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Benefits of Using Mean Stack to Build JavaScript Based Web Applications

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Benefits of Using Mean Stack

Trending this week: Which Technologies is Used To Make A Metaverse?

There has been significant development in the world of the software and programming industry. One of them is using a mean stack to build JavaScript-based web applications. Also, it has got several benefits. Some of which are described here. Programming and software designing is the basic core of the advancement of technology. Here is some of the knowledge on one of its applications.

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What is JavaScript?

Programming Languages are the need of the hour. JavaScript in simple terms is a programming language for the Web. JavaScript has got many benefits like it can help you to update or change both HTML and CSS. JavaScript can also calculate, manipulate and validate your data. JavaScript is a scripting or programming language that allows you to get various complicated features for your web page. Comparison Between Angular and React

Features of JavaScript

JavaScript programming language has got various features. Below described are a few of those features: 

  • Validating User’s Input: JavaScript is very beneficial when it comes to using forms. It has the ability to check the input of the user for errors and it is also time-saving. If the user sometimes leaves any field empty or the information entered is incorrect then JavaScript keeps a check of it before the data is sent to the server.
  • Simple Client-side Calculations: Since JavaScript has got a client-side technology, it can be helpful if you want to perform basic calculations in a browser. The browser is not required to ask the server anymore. This is especially helpful when these calculations are performed repeatedly. Because in such cases connecting to the server is more time-consuming than the time taken to perform the calculation.
  • Greater Control: JavaScript is not completely dependant on the server. Because of this, it provides more control over the browser. JavaScript reduces the load on the server and also reduces the traffic by providing some additional functions to the browsers.
  • Platform Independent: Since browsers can read the language they can easily solve the compilation and compatibility type of problems. Because of this, it can run on systems that support systems like windows, Macintosh, etc. also, it allows you to include them in other programming scripts like HTML. 
  • Handling Dates and Time: JavaScript has got within its features to adjust the date as well as the time. So the process of coding becomes far easier.

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What is Mean Stack?

The MEAN stack in simple terms is a JavaScript-based application that is used for developing various web applications. MEAN stands for the terms MongoDB, Express, Angular, and Node. These are the four elementary technologies that are used to design Mean. MongoDB is the document database. Express is a web application. Angular has got with it the client-side JavaScript network. Node is basically an exclusive JavaScript web server. Let us understand these 4 terms in short detail:

  • MongoDB: It is one of the well-known cross-platform databases which is written in the C++ programming language. 
  • ExpressJS: It is a well-developed and a light weighted server network that is basically used to create single-page and multi-page web applications. It used the Pug engine to provide a support for the templates. 
  • AngularJS: It is an open-source and web as well as mobile application that is being operated by Google. It has been very useful in both development as well as the testing of apps. 
  • NodeJS: It is among one of the world’s best-performing platforms that have got a variety of features. Several organizations and startups like SMBs, Fortune 500 companies utilize this application to build various mobile, web, and desktop applications which includes full-stack web development.

Some of the famous and widely used applications that use in the mean stack web development are Google, Fiverr, linked, Netflix, etc.

The MEAN stack is among one of the most widely used technology features for the development of web applications.

Advantages of Mean Stack

There are several reasons or advantages for using Mean Stack. Some of them are described here:

  • It allows you to create a rather simpler open-source solution as well as build maintainable and sustained solutions. 
  • It is helpful for the development of applications on a faster basis.
  •  MEAN is a full-stack JavaScript application that is 100% free to use.
  • It is the only uniform and single language throughout your entire process of stack development
  • It uses a very low memory footprint or overhead.
  • It is helpful in avoiding unnecessary groundwork. It keeps the application organized which makes it easy to use.
  • The application is kept organized.
  • MongoDB used in it built for the cloud purpose
  • It is helpful in simplifying the layers of the server. 
  • Any code made by using MEAN is isomorphic.

These all are the advantages of the mean stack which makes it the most used application by the developers. Top 10 Best Mobile App Development Frameworks in 2022

Disadvantages of MeanStack

As everything has got a positive and negative side similarly there are several disadvantages of using a mean stack technology. Some of these are highlighted below:

  • It is not a recommendable application for large-scale applications usage
  • It has not got any of the specific general JS coding guidelines.
  • If you develop the first site using the mean stack technology then it becomes very complicated to return back to the older one.
  • If seen from the business point of view it offers poor isolation of the server.
  • While using the mean stack technology there are chances that you gradually lose the server records.

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Benefits of Using MeanStack for developing JavaScript-based web applications

MeanStach technology can be easily used to develop a web application based on JavaScript. Moreover, there are several benefits of doing this. Some of these are listed below:

  • Possible to switch easily between server and client: While using this technology it is way more convenient to easily switch between the server-side browser and the client-side browser. This is possible because it uses a common language for coding purposes. By using this the need for a third-party standalone to develop the appends. The Node technology used in the Mean stack makes it easy for the developer to upload the apps to the server. 
  • It is highly versatile: The Meanstack application offers a highly multi-featured and flexible to the developers using it. This indeed is a commendable feature. Once the development process gets completed it allows the developers to test the app on a cloud platform. The development of the application, testing process in clouds is highly user-friendly and easy-to-use features. Also, extra fields can be added to the form in case the developer wants to add any additional information. This is made possible by the MongoDB technology used in the mean stack.
  •  Ability to quickly develop an MVP: MVP symbolizes the terms minimum viable product. This refers to the app that is developed with the most basic and the most required features that are a must in any application. These are some of the at least looked-for features by any user searching for the product. Since mean stack can develop MVP in a short period it becomes cost-effective and also the testing of the product in the market becomes easy. The quick development of an MVP is due to its faster framework. 
  • It is very cost-effective: Cost is one of the important factors that is taken into consideration during the process of app development. Because app development is a new technology and a considerable investment of funds, is required. So it is necessary to get a solution that is cost-effective and earns a benefit to the business. For developers who wish to work with the MEAN stack technology, the only need for them is to be masters with JavaScript. Some other frameworks need the efficiency of technologies that include PHP, JavaScript, and MySQL. The benefit of the mean stack is that fewer numbers of developers are needed to work on any mean project as compared to any other. So, in a long run, the cost reduces to a considerable amount. 
  • Makes isomorphic coding possible: There are two major platforms on which smartphones operate, namely: Android and iOS are the two major applications on which the smartphones run. Both of these platforms need unique features and have different requirements for app development. If anyone is interested in creating an app for both of these platforms then he needs to do this separately. But by using a mean stack this can be done together which gradually reduces the workload on the developer. This feature is one of the major reasons for the success of the mean stack. Because it reduces work and also saves time. 
  • It uses a single programming language: ALL the technologies that mean stack uses include the use of a single programming language that is Javascript. This feature offers several benefits that are incomparable to any other. It makes the working environment of the developers simple and helps them to develop products that attract the users and also meet all their needs from any application. Also, using a single programming language provides the benefit of a stable backend response unit so that any requests from clients can get a quick response.

These all are the benefits that are offered by the mean stack technology to the developers.

So now you have got enough information on the mean stack and the benefits of using it to develop Javascript-based web applications. In the growing era of technology and developments programming language has got an irreplaceable place. Any advancement in it is notable and futuristic. Programming languages are the backbone of the software development industry. It will be interesting to see its growth in the near future as developments take place.

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