Top 15 Low Cost Scalable Business Ideas for 2024

Online teaching, meal planning and food and grocery delivery business are low cost business ideas to start in 2024. 5 small...

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When it comes to establishing a low-cost business, certain factors need to be considered. And the first and foremost of them is the right idea. Not every business can be scalable, so having to look for the right business is as crucial as investment or cash flow. Let’s look at these 15 ideas so that you have something to begin with. 

Top 5 Scalable Business Ideas to Start in 2024

  1. Online Teaching Classes
  2. Become A Full-Time Youtube
  3. Start Blogging Platfrom – Contact Us to get advice
  4. Home Bakery Business
  5. Run Pet Hostel
  6. Become A Affiliate Marketer

Courier Service

how to start a delivery business with contract drivers
how to start a delivery business with contract drivers

Courier service can be an excellent scalable business idea for many reasons. First of all, its scalability hinges on factors such as technological integration, network expansion, diversification of services, adaptability to market trends, strong customer relationship management, and the realization of economies of scale, so if you have got everything on point, your business is going to flourish for sure. 

Another thing that stands out about this business is that there are always advanced technologies that go hand in hand with this business, giving it more chances to grow. For example, expanding the delivery network, offering diverse services, and maintaining positive customer relationships contribute to operational efficiency and increased demand, allowing the business to scale effectively.

The next thing, strategic partnerships and staying attuned to market dynamics are also vital for sustained growth and this business gives a whole lot of choices when it comes to strategic partnerships. 

Managing the growth process carefully ensures that the quality of service remains high, leading to long-term success in the competitive courier service industry.

Social Media Consultant

all social media icons

Every startup is there for some reason, but one of the most common reasons is that they want to help other businesses grow, then what can be a better way of doing that than being a social media consultant? 

Small business owners often find themselves stretched thin with various responsibilities, so it often becomes challenging to devise and execute an effective social media strategy. As a consultant, you can do several things for them including:- 

  • Provide valuable insights.
  • Help them identify the best tactics.
  • Optimal posting schedules.
  • Tailor content to their target audience. 

When you ascend the growth of their social media presence and follower counts, you not only contribute to their success but also enhance the visibility and credibility of your consulting business. This collaborative approach allows small businesses to navigate the complexities of social media marketing, while you, as a consultant, can build a sustainable client base and establish yourself as an expert in the field.

Cleaning Services

best self-emptying robot vacuum cleaner

If you like to clean, voila! There is a business opportunity out there for you in this as well. Cleaning services is one of the most low cost scalable business ideas so far with over 70% performance margin. 

Entrepreneurs looking to tap into this expanding market have the option to build their business and brand from the ground up or explore franchising opportunities with well-established companies.

It takes a little investment, all you need is one or two equipment gears and a small team to get started. After that, you can slowly advance your business and take it to another height. Yes, make sure to keep up with good marketing tactics, because this business thrives on the marketing and quality of your services.

Resume Writer

Online Professional Writers

Writing a perfecto resume is not a cup of tea, it needs knowledge, time, and patience. It is a skill the few enjoy and even fewer excel at it. But, if you are good at it, it’s also a scalable business idea. To become a professional resume writer, all you need is a computer. Start by signing up on freelance platforms like Fiverr or Upwork and market your services on social media.

Meal Planner


If you’re passionate about food and budget-friendly cooking, here is yet another business idea with a hint of scalability. It’s also easy. Your tasks would involve creating ingredient lists, writing easy-to-follow recipes, offering nutritional information, developing budget plans, and educating your customers. Many people love to eat but may not know how to prepare healthy, delicious meals within a reasonable budget, so you can help them with planning a perfect meal. 

Skill Teacher 


If you have a skill that you like to share with the world like dance, painting, or whatnot, this can be one of your best scalable online business ideas. Also, this business idea gives you an upper hand because you already have the biggest investment, which is the skill. 

Offer private lessons, workshops, and online classes to expand your reach beyond a physical location, attracting a broader audience. 

Additionally, you can offer certification programs for instructors, and exploring collaborations with schools or community centers can contribute to business scalability. Building a strong brand and reputation may further increase demand and will give you growth in this business.

Tax Preparation Services

BOM Management dashboard finance erp
Tax Preparation Services

Almost everyone needs help with their taxes, as taxes are not something that is easily decoded. It needs keen knowledge of the system and the loopholes in it. 

The demand for tax preparation services remains consistent, providing a stable market for entrepreneurs in this field. You can manage startup costs by leveraging cost-effective tools and enter the industry with a reasonable investment and the potential for a lucrative return on your efforts.

Offer Online Courses 

If you’re passionate about something like yoga, baking, or web design, consider sharing your expertise through virtual classes. You can create downloadable instructional materials or videos and even offer real-time lessons through platforms like Google Meet. 

Another option is to start a virtual or home-based tutoring service if education is your focus. Sharing your knowledge in these formats can enrich the lives of others and provide a flexible way for you to connect with learners.

Online Dating Consultant

best dating site in europe

If you enjoy matchmaking, consider being an online dating consultant, which has emerged as one of the most prominent scalable business ideas so far. You’ll write engaging profiles, manage accounts, filter messages, and provide updates on potential matches via text or phone calls. It’s perfect for those who find managing multiple dating profiles a full-time job. So, will you try it? 

Custom Software Developer

Tools to Make You a Better Software Developer

Developers always have a good run, when it comes to starting a business. So, if you are an experienced software developer, there is a scalable business opportunity for you. 

All you need is a website, offering your services and the device. Do the good marketing of your services on the free social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram and you are good to go in this business. With a minimal investment, you can make over 80% of the profits by helping people with their software needs. 

Become A Chef 

Just like the other freelancing careers, being a chef can also be a good idea. As a chef, you can offer culinary consulting, conduct cooking classes, create content online, develop food products, and explore virtual dining experiences. 

As a chef, you can test your experiences across different platforms and business models to influence and impact beyond the confines of a single restaurant, making your culinary business more scalable.

Bookkeeping and Accounting Services

As tax professional bookkeepers are always in demand there is very little supply for it, which means you have a good chance to get yourself a venture in the realm. 

Many businesses will need your bookkeeping services. Particularly with the surge in startups across America, there’s a growing demand for outsourced bookkeeping services. Many small businesses may find it more economical to enlist external expertise, making this an opportune time for qualified professionals to establish their own Bookkeeping and Accounting services firm. 

Yes, for this business venture, you will need to have relevant qualifications and training and that’s all it needs to give you a push ahead on this path. 

Open An Online Store 

Platforms like Amazon or Etsy offer everyone an opportunity to start their one online store by investing minimum resources. The platform has proven itself as the successful gateway to scalable business ventures over time, so this time you can test these platforms too. 

Not just Etsy or Amazon, there are other platforms that you can try. 

These platforms offer you no cost entry so that you can grow your business gradually. However, yes there can be some costs that you want to figure out before starting your store.

Be A Copywriter


There are over thousands of businesses that one can try in freelancing, however being a copywriter stands out for several reasons. The first reason is that there is a high demand for copywriters. 

Second, you do need extra tools to become a copywriter. Also, you have a larger audience from small businesses to individuals looking to complete their school or university projects. 

With the lower risk, this business guarantees you up to 80% of the profit margin, even at the start. Yes, you can always grow the business from one member to a team and push your boundaries.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a cost-effective way to earn by promoting others’ products. All you need is a blog or website. Success depends on attracting many visitors and convincing them to buy from your affiliate partners, so put as much effort as you can to make a hit out of these scalable online business ideas. 

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