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Marketplace Transactions Are Only Available for Uplanders? How to Buy and Trade Property in Upland

Not able to buy property on Upland? Marketplace Transactions Are Only Available for Uplanders? Follow the step by step guide

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Marketplace Transactions Are Only Available for Uplanders

Not able to buy trade properties in Upland? Getting error message popup “Marketplace Transactions Are Only Available for Uplanders”

Dont worry! we have a solution for this. Stay tuned with us. Let’s see some useful tips to buy sell and earn money on Upland. We have posted a detailed article on this, Read this to earn more.

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In today’s article, we’re going to fix the error message that is “Marketplace Transactions Are Only Available for Uplanders” and how to purchase properties in Upland. First, let’s start with a minting definition. You’re going to see the word of minting in upland. Minting means is that you’ve purchased the property and it is now on the blockchain. So if a property has never been minted, it means it’s never been owned by anybody.

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What is Upland and Features of Upland Platform?

Marketplace Transactions Are Only Available for Uplanders

Purchase, sell, and trade! Upland is a property trading game with an open market where the virtual properties are actually yours. Take part in Treasure Hunts and Live Events. Purchase virtual real estate with enormous development possibilities. Chat and swap with other players! Upland is the place to be if you appreciate pleasure, economics, commerce, real estate, and llamas. Invest and earn money by trading property on Upland.

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How do you purchase properties on Upland?

Let’s talk first about buying someone else’s property. It’s really easy, you can do so at any point by clicking on a minted property. Read it in detail here.

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Marketplace Transactions Are Only Available for Uplanders

So the problem is that you are not able to buy property on Upland? Getting error messages like Marketplace Transactions Are Only Available for Uplanders. Let’s go through the solution.

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Let’s understand the color code on Uplander

You can see the outlines of property plots on the map if you zoom in close enough. Real-world locations, coordinates, and dimensions are used to create these parcels. Their color codes reveal information about them:

Grey (never minted on the blockchain). These properties have never been owned before, thus you’d be starting from scratch in the grey outlined “region.” Minting will give you the system’s mint price.

Light blue indicates that the item is not for sale and is owned by someone else (but you can still make an offer).

Dark green: someone else’s property, for sale with a price (you can buy at price or make a different offer).

Your properties are dark blue (owned by you).
Properties in your explorer’s “discovery range” are light green.

Marketplace Transactions Are Only Available for Uplanders

To buy property on Upland, your account must have more than 10000 UPX. UPX is a token of the Upland marketplace. Here is the detailed guide on how to earn UPX on the Upland.

As a new player, you aren’t allowed to interact with other players until you get a 10k UPX. We are sure that the FSA properties you’re trying to buy are already owned by other Uplanders, the ones you need are going to be gray and still say FSA on them.

Scroll through the neighborhood until you find a cluster of grey FSA properties. Locate a blue or dark green property close by. Send one of your block explorers to one of these locations. The FSAs will turn brilliant green from grey. You’re free to mint those. Those are the most affordable options in the neighborhood.

The bad news is that getting started for free is no longer possible. It, like the rest of the P2E universe, demands some initial investment as a P2E game. On the plus side, the entry barrier is minimal (even $20 is sufficient, unlike Axie or DFK, which require hundreds or thousands). The disadvantage is that you still need to put something up.

As far as getting to 10k, you either need to get really lucky, be really patient, or spend money. I think it’s definitely harder to start now vs when I started earlier this year, unfortunately.

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