6 Steps to Increase Your Business Website Conversion Rate

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The conversion rates of the business websites outline the business’s success in the market and show the perspectives and capacities of business development. In this article, we want to explore efficient ways to boost the conversion rate on your business website, increase sales and improve customer retention.

Conversion rate: what does it mean?

To begin with, let’s outline what the conversion rate on a business website is and what components it includes. So website conversion rate shows the correlation between how many users attended the website and how many percents of these visitors completed the action, meaning they completed the contact form or made a purchase. The conversion rates commonly include all links that led the users to your website like paid advertising, links to your blog articles, links in search engines, FAQs in search engines, and so on.

The conversion rate shows the efficiency of your current marketing and digital marketing strategies. For instance, if your paid advertising on social media was targeted to an audience of 300,000 users, but you got feedback and clicks only from 4% of them, the content may be irrelevant to them or bring no value to potential clients. 

Why are conversion rates significant?

As we mentioned previously, conversion rate helps determine the effectiveness of the current marketing strategy via various advertising channels, organic and paid. Overall, the conversion rate assesses your business’s success and capacity to grow. Marketers commonly set acceptable conversion rates for the website in general and for each marketing channel separately like website blog, landing pages, e-mail, PPC, etc. When the quarter results regarding website conversion rate are much lower than expected, it shows the ineffectiveness of marketing action marking the channels which don’t work. 

Steps to increase business website conversion rate

Consider using a CRO planner

If you are going to apply changes in your marketing strategy to increase website conversion rate, the first step is planning. Create a separate document with a conversion rate optimization plan where you need to include the current results, the expected results according to plans, and the following actions you need to take to improve the next quarter. You can do it with any convenient tool, but various CRO planning tools have ready templates and simplify this process a lot. 

Apply the A/B testing method

A/B testing is the marketing method that works in any business industry and for any business need. This approach helps to reveal what marketing channels work, and which do not. As we know, marketers aim to attract the attention of potential clients, which causes the need to make the advertising visually appealing. You may use various templates, headlines, keywords, colors, fonts, CTAs, and so on. Hence, A/B testing helps to determine which variant is the most successful for your case. You may think that your CTA works until you test it and reveal it does not.

Make the contact form short and clear

To make your website visitors focus on the main purpose, there should be no distractions like excessive fields in the contact form, too much content in the CTA, unstructured landing pages, and so on. This is mostly related to the contact form as potential clients need to spend much time filling out the contact form or adding too much personal information which can deter them. You can also test several variants of contact forms to determine which ones are beneficial for your conversion rate. You need to ensure that your contact form brings some value and that every field makes sense for your business development managers.

Ensure the CTAs are enabling 

CTAs are commonly underestimated when it comes to the conversion rate of a business website. However, this component on your website is one of the most crucial, no matter if it is placed on the landing page, in the blog article, or wherever else. 

There are different types of CTAs, meaning they can call for different actions, for instance, lead the visitors to the contact form, ask visitors to fill in the contact information to download a certain file or document from the article, share this article with others on social media, etc. The content and the number of CTAs within each website page matter. For example, if we talk about a long-read article that is more than 2000 words, then we recommend including 2 or 3 CTAs within the article, each of which will be related to the aforementioned block, and call users to contact your team to discuss the possible cooperation or purchase. 

Or, CTAs can lead website visitors to the purchase form when they can simply make an order on your website, similar to writing services Trust My Paper provide. Focusing on the content within the CTA block, we insist it needs to be brief, clear, and engaging. The more words you include in your CTA block, the more distractors from the main point are, just remember it.

Simplify the purchase

The conversion rate of your business website also depends on the buying process you provide your customers with. It needs to be as simple as possible, enabling visitors to make a few clicks to make the desired purchase, including all details about the order. And further, we would like to mention some recommendations that will simplify the buying process on your website and thereby engage customers to make a purchase and retain them.


We recommend applying simple and clear clues for your customers that will help them make and finish that order successfully, no matter the customer’s age and Internet proficiency. For example, if you put the CTA that enables customers to buy a certain product, the link in the CTA block needs to lead the customers to the product page and then have the logical buttons to order this product in a few seconds.

Product filters

Product filters are required for businesses that sell many categories of different products that are quite complicated to find in a second. To simplify the buying process and ensure the customers will not leave your website after a few clicks, you need to add product filters to different categories to limit the choice and enable customers to purchase.

No registration to buy

A certain percentage of people hate signing up to websites they purchase products on because they prefer to stay anonymous and avoid any promotions on their mobile phones or emails. If you want to increase the conversion rate on your business website, engaging customers and retaining them, then provide your potential customers with a feature of completing the order with no registration.

Free delivery 

Free delivery of orders always has a competitive advantage in different markets. It’s not obvious to provide each customer with free delivery, but you always can add that certain sum of money they need to make the order to get the free shipment.

Prove your brand reliability 

In today’s world, businesses need to make a huge effort to build trust relationships with their regular customers, and their potential customers and show themselves as credible and reliable companies. 

So you need to prove your credibility to your website visitors by adding certain sorts of information, which we will discuss further in this point. You need to stand out from others and be able to build a strong brand face in the market to increase the conversion rate on the website and engage more new clients. 

Here is the list of information you should add to your business website:

  • Real testimonials from regular or past customers—they can be in written form, but it will be more efficient if you could provide your website visitors with video reviews of your products and services
  • Show the cases you had with your customers to outline the challenges and issues your team faced, and what solutions you succeeded to bring
  • Don’t avoid the opportunity to promote your brand in guest posting, meaning asking other credible websites to mention your brand in their posts
  • Provide your website audience with real statistics of how much your business has grown over the past years, how many regular clients you have, what new services, what products were updated, etc.
  • Ensure your product pages open up the product quality and feature completely, that is why you need to care about the visual content as high-quality photos and short videos of the products and services available on your business website.

Summing up

Certainly, your website’s conversion rate depends on the quality of the content you post, and every writer from the writing services Best Essays Education is aware of it. When we say content, we mean landing pages, product pages, block articles, CTAs, social media promotions, paid advertising and promotion, and so on. 

To keep up with other businesses in the area, you should always consider how to improve your website’s visual and functional sides. That is why we recommend cooperating with front-end and back-end developers and website designers, who will always suggest applying the required changes according to the current trends and will fix any website error your customers can face.

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