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Is Waze Better Than Google Maps? Google Maps Vs Waze

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waze better than google maps

Have you heard that a new application is out there competing with Google’s one of the most powerful applications: Google Maps? Its name is Waze, and it’s becoming buzz lately in the tech industry, so we have decided to review it. We wanted to find out if it is worth comparing to Google Maps, the application we have used for so long. This guide will cover all our findings from the review. So, let’s get you started! 

What Is Waze?

Before we start with our Google Maps vs Waze, it’s worth knowing more about this application. The first thing you need to know about this application is that it was acquired by Google in 2013. Yes, you read it right. We think Google followed the platitude, “Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer.”

Jokes apart, now let’s move on to the Waze. It is a unique app that relies on real-time data from its users to provide the most efficient and effective route to a given destination. This data is collected and analyzed to account for a range of factors that could impact a driver’s commute, including accidents, traffic congestion, speed traps, construction, and other potential obstacles that could slow down a driver’s journey.

Waze users can also create a list of friends and contacts within the app, enabling them to keep track of each other during a trip or spot a friend who’s in the vicinity. The app also collects updates automatically as users drive, while users can also proactively share their data if desired. Till now, it seems to be like Google Maps. Right? 

In terms of cost, Waze is completely free to download and use. The app generates revenue through advertising, which is displayed on the maps that users see as they navigate. Huh! 

Despite its reliance on crowd-sourced data, Waze has quickly become a trusted and reliable navigation tool that millions of people around the world use every day. 

While the advertisement sucks on Waze, which by the way, sucks on all the platforms, Waze has acquired a large number of users due to several other features. We are just about to discuss, but first, let’s know how to use it, as you should have some relevance to the app.

How Can You Use The Waze? 

Just like any other application developed on this planet, you can download Waze for free from both the Apple Store and Google Play. 

Before you start using it, remember it supports advertisements, which generate revenue, and you may also incur high carrier data usage fees. 

According to the Waze Help section, the app is usable worldwide as long as there are roads and cellular services available. So, most users ignore high data charges and advertisements in exchange for accessibility. Now you know what a maze is and how to use it, let’s move to the center focus of this guide, which is Waze vs apple maps.

Google Maps Vs Waze: Time For The Real Competition 

So, we had two warriors competing against each other in the area where they were going to win points based on accuracy, navigation, user interface, overall features, user data collection, and awful advertisements. Review based on all of these features will help you make informed decisions. We want the best navigation app to keep us on the right roads, not the one creating visual mazes giving your rucks. Let’s begin! 

Nimble And Accurate 

You don’t want to be stuck with an app that leads you nowhere and consumes your precious time. Luckily, none of these apps have charged with any of these felons. 

Google Maps and Waze both provide accurate turn-by-turn directions. Google Maps covers multiple modes of transportation, while Waze focuses on driving and riding.

On top of it, both apps give traffic overviews. However, Waze allows users to pick routes and automatically reroutes to the fastest option based on real-time traffic. Oops, if you thought Google Maps was going to win this one! 

Waze’s features proved it more effective than Google Maps in getting users like you to their destination faster. Keep in mind that Waze’s data is community-driven, so it may not be as efficient in areas with few Waze users. Overall, Waze minimizes delays and gets you to your destination quicker.

Clear Winner- Waze


Although Waze took over the last point, it’s time for another one: Navigation. You want your app to plan your trip through public transport or your one car. And you want it to show the entire path from the current location to the destination. You will also want to know about all the restaurants, cafes, petrol stations, and more to make your trip free of trouble and starvation. 

When it comes to trip planning, Google Maps is definitely superior to Waze. While Waze lacks any public transport information, Google Maps provides accurate timings and ETAs for trains and buses. It, therefore, makes up an excellent choice for those relying on public transport. Additionally, Google Maps offers information on app-based cab services, including estimated prices and ride times, whereas Waze only shows EV charger locations in the US.

Another thing, Google Maps provides better nearby suggestions in comparison to Waze. It shows you better recommendations about the restaurants, shops, petrol pumps, and also the road conditions. 

If you’re driving or riding solo, both apps offer trip planning tools using historical data to determine traffic in specific time ranges and give an overview of the journey. 

However, Google Maps does a better job of suggesting nearby establishments and road conditions, thanks to embedded information from Google Search, which includes reviews, contact details, images, and other information. In contrast, Waze only provides contact details, making it less useful for those looking for a local guide.

Although Waze does offer some useful features, it’s not a suitable substitute for Google Maps in terms of navigation. Therefore, if you’re looking for a comprehensive app to guide you through your travels, Google Maps is the clear winner over Waze. Woo! Hoo! Google maps

Clear Winner- Google Maps!

User Interface

The next thing an application should have is a clean UI that is easy to understand and navigate. Here, you will be surprised to see that although Google Maps and Waze are both from the same company and serve similar purposes, their appearance and layout are quite different. 

Waze is designed to help drivers navigate from point A to point B while avoiding traffic and hazards on the road without any extra features. On the other hand, Google Maps is a versatile tool that can be used for various purposes, such as navigation, exploration, and communication with businesses. The reason for this contrast lies in the fact that these two apps are tailored for different goals.

Also, Google Maps has a more traditional look with lots of on-screen information, while Waze is simpler with fewer details and a cartoonish design. Both apps share a similar functional design. They eliminate unnecessary clutter and only display essential information such as your location, destination, and any obstacles or speed limits you may encounter on your route.

In terms of simplicity and clarity, Waze takes the lead as it provides only what you need to see without any distractions. Whether you’re receiving directions or just exploring the map, everything is clean and easy to read. Although Google Maps’ additional information can be useful, it tends to clutter the screen, especially in busy urban areas.

Clear Winner- Both


Let’s come to the powerful competition part. Which one shows the most ads? Unfortunately, both Google Maps and Waze have advertising integrated into their platforms, with some differences in how they present paid content to users.

Google Maps tends to be more subtle with its advertising tactics. Recently, the app has made some changes to ensure that ads are more clearly distinguishable on the map. For example, businesses or locations that have paid for advertising will now appear with a square icon instead of a circular one. This change is fairly subtle but helps users recognize which results are paid and which are not.

On the other hand, Waze can be quite in-your-face with its ads. The app may display banner ads that are quite large and distracting every time you come to a stop. While these ads disappear when you start moving again, they can still be noticeable, especially on smaller screens. 

It’s worth noting that these ads may not always appear, but they are still frequent enough to be an annoyance. With this, it’s clear that both apps have their ways of handling advertising. While Google Maps takes a more subtle approach, Waze is more in-your-face. However, both apps are still useful for getting around and can be easily navigated despite the presence of ads.

Clear Winner- Google Maps

Overall Features

Let’s be honest here, don’t we love the feature of street view on 

Google Maps! It’s one of the many reasons we can’t fully switch to Waze. Unfortunately, Waze doesn’t offer this awesome feature, but Google Maps always comes through. 

Plus, Google Maps has many other amazing features, making it the ultimate local guide app. It’s especially helpful when exploring a new city and discovering all the must-see tourist attractions and hidden gems. You want to use Google Maps when exploring a new city rather than Waze because it might lead you nowhere. 

However, let’s not completely dishonor the WAZE; it also provides some amazing gestures. Google Maps has different icons for the different vehicles on the map. Waze offers you voice-guided navigation in the form of a football commentary. There is no clear winner at this point. However, Google Maps still has more scores in the court.

User Data Collection 

You don’t think apps collect your data, Voila! Two apps are doing the same. Google Maps and Waze both collect your data. You might be angry, but data collection is somehow necessary for them to provide you with proper directions. Google Maps utilizes data gathered from its users to offer more precise and up-to-date information. 

They can analyze the data from multiple sources, including the user’s location, time of day, and traffic conditions. As a result, Google Maps can provide users with real-time updates on the best possible routes to take, including the fastest and most efficient options.

In contrast, Waze takes this concept a step further. It lets the users share their location and other information with friends and other users within their social circle. This allows for real-time information sharing and collaboration, such as notifying others of traffic accidents or road closures. 

Going one step further, Waze users can privately communicate with one another, further enhancing the sense of community and collaboration among users. 

Overall, both of these navigation applications use your data but, in return, offer a powerful set of tools that enable users to navigate the world around them with greater ease and efficiency than ever before.

So, Which One Is Better? Waze vs Google Maps 2023

Both of these navigation has a feature that eases their users’ journey. Google Maps provides better nearby places recommendations and doesn’t bother you much with ads. However, it lacks behind Waze in providing better routes. 

On the flip side, Waze has good navigation power but doesn’t provide you with many nearby recommendations and can distract you in a journey with ads. So, overall by analyzing all the factors, we can say that Google Maps has much more to give than Waze.

Yet, some users can still prefer to use Waze for faster routes. So, which one are you using on your next trip? This was our review of Waze vs Google Maps 2023. Before you go, here are some quick reviews of Waze against the other popular navigation apps. 

Apple Maps Vs Waze

When it comes to navigation apps, choosing the right one can make all the difference in your travel experience. So here is another quick comparison, but this time Apple Maps Vs Waze. Apple Maps and Waze are two popular options.

Apple Maps boasts a sleek interface and seamless integration with Apple devices, but some users have noted that its traffic information may not be as comprehensive as other apps. On the other hand, Waze offers a lively interface and real-time crowd-sourced data, providing comprehensive traffic information and additional features such as speed trap alerts. 

Tomtom Amigo vs Waze

We don’t want to leave our reader with half information. So, here is yet another option to consider TomTom AmiGO. It offers a user-friendly interface. However, some users have reported that its traffic information may not be as real-time or accurate as other navigation apps. 

On the other hand, Waze continues to stand out with its vibrant interface, real-time crowd-sourced data, comprehensive traffic information, and additional features such as speed trap alerts and social aspects. Ultimately, the choice between 

Tomtom Amigo vs Waze will depend on your individual preferences and needs.

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