How to Make Low Cost Video Ads That Convert? Affordable video marketing

If you're managing a small business, you should know that affordable video marketing tips to enhance the company's marketing strategy.

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Affordable video marketing

Obviously, being on a tight budget narrows down your opportunities to shoot a stunning advertising clip. However, you still have two ways of creating an effective video ad. The first one may take longer to complete the entire process, but you can be sure that everything goes exactly as you plan. You draw up a concept, think over a script, and look for actors who will help bring your idea to life. A lack of professional equipment is not really an obstacle, although it is one of the main reasons why most people do not want to bother with shooting a promo on their own. But you should remember that videos that get multi-million views can be created using a smartphone, so you can cut costs by using what you have at hand. 

The second way is faster and even cheaper but less fun for artistic people. The web offers a good deal of ready-made stock videos people can use, which works the following way: you pay the creator for the video and get individual rights to use the visual for various purposes (of course, the conditions depend on terms you and the video owner agree on). Usually, however, such stock videos, although visually striking, lack one essential component – sound. So don’t get surprised the next time you stumble upon a beautiful video with no soundtrack revolving around it. Instead, waste no time mulling over what to do and benefit from Vista’s Add Audio to Video feature. It will allow you to find a superb sound and enhance your video piece quickly.

Affordable video marketing
Affordable video marketing

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Choosing a Video Editor – The Affordable video editing tool

An important point in creating a video advertisement at a rock-bottom price is selecting an editing program. Luckily, you do not need to have years of experience in video editing since nowadays, you can just open the right site on the Internet and enjoy an intuitive interface coupled with easy-to-use tools. Multifunctional platforms offer various helping features for different types of visual content, including videos, of course. The functions allow playing with fonts, effects, styles, or animation, not to mention the opportunity of choosing a size for a specific social networking site.

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The Affordable video editing tool

Upon picking an editor, you just add files you want to use. Follow the plan you come up with but remember that changes made along the way may turn out to be even more successful. Cut out video fragments, swap parts, or delete unnecessary elements. A video will look smoother if you connect its frames using transitions. To add a specific vibe to your clip, you can apply special filters, for example, the effect of retro-shooting or interference a la old footage.

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The Main Types of Promo Video which is Affordable Too

If you are still at the planning stage, take a look at the popular types of ads:

  • Direct or classic advertising. It is a “selling” video showing all the benefits of a product. Another example could be a video review. Basically, this option covers the most information about your brand as a whole.
  • Native advertising. This type of commercial is camouflaged to look like user-generated content, thanks to which it fits organically into feeds. 
  • Teaser advertising. Teasers come as short (no more than 5 seconds) videos that convey the main idea, concept, or “mood” of a product. 
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10 Best Low-Budget Video Marketing Tips

Tips on Creating Affordable Video Ads That Convert

When creating video ads, you should follow the ABCD rule.

  • A (Attract). Attract a potential client with the help of an engaging storyline or exciting sound or visual effects so that the person watches the video to the end.
  • B (Brand). Think about creative ways of incorporating your corporate identity into video content to make your brand memorable. 
  • С (Connect). The easiest way to create a connection with a person is through emotions. Therefore, your video should make an emotional impact on the viewer.
  • D (Direct). The last thing you should do is adding a call to action. At the end of the video, you need to clearly communicate what actions you are expecting from the viewer. To this end, you can use oral speech, text, images, symbols, or various combinations.

You shouldn’t get too carried away trying to stuff a clip with as many messages and visual pieces as possible. Keep your video short, around six seconds or a bit longer, since this duration is proved to convert better than lengthy ads. However, make sure to deliver your main message within the first seconds to fit into the timeframe. Overlay text might be helpful to communicate additional information without increasing the duration of your video. On the other hand, surveys show that most users of mobile devices watch video ads with the sound turned off. So, you’d better add subtitles to your clip if planning to target this audience. Writing captions is another trick that might work to get your commercials watched, as people are more likely to peep into a video when they know what it is about.   

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Few More Ways to Make Cheap but Effective Marketing Videos

  1. Use Animation
  2. Facebook Live
  3. DIY
  4. Find Students
  5. Hire Freelancers

If you’re managing a small business, you should know that affordable video marketing tips to enhance the company’s marketing strategy.

In Closing

Based on current trends, we can assume that in the near future, video content will gradually overshadow photos and pictures. There is no need to talk about social networks because even the best publishing houses dedicate separate sections to accommodate short daily videos reflecting the most impactful events throughout a day. This should encourage you to master video editing so that you could create video ads that convert at no cost. 

How much does marketing video cost?

The video marketing costs can range $1500 for a simple video to $20000 for a enterprise video.

Which is the cheapest video marketing tips?

Here is the cheapest video marketing tips.
1. Make use of student actors
2. Use free locations
3. Use Animated videos
4. Rent equipment
5. Hire freelancers
6. Do smart work
7. Keep your videos short
8. Use affordable video editing apps

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