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Marco Polo App Free vs Paid

Marco Polo Plus To Replace Marco Polo Video Chat App With $5 Subscription, Worth It? If you are asking about marco...

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marco polo app cost
How much does marco polo cost?

Marco Polo Plus is priced at $59.99/year ($5/month)

Marco Polo plus family plan cost?

Marco Polo Plus Family is priced at $119.99/year ($10/month)

Are you looking to launch an app like Marco Polo? Before investing in an app like Marco Polo, let’s know about some useful information and its development cost.

Marco Polo, well, not the traveler from the 12th century. It’s a real-time application running in the 21st century. Just like Snapchat and Instagram stories, it is also a video message-sending application. What if you call only Marco? It doesn’t feel right you have to call Polo with it so it becomes the full word Marco Polo.

Set Up Marco Polo Without a Phone Number

It was on air in 2016 by Joya Communications and was created in 2014. Michael Botnik and Vlada Botnik founded Joya Communication. The application marketing was done under the name of Video Walkie-Takie.

Since 2023, communication apps like Marco Polo have become more vital than ever, as individuals use them to stay in touch with people they would normally see in person. They’re also necessary for folks who would ordinarily travel large distances to see family and friends.

For live video conferencing and calls, you’ve probably used Zoom, Skype, or Microsoft Teams, but there are other options that perform better when you’re separated by several time zones.

Marco Polo is an app that takes a somewhat different approach to standard video calling platforms. It’s a video messaging software that works on both Android and iOS devices.

Walkie-Talkie App Marco Polo App Cost and Feature

We are in mid-2024, yet technology and application development are still at their apex.

When we have so much to achieve and earn, there is no way we can put off the fantastic technology till next year. However, in the sphere of video walkie-talkie applications like Marco Polo, one such development and advancement has occurred.

You might recall having a little walkie-talkie device like a kid and pretending to be a cop with your friends. Custom iPhone app creation, on the other hand, has made it better and more advanced. Customers may send video messages through the app, just like they can on Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat.

Marco Polo App Cost

With the evolution of systems and hardware, smartphones can now support the application. The Walkie-Talkie has evolved into a significant innovation in the smartphone sector, assisting in the transformation of the company. In this scenario, a special gateway was employed to make it easier for the individuals to work in synchronized mode. This has resulted in the creation of a particular gateway that allows businesses to function in a safe mode while yet being able to comprehend data.

The Walkie-Talkie app development company can readily work for rapid communication. This has emerged as a benefit to the system, allowing developers or users to control domestic communication with ease. There are a lot of advantages that allow you to use it in an international mode as well; however, this is a paid version of the app. As a result, clients must pay a hefty fee to utilize the overseas version of the application, even if only for a short time.

Why Create A Walky Talky App Like Marco Polo and What is Its Development Cost

Walkie-Talkie is currently the most popular application. The vast majority of individuals rely on this tool for instant communication. The following are the primary reasons why an iPhone app developer is working on such a project:

It is a method of achieving a seamless communication experience by allowing consumers or users to communicate freely. Furthermore, people can simply provide information about their locations to the authorities during times of disaster.
There is no reason to keep the heavy system that gives the application an advantage. Only mobile phones will be able to use it. The Mobile Application development business has made it feasible for customers to use it without having to carry any additional equipment with them and to utilize it at any time of day or night.
Furthermore, communication is incorporated into the system as a benefit to the business processes. It offers the company a bonus point for assisting the system’s synchronization.
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It’s simple to use and has a lightning-fast internet connection.

The freedoms that we enjoy with the Walkie-Talkie application are expected by the phones. This entity enables us to use and transport it without restriction.

The Benefits of Walkie-Talkie Apps Like Marco Polo

Custom iPhone app development is a lengthy process that necessitates a great deal of effort. A lot of features are geared toward the advancement of the Walkie-Talkie application. It necessitates a number of factors to be considered in order to establish the cost of the features.

  1. Sign up and register – The signup and registration application is located at the top of the page. This is primarily for the onboarding of the application and beginning to use the services. This necessitates OTP verifications for both contacts and emails.
  2. Synchronization of contacts – It is a critical component in facilitating communication. It’s the one that phone companies use with their contact lists. It is done automatically, allowing users to communicate more easily.
  3. Communication – The Walkie-Talkie application piques the interest of the PWA app development firm. It functions for the aim of communication, assisting in the addition of contacts. This aids with video, audio, multimedia, text, group testing, and group calls, among other things.
  4. History – Another important consideration is that the iPhone app developer must ensure that the history can be easily stored. This allows users to send and receive messages as well as make phone calls with others. Additionally, the history will be saved so that users do not have to search for the contact repeatedly.
  5. The status of the message – One of the best aspects of today’s messaging apps is that it allows users to check the status of their messages. This covers whether the message was read or not, as well as if it was received. As a result, it is critical to ensure that this feature is introduced to the Walkie-Talkie program, as well as providing it a boost to go further.

What is the Cost of the Marco Polo app Development?

Video chat app Marco Polo says its costs are getting too expensive, so it’s launching new paid features

  • An individual subscription to Marco Polo Plus is £7.99 per month or £44.99 per year.
  • Marco Polo Plus (up to 5 persons in a household) – £19.49 a month or £116.99 per year
  • Marco Polo is a free service. You don’t have to pay anything to use it, but you can subscribe if you want to.

Marco Polo, a popular tool for remaining in touch with friends while socially separating, is looking for funding. Today, the free app launches Marco Polo Plus, an extended premium offering that costs $5 per month with an annual commitment or $10 per month if paid monthly. HD video, audio notes, personalized emoji, creativity tools like speed control, and passes to share with friends to gift them free memberships are all included in the subscription. People will be given a seven-day trial to see what the Plus experience is like and persuade them to sign up.

Marco Polo archives old, inactive messages if you don’t subscribe. You get to keep all of your communications if you subscribe. In reality, we haven’t found it necessary to pay a subscription; whether you do or don’t has little bearing on how you use the site on a daily basis.

Because a small team creates Marco Polo, a subscription can assist the developer in keeping the service running. In the United Kingdom, it costs £7.99 per month. If you don’t mind paying the £44.99 annual cost upfront, you’ll wind up paying less than half as much.

They also have a family plan that allows you to add up to five individuals to the same plan, allowing you to save money by paying £19.49 per month or paying £116.99 in advance for a year.

New Marco Polo Plus features and Its Cost:

  • Fast forward with speed controls – toggle from 1.5x-3x speeds
  • Save Polos in HD
  • Voice-only Polos – perfect for times you don’t feel camera-ready
  • Custom emoji reactions – customize your reaction by adding any emoji from your keyboard.
  • Plus Passes – With the Marco Polo Plus membership plan, subscribers will have 6 Plus Passes to share with friends and family.
  • The Plus Passes unlock 2 months free of Marco Polo Plus! Plus, Passes are available after the 7-day free trial.
  • Marco Polo Plus Individual
  • Annual: $5/month billed annually at $59.99
  • Monthly: $9.99/month billed monthly

Marco Polo plus family plan cost

  • Marco Polo Plus Family
  • Save with up to six memberships with one plan. Plus, Family is not limited to members within one household.
  • Annual: Less than $2/month per membership billed annually at $119.99
  • Monthly: $19.99/month billed monthly

Walkie Talkie App Like Marco Polo Features

During development, there are a number of features that must be prioritized. And the Marco Polo app cost totally depends upon these features. These improvements improve the application’s speed, security, and stability. These features will undoubtedly assist your company in making money from the software.


The very first page on which the user lands. Users can register on the app with a mobile number. The user also has to verify the mobile number with an OTP due to security reasons.

Synchronizing Contacts

One of the major features to make the app and communication better. When the user creates an account on the app, the contacts are automatically synced to the app with the user’s permission.

Chat Option

Users can communicate with their friends using a variety of alternatives provided by the program. For chatting with friends, users can use video calls, audio calls, multimedia messages, text messages, or group calls.

Chat History

Another important feature that must be kept in mind during development is that the app contains a complete history of chats and calls. This allows users to continue chats and make calls with others easily.

Message Status

Without question, one of the most intriguing elements of the Walkie-Talkie program. This feature allows users to check on the status of messages they’ve sent to their pals. Users may quickly determine whether a message has been delivered and read by the intended recipient.

Voice Change

There is no need to look good or put on makeup to use the app. The app allows you to add filters to your videos. Moreover, you can also change your voice with various available options.

Managing Profile

Users can add or edit details from their profiles. The following options are available in the user profile, which can be edited or updated.

  • Username
  • Password
  • Profile Name
  • Contact Number
  • Email ID
  • Profile Picture

Push to Talk

This is another important feature of the Walkie-Talkie mobile app. Users can easily pin their location using the “Marco” button and start seamless voice and text communication with their friends.


Regardless of the platform, the app allows users to connect and communicate with each other. This means that no matter whether you are using iOS or Android, you can easily communicate with your friends.


With a single tap, users can easily add their close friends and family members to their favorite list. This allows users to keep the frequently contacted connections handy.


These are the most basic elements that aid in the seamless operation of an application. However, if further features are required, it is preferable to contact a Mobile Application Development Company that can make it simple for users to work with all necessary features and track their performance at consistent rates.

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