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Implement Smart Parenting the Digital Way with Famisafe App

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famisafe app

Parenting is not an easy job. We are aware that it requires a full-time commitment and has never been simple. We can’t help but be incredibly proud of you. But do you believe that, given how far technology has advanced, millennial parents are finding it harder to manage how their kids are influenced by technology? Without a question, technology has improved children’s lifestyles now compared to a decade ago.

But has the same technology altered your way of life so significantly that taking care of your kids is now a challenge for you? According to a study, the majority of millennial parents rely on their parents for parenting advice. Why is that? Is it a result of your excessive online and social media activity? Or is it a result of an overabundance of information online? Is it because your kids are more likely to engage with the virtual world than the real one? Let’s discover the answers!

Why has parenting become more complicated in the digital era?

We are all aware that as technology advances, our way of life has changed. They help us wake up and even help us go to sleep. Why can’t our kids become emotionally invested in these technologies if we adults can engage in them to such a great extent? They are still relatively fresh to the world, and every dazzling object is appealing to a child, just like it is with new technology. Youngsters are still learning about technology and developing along with it. Hence, it is quite fundamental that gadgets be a part of their lifestyles.

Nevertheless, these technological advances have also disrupted parenting, haven’t they? Youngsters have become so engrossed in their screens that they have lost all memory of life before them. Everything that needs to be recorded—whether it is a schedule or a memory—is always on some sort of laptop, tablet, or mobile device. Parenting has become more challenging than it once was in large part because of this. Parents struggle to keep their children away from their phones because they are so obsessed with them.

Too Much Advice Can Be Hazardous! 

On the internet, parents may find a plethora of parenting advice, don’t they? There is a tonne of parenting-related blogs, websites, apps, videos, podcasts, etc. while being one of them. But the point is that it can be very confusing to know what to do and what not to do. You often listen to or adopt the strategies that other people have attempted. This is either a victory or a defeat. Not everything that has been attempted by others will necessarily work for you.

So, a major problem on the internet is too much discussion. Each relationship between a parent and child is distinctive in some manner. How can a parent determine what constitutes a privacy invasion and what constitutes proper child surveillance? It is an internal dispute because it could harm the partnership in the long run. Modern kids are more sophisticated and exposed. It’s possible to mistakenly believe that teaching children about tracking will punish them. Alternatively, the outcome can be completely the reverse. They will devise strategies to carry out their desires. What constitutes controlling behaviour and what constitutes a concern is the key query, then.

Fewer limitations on what a child can do on their phones and computers are probable as they get older. Being aware of what is happening in your child’s digital life makes sense in today’s society. As your child gets older, it’s important to give them more freedom, but you should also regularly check their phones to make sure they’re staying safe when using the internet. To control a child’s screen time and internet activities, parents may find it helpful to utilise a parental control app like the FamiSafe app.

6 Reasons your Child’s Internet Activity should be monitored


How would you be able to tell if your child was being bullied online? Cyberbullying can take many different forms, such as sending hurtful emails or putting them online without permission. Some children endure mental collapse. You cannot assure whether they are bullying others or engaging in bullying themselves without sufficient supervision.

Protect your personal information

With mobile phones, children can post private information on social media. Kids can post a lot of information, like their location, photos, the name of the school they go to, where they live, who their parents are, and a lot more. This information is used by online predators to monitor your child, which is dangerous.

Inappropriate Content

Children and teenagers today communicate frequently with one another. Your youngster can be sending personal text messages, intimate pictures and videos, or any other inappropriate online material to complete strangers. There’s a chance that it might subject kids to offensive material or circumstances.

Protect their reputation

Certain things shouldn’t be shared online since they could damage your child’s reputation and future chances of landing a better job or getting into college. You may keep an eye on them to see if your child or any of their pals have posted something inappropriate.

Viruses and Malware

Nowadays, there are a lot of applications and websites, some of which have objectionable material that might harm your child. Some viruses are simple to eradicate, but hackers might demand a ransom from you in order to do so. In order to secure their children’s personal information, parents should keep an eye on the websites their teenagers visit and ensure that they have a reliable antivirus programme installed.

Social Media and Gaming addiction

Children and teenagers who use cellphones and gaming consoles are increasingly and more likely to develop social media and gaming addictions. Addiction can lead to social isolation, loss of motivation, poor vision, and other symptoms like sleeplessness. Setting limitations and routines on your child’s device is the best method to stop them from being addicted to social media, which is the main cause of addiction.

How can you safeguard your child’s phone activity?

Protecting someone does not always entail having control over them. It entails educating them on effective social media usage. Social networking can be a fantastic method for people of all ages to share information in a friendly manner, but there are also some severe concerns associated with it. For parents who want to make sure their kids are using the internet safely, the FamiSafe app is a crucial app. Parents must take precautions to keep their kids safe online because the internet can be a vast and occasionally deadly place. FamiSafe app is among the top apps for limiting screen time.

With the help of this app, parents can easily impose restrictions on the amount of time their children can spend using their gadgets as well as the apps and websites they have access to. The app’s user-friendly interface makes it simple for parents to set up and personalise their screen time restrictions. Every day of the week can have particular time limitations set by parents, who can also choose which websites and apps are accessible and which must be prohibited. The software also has a timer that displays how much time is remaining for youngsters to use their smartphone, which can help children form healthy routines and better control their screen usage.

Vital Features of the FamiSafe App To Help Parents 

With the FamiSafe app, parents have access to a variety of tools and features that can be used to keep their kids safe online. The FamiSafe app’s ability to help parents create a secure browsing environment for their kids is one of its primary advantages. This entails that parents can limit access to any improper or harmful websites and decide which websites their kids are allowed to browse. This can assist parents in ensuring that their kids are only viewing stuff that is suitable for their age group and preventing exposure to potentially hazardous or upsetting content.

The FamiSafe app has availability of various parental controls is another crucial feature. With the help of these restrictions, parents can keep an eye on and regulate how much time their kids spend online. This can assist parents in ensuring that their kids are engaging in activities that are crucial for their general health and well-being, such as obtaining adequate sleep, exercise, and other activities. Many tools and features in the FamiSafe app assist parents in educating their kids about online safety. For instance, the app has a number of exercises that show kids how to spot fake news, safeguard their personal information online, and stay safe from hazards like cyberbullying.

  1. Stay away from Online Dangers: It protects your kids from cyberbullying, pornography, and internet crimes with robust content management tools.
  2. Keep Track of Kids’ Whereabouts: Parents’ top priority has always been their children’s safety. Children should be in appropriate and secure environments. To ensure that, use FamiSafe’s Live Location and Location History features.
  3. Analyze Screen Time: Know how much time kids spend using particular apps. Limit the amount of downtime and apps that children can use.
  4. Explicit Content Detection: By turning on this function, any social networking app, such as Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, and others, will be able to identify harmful content.
  5. Real-Time Location: Track the current location of your kids. This feature saves you from wondering “where are my kids?” all the time.

Try FamiSafe App For Free! 

FamiSafe enables parents to monitor screen time, follow a child’s whereabouts in real-time, and find objectionable information on their children’s gadgets. For students and teachers, FamiSafe also creates a version specifically for schools. It allows schools to monitor any potential phone addiction, bullying, and even drug issues with up to 200 devices. FamiSafe supports good digital habits with its Screen Time and App Ban features.


Register a FamiSafe account on the website or app from Google Play and App Store.


Install the FamiSafe app both on parents’ and kids’ devices.


Connect and manage all devices from the FamiSafe dashboard app or web portal.

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