Key Features of Angularjs. What is it and Why is it Important for Your Business?

Angular is the successor of AngularJS, and after undergoing a complete revision, it is now one of the most popular web development...

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Key Features of Angularjs

Angular is the successor of AngularJS, and after undergoing a complete revision, it is now one of the most popular web development frameworks. Its design and technical approach allow Angular to be extremely responsive and easily create complex interactivity with the end-user. Using Angular make it easy to create UI (user interface) and consume large volumes of web services. Partnering with an Angular development company lets you create unique, engaging and user-friendly Single Page Applications (SPAs). 

Working in a bespoke software development company focused on Angular development, I can see why there is such demand for this technology. Thanks to its numerous technical and business advantages, Angular is a popular open-source framework used by numerous companies worldwide such as Google, Nike, Telegram, Udemy and Youtube. As it is based on TypeScript, Angular developers have an alternative to using JavaScript as their main client-side scripting language. Since its latest versions, Angular also cares increasingly for your app’s SEO performance and provides additional optimizations. 

Eg. of typescript

//TypeScript is JavaScript with syntax for types

const user = {
  firstName: "Angela",
  lastName: "Davis",
  role: "Professor",
Property 'name' does not exist on type '{ firstName: string; lastName: string; role: string; }'.

What is Angular Exactly? 

For starters, let’s note that Angular (without “JS”) had an ancestor called AngularJS, which is still an active toolset to build JavaScript front end. The names are almost the same, but technically they are different tools. After being released in 2009, it was replaced in 2016 by the “new Angular”, commonly known as Angular 2+, Angular CLI, or simply Angular. Officially, it has been in use since September 2016 with an MIT license.

Prior to its initial release, Angular’s codebase has been completely rewritten and currently works with the TypeScript language as a basis. However, the basic idea and concepts of the framework have remained identical, which enables migration or even hybrid use of the versions. The project’s focus has expanded from the development of a framework to the development of entire fully-functional platforms for web applications. Thus, an Angular development company is simply a company that specialises in Angular development services. 

What Business Problems can Angular Help You With? 

Angular is a TypeScript-integrated web development platform that provides developers with robust tools for building the client-side (front-end) of web or desktop applications and mobile apps. However, Angular’s primary function is to build complex web applications. It can also be used for building cross-platform apps, for example, one codebase that can be deployed both on web and mobile platforms, similar to React Native. 

Angular is used by numerous large companies to build powerful and stable enterprise applications. In fact, hundreds of Angular applications are used by Google for their internal processes. An experienced Angular development company can help you with personalized consultation regarding your business ideas and unique needs and preferences to establish the fundamental requirements for your new Angular application. 

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What Types of Web Applications Can You Build Using Angular? 

Angular is an ideal framework for websites with dynamic content but falls short when creating small pages with static content. Implementing Angular in this case only increases the project’s overall size and thus significantly increases the loading time. Since Angular’s main purpose was to build Single-Page web applications, it has a wide range of tools for SPA development. In this case, working with an experienced Angular development company is the best choice for your future project.

In addition, Angular is an ideal technology for websites where the content should dynamically change based on user behaviour and preferences. Dependency injections ensure that if one component changes, other components related to it are automatically changed. An MVC/MVVM framework supports two-way data binding (simultaneous identification of change of events in parent and child components). Moreover, it is widely believed that Angular is not suitable for applications with a microservices architecture on the front end. Still, there are speculations that the new release of Angular 14 later in 2022 will support micro front end.

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Benefits of Choosing Angular Development

  • TypeScript 

As previously mentioned, Angular developers use TypeScript to write code. TypeScript offers users to add static types to the code, while JavaScript, on the contrary, only supports dynamic types. Static typing helps you quickly identify errors in the development process and at an early stage. By using Typescript, Angular developers can immediately pinpoint why the input doesn’t match the expected results instead of scanning the code from the beginning to identify the error. This is extremely beneficial as it helps save a lot of time when working on code for large business applications.

  • Angular’s Architecture 

Angular’s component-based architecture foundation facilitates web app development by creating a tree of components to display elements in the browser or in the application. These components (TypeScript class, an HTML file and a CSS file) are cohesive enough to consist of elements with related functionality, and therefore the well-encapsulated components bring a clean API to all Angular apps. Since the components in Angular are loosely coupled, whenever a new feature needs to be added, or existing features should be modified, they can easily be replaced with desired implementations. And that is why the maintenance of an Angular enterprise app is very easy. 

  • High-Quality Code = High Speed and Performance. 

The variety of Angular tech capabilities, such as template syntax, Angular CLI, routers, dependency injections or built-in testing functionalities, make programming easier and allow for faster application loading. Plus, Angular carries the potential to efficiently display obtained data in the user interface (UI), the framework is compatible with a variety of back-end technologies (e.g. Node.js, Nest.js or Express.js). Since its last official version in 2021, Angular 13 the new motto is “Ivy Everywhere”, which is a next-generation pipeline of Angular, promising faster compilation and smaller apps. 

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  • Angular’s Scalability 

Without a doubt, the Angular framework can offer great scalability for your next web application.

Thanks to its component-based architecture, Angular accompanies you and can grow with your business growth rate. The concept of component-based front-end development is gaining popularity as it provides the opportunity to make code easily maintainable and extensible. 

Author Biography Aleksandrina Vasileva 

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10 Trending Features of AngularJS

The various features of angularJS are as follows:

key features of angularjs 2022
  1. Data Binding
  2. Architecture
  3. Directives
  4. Not Browser Specific
  5. Codeless
  6. Speed and Performance
  7. Dependency Injection
  8. Deep Linking
  9. Routing
  10. Productivity


Because of its advanced features, AngularJS has become the most popular JavaScript framework for web application development among developers. All of this is feasible because angular gives a developer a simple and effective way to design a single-page web application. It can help with difficulties like time consumption and slow work. As a result, angular is utilized in various applications, including PayPal and Netflix.

Still, have a question about AngularJS’s features? Please feel free to ask any questions in the comments section.

What are the new features of AngularJS?

1. The AngularJS .component() method.
2. Bindings.
3. Refactoring Controller Function.
4. Templating Changes.
5. One Way Data Binding.
6. LifeCycle Hooks.
7. Stateless components.
8. Stateful Components.

Why AngularJS is my preferred framework for software development?

AngularJS framework provides several useful features. These capabilities enable application functionality to be separated from DOM (Document Object Model) manipulation. It also comes with a slew of fantastic and essential features. This is why AngularJS development is frequently chosen by enterprises.

What are the Unique features of Angular?

1. POJO Model
2. Active community on Google
3. User interface with HTML

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