True, more we will know after the release. 

User Experience

No matter which operating system version the devices use, the user experience matters. And we can expect nothing but the best from Quest 3. The higher specs and potentially-120Hz default refresh rate will make for a smoother and quicker experience. And don’t worry about missing out on your favorite games and apps – both headsets will support the same library on the Oculus Quest Store.

Extended Reality

When it comes to extended reality, you will love Quest 3. Meta has taken things to the next level with significant upgrades to the cameras and processing abilities. 

Wide Color Range

Quest 3 will have 10x resolution cameras, which deliver full color with a wide dynamic range. Unlike the Quest 2 or Quest Pro, the Quest 3’s passthrough video provides a crystal-clear view of your surroundings. So you can interact with the real world while enjoying the virtual one. You can do anything from playing virtual games to conversing with someone in the room or even dueling your friends with virtual swords – all while clearly seeing your surroundings.

Phone Like Camera Quality

The Quest 3’s cameras offer a phone-like camera quality, making even the brightest areas visible without compromising the dark areas. That’s not all, as Meta’s Meta Reality toolkit has been upgraded to fully utilize the Quest 3’s hardware. You’ll better understand your play space and won’t have to worry about bumping into furniture or pets. 

Oculus Guardian System

On top of the phone-like camera quality, Quest 3 features an Oculus Guardian system. This system automatically maps your room using the depth sensor and IR projector, reducing the need for manual setup. So, Quest 3 will make you won’t want to miss out on the incredible mixed-reality experience it has to offer. 

Battery Life 

Every device has to have a good battery life to maximize usage. Currently, the Meta Quest 2 boasts a battery life lasting from 2 to 3 hours, subject to the type of usage. Based on my personal experience of watching Cocaine Bear using VR, it consumed roughly half of my battery in 90 minutes. However, using VR for gaming purposes may drain the battery more rapidly.

As for the upcoming Quest 3, it is not expected to have any significant improvement in terms of battery life. According to the 

Meta’s Chief Technology Officer, Andrew Bosworth, said the “battery life of Quest 3 would be about the same as that of Quest 2,” with some margin of error. Yet, maintaining the same battery life standard signifies that the battery quality has likely been enhanced from the previous model, Quest 2.


The better the controllers, the better the operations will be with the device, whether it’s Quest 3 or 2. In this scenario, we have to say Quest 3 isn’t going to disappoint you.

The controllers of the Quest 3 are a significant deviation from the previous Quest models. It will have the Touch Plus controllers, which resemble the Quest Pro Touch Pro controllers, the primary controllers for the Quest 3 headset.

On the flip side, the Quest 2’s controllers are called Touch controllers. While these controllers have varying degrees of tracking sensitivity, with the Quest 2 Touch controllers being the least sensitive, the Quest 3 Touch Plus controllers are an upgrade.

Fortunately, the Quest 3 can accommodate the Touch Plus and Touch Pro controllers (an upgrade of the Touch Plus controllers ). All in all, these Quest 3 controllers will let you, the users experience the best performance for an extra fee.

Gaming Experience 

We already know how Quest 3 will be for the overall user spectrum. But how is it going to be for the gamers? 

Full Color Passthrough Mode

Full-color passthrough mode enabled by the advanced sensors on the front of the Quest 3 has significantly improved user experience. At the same time, Quest 2 only provides a hazy grayscale view of reality, which is not helpful in avoiding obstacles. This groundbreaking feature has opened up countless new possibilities for the Quest 3, similar to what we witnessed with the Quest Pro.

Enhanced Productivity

Gamers could potentially use the Quest 3 for productivity tasks, such as working on their laptops while augmenting their display with additional virtual screens that appear alongside their physical monitor.

Overlay The Reality

Using the full-color passthrough mode, games will benefit tremendously from this feature since they can now overlay on reality, creating a whole new level of immersion. On top of it, Quest 3 brings the virtual and physical worlds together in ways never before seen.

How is Quest 3 better than Quest 2?

In the world of technology, it is almost always the case that newer is better. We don’t know about the other things, but this is certainly true for the Meta Quest 3. It outperforms its predecessor, the Quest 2, in every conceivable way. 

The main reason for this is the mixed reality feature; as time goes on and more mixed reality experiences and features are added to the Quest 3, the gap between the two devices will only continue to widen.

Another reason is speed. How great a device majorly depends on the speed, and in this category, Quest 3 completely outperforms Quest 2. It is set to be nearly three times faster than the Quest 2. Additionally, it features slimmer, clearer lenses that offer a more immersive experience.

On top of that, the Quest 3 boasts a range of impressive improvements over the Quest 2. It is smaller and more comfortable to wear, with controllers that are superior in every respect. Its hand-tracking capabilities are also second to none. Also, it automatically maps a room and sees it in the dark, making it best for gamers. 

For those who are just starting out with VR and do not want to spend a lot of money, Quest 2 is still an excellent choice at $299. Depending on your needs and budget, you can choose between the Quest 2 128 or 256 GB. However, if you want the latest and greatest in VR technology or are excited to upgrade your Quest 2, the Quest 3 will be available this fall for $499 and will surely deliver some truly unforgettable experiences.

Lastly, Quest 3 will not have exclusive games at launch; Meta has confirmed that they are in the works. This means that, in the near future, games and experiences will be available on Quest 3 that cannot be found anywhere else.

Overall, Quest 3 is going to be a good deal for gamers. It’s worth waiting for if you already have experience with Quest 2. However, that doesn’t mean Quest 2 will be out of the game soon. It’s a good device, and the user who likes it can experience better VR than any other device in the market.  


Overall, in the battle of Oculus Quest 2 vs 3, Quest 3 wins for many reasons. Firstly, the Quest 3 has mixed reality features and is nearly three times faster than the Quest 2, with slimmer and clearer lenses for a more immersive experience. Secondly, it is smaller and more comfortable to wear with superior controllers and hand-tracking capabilities, making it best for normal users and gamers at the same time. The Quest 2 is still a good choice for those starting out with VR, but the Quest 3 is worth waiting for if you want the latest and greatest technology. Quest 3 will have exclusive games in the near future, while Quest 2 is still a good device because of its loading speed and for those who prefer it. Lastly, we leave the decision on you. Thank you for reading this guide. We hope you have liked it and it has successfully given you an overview on Meta Quest 3 vs Meta Quest 2 and is Quest 3 better? Or not! 

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