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How to Make an On-Demand Delivery App in 3 Easy Steps?

How to Make an On-Demand Delivery App in 3 Easy Steps?

Written by Niel Patel · 3 min read >
On Demand Delivery App

7 Must-have features for on-demand delivery app

    • Live tracking

This is a no brainer! For your on-demand delivery app users real time tracking is important. The customer can easily keep an eye on the progress of the items being sent.

    • Registration/Login

Let users register easily on the app. Instead of a lengthy registration process, users can simply login from a social media platform of their choice. This makes the entire login process quicker and also gives you valuable data that can be used to refine your product.

    • Secure Payment Method

Give users peace of mind by offering secure payment options. Not only is it about the money that is changing hands, but also sensitive information. It is your job to ensure that you provide a secure payment gateway.

    • Review and rating

Let the app users feel valued. It helps users to rate and review their experience. This is a great way to garner feedback as a company and find out areas that need improvement.

    • Admin Panel

An admin panel or dashboard lets you manage the overall functionality of your app. It offers the bigger picture of your delivery business and is an absolute must have feature.

    • Push Notifications

Communication is the need of an hour. Reach out to your customers with just a tap and give them timely updates of their order status. Push notifications are the most effective when it comes to communicating with the app users.

    • Navigation

Your delivery personnel must be able to use your app to navigate the user’s address. Navigation feature gives the delivery personnel step-by-step directions to the app user’s address so that they can easily locate the delivery address and complete the delivery.

How On-Demand Delivery Apps Work

You can start your own on-demand delivery service for a restaurant or convenience store today! Let users order directly from your store with the help of your app.

These are the two major domains of an On-Demand Delivery app. They work in conjunction with each other

    • Customer App

The ordering app that your customer will install is known as the customer app. This app lets customers browse through restaurants, groceries, menus, and lets them order food/groceries.

  • Personnel AppThe app downloaded by your delivery personnel is known as personnel app. It will update them with deliveries to be made and navigate them to the addresses of customers.

Benefits of building an on-demand delivery app

An on-demand delivery app comes with a bunch of benefits. Not only does it let you tap into a bigger consumer section, but also adds to your bottom line.

Here are some of the reasons why you should build an on-demand delivery app

    • Helps meet customers’ expectations better

Mobile apps provide a more evolved user experience. Customers in every niche are looking for services and products on their mobile devices and it is mobile apps that they go to first. On-demand delivery apps help you build stronger customer relationships. In fact, chances of converting app users into paying customers are considerably higher as compared to those on other channels.

    • Offers convenience

Mobile apps are convenient for both customers and business owners. Not only is their user interface more friendly, but their functioning is more evolved as well. A mobile app lets users order items right from their phones and delivery personnel can easily deliver the items while keeping a track of their orders.

    • Presents business opportunities

Creating an app for your on-demand delivery business opens up multiple business opportunities. The apps offer businesses with an opportunity to provide highly customized services to the target customers and reach the top of your own business niche. Whether you are building an on-demand delivery app for taxi booking, food delivery or any unique business idea you have an on-demand delivery app will help you make the most of any business opportunity.

    • Helps attract investors

If you are one of the businesses starting out small and looking for angel investors, building an on-demand delivery app is the way to go. Creating an app for your business establishes an additional revenue channel increasing the investors’ confidence in your business. When you have a strong business plan and a well-designed app to go together, investors would naturally be drawn to you.

    • Expands audience

Mobile applications have gained massive popularity among users of all generations and varied interests. There are more than 5.33 billion unique mobile phone users in the world today and this is the size of audience you can have for your business, just by building a mobile app for your on-demand delivery business.

Why You Should Use Appy Pie’s On-Demand Delivery App Builder

The On-Demand Delivery App Maker from Appy Pie is unique and is the most favored by developers due to following reasons:

  1. Allows you to build test apps for free
  2. Provides your On-demand delivery app with a secure payment method
  3. No coding skills are required to make apps
  4. Helps in publishing apps on the Play Store and Apple App Store
  5. Monetize Your Apps to Earn Extra Revenue
  6. Offers real-time app analytics to improve your app

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