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!Drew Lauter of iHeartMedia Atlanta commits to growing 10k Black Businesses!

Written by Niel Patel · 1 min read >

Drew Lauter of iHeartMedia has committed iHeart of Atlanta to help grow 10,000  black owned business by donating free advertising with audio and video and  event inclusion. In a video interview Karyn Grier of CBS 46 interviews John Hope  Bryant and Drew Lauter of iHeart Atlanta and highlights their excitement at this  initiative which focuses on narrowing the gap of business ownership along racial  lines. 

Drew Lauter of iHeartMedia Atlanta announced a multi-year commitment to  Atlanta-based Operation HOPE in support of their national 1 Million Black Business  Initiative (1MBB), which aims to create a million new black businesses by 2030.  iHeartMedia Atlanta is committed to fostering the creation of new black  businesses in the Atlanta metro area. 

“We are excited to partner with Operation HOPE to grow Black business ownership  here in Atlanta,” said Drew Lauter, President, iHeartMedia Atlanta. “Our city is the  epicenter for entrepreneurial energy and we are proud to use iHeart Atlanta’s  considerable resources to help owners of Black small businesses achieve their  dreams.” 

“Operation HOPE is grateful for the significant commitment made today by  iHeartMedia Atlanta to the creation of Black-owned business in our great city. This  type of private sector leadership is part of the reason why Atlanta continues to be  the moral capital of America,” said John Hope Bryant, Founder and CEO of  Operation HOPE. “You cannot have a movement without the media, and we  thank iHeartMedia for supporting our vision of social justice through an economic  lens.” 

Launched in October 2020 with founding partner Shopify, 1MBB aims to remove  traditional hurdles to Black entrepreneurship and encourage more aspiring Black 

business owners to start — and scale— by providing them with the tools, resources,  and education needed to succeed. To level the playing field, 1MBB will focus on  critical tools for business growth such as technology and resources, educational  programs, and the opportunity to access capital. Through this program, Black  business owners can sign up for Operation HOPE’s award-winning model of  community uplift, financial literacy and education, with access to tailored tools  and resources upon graduation.

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