What Are The Most Important Digital Marketing Services To Prioritise In 2023?

Although we’re well into 2023 now, there’s still a lot of year left to make an impact with your digital marketing. The...

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Although we’re well into 2023 now, there’s still a lot of year left to make an impact with your digital marketing. The question is, what are the most important digital marketing services to prioritise in 2023? In this article, we’ll share our top contenders – including the reason why we feel they are so valuable to businesses today.

  1. Always SEO

No list of digital marketing services would be complete without the GOAT: SEO. The fact is, SEO remains the single most important digital marketing method of all in 2023 and that will likely always be so.

But why is SEO so important? Is it really all that?

The main attraction with SEO is the focus on ‘owning’ your traffic. When you improve your organic listings and begin driving more traffic to your website, you are doing so without paying for clicks. Instead, consumers are finding their way to your website naturally. This is an effective way to safeguard your business in the future.

For example, if you rely solely on social media to attract traffic and for whatever reason your accounts get compromised or banned, you’ll be starting from zero.

SEO exposure will remain present for as long as you remain relevant. So in other words, if you continue to publish high value content, build a solid backlink profile, and keep your website performing optimally, you’ll have a solid foundation upon which your other digital marketing efforts can thrive.

  1. Email marketing is a strong contender

Email marketing is arguably one of the most underrated forms of digital marketing available today – particularly given how high an ROI can be achieved when executed well.

To give you an idea, the average ROI for email marketing is: $36 for every $1 spent. That is a staggering number!

Not only that, but email marketing is also a great way to build your own list of contacts. Similar to the point made about SEO and ‘owning’ your own traffic. Having an email list that you frequently engage with is another effective way to safeguard your business by owning your own ‘real estate’.

It works wonderfully in conjunction with SEO as well. For example, you can use SEO to drive more organic traffic to your website and then capture some of this traffic in your email marketing campaign with a ‘lead magnet’ (e.g., a high value eBook that’s given away for free in exchange for an email address).

  1. Social media remains immensely powerful

There are already approximately 4.9-billion active social media users as it stands and that number is set to rise to 5.85-billion by the year 2027.

Not only that but the average person uses social media for at least 2.35 hours per day! That is a huge amount of potential business going to waste if you are not currently active on social media.

Find out where your target demographic spends most of their time (whether it be Facebook, Reddit, or TikTok), and then go after them.

Establish a solid social presence, engage with your audience, and remember the 80/20 rule when publishing content! (80% entertaining, 20% promotional).

In doing so you can garner trust with your followers and start collecting even more social proof as to why yours is a brand worth investing in!

Consumers want to engage with the brands they invest in. So, get social and start the conversation. This is key for any successful business in 2023.

  1. Video marketing adds a new dynamic

Video marketing is absolutely huge! The reality is, while written content is and always will be a critical aspect of any business’s online presence, it doesn’t change the fact that some 91% of modern consumers actually prefer engaging with visual content overwritten.

This doesn’t mean that you should stop creating written content entirely. It simply means that if you don’t currently have a video marketing strategy in place already, then you need to jump on that immediately.

Think of video marketing as a means of engaging a wider audience and adding further value to your existing content repertoire. You could even take some existing blogs that have done especially well and begin converting them into video to get some traction on YouTube, for example.

The most compelling fact about video marketing however, is the authenticity that it brings to any brand. So much so in fact that users are 30% more likely to part with their hard earned cash when engaging brands that have video.

  1. Local SEO is highly underrated 

And finally we have the highly underrated local SEO. Local SEO is very similar to traditional SEO strategies, however, it focuses on geo-targeted keywords in your immediate surrounding community.

Put it this way: whenever you search for a local keyword (e.g., “best Pizza takeout near me”) – the businesses that appear in the Map Pack have been working on their local SEO.

Doing so increases online visibility greatly, boosts in-shop traffic, increases calls and visits, enhances trust, and ultimately results in more sales.

If you do benefit from your local community but don’t have much of a local following as it stands, local SEO is the best digital marketing strategy to tap into in 2023.

Start locally and then branch out and focus on wider aspects of your online visibility.

Final thoughts

In truth, you can benefit from any digital marketing strategy provided it is executed properly. Every digital marketing method has its place and when utilised well together, you can yield some exceptional results.

If you are thinking about stepping things up and increasing your brand awareness, the above five are the digital marketing services we recommend starting with first. But don’t neglect PPC and the many other marketing methods at your disposal!

In any case, we hope you have found this article to be insightful and wish you the very best of luck with your future campaigns – whether they be handled in-house or outsourced to the professionals.

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