How To View Instagram Stories Anonymously

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Viewing Instagram stories covertly is nothing new in the current digital world. And there are several reasons why people want to view stories anonymously. 

This can include keeping tabs on someone or marketers conducting research before choosing an influencer for a campaign. Furthermore, some influencers check if other influencers are replicating their content or ideas. 

This way, they can have solid evidence for future use. And with cyberbullying being a big issue online, you can view stories anonymously to keep a record of the upsetting content without the owner finding out.

On the other hand, Instagram stories are normally shared and last for 24 hours before disappearing. And once you view a person’s story, the account owner can see your name on the story viewers list. And even with different ways of trying to view anonymously, the Instagram algorithm tends to beat them.

Meanwhile, discreetly viewing Instagram stories isn’t easy when the account owner has blocked you. But if their account is public, you can view Instagram stories anonymously in different ways. 

Below are some great ways of viewing Instagram stories anonymously that might be useful to you. 

Utilize Third-Party Sites

Third-party sites are instrumental when looking at and interacting with Instagram stories discreetly. Numerous tools on the market will help you view your favorite brand or influencer’s account, especially using separate applications. 

In addition to remaining completely anonymous, some applications have additional features. For instance, Glassagram reviews stories and allows you to access private profiles. By using this app, you don’t need to create a fake account. 

You don’t need to create an account, which makes it convenient if you need to be discreet. If you’re worried that you’ll show up on the viewer lists, third-party apps allow you to gain access to the stories without entering your data. In addition, you can also view the stories of Instagram accounts that have blocked you. 

On the other hand, these applications are compatible with all devices, making them easier to use on your computer, phone, tablet, etc. If you want to use an anonymous Instagram story viewer, begin by downloading one with the features you like. Next, enter the Instagram username of the account you want to see in the text box that appears on the screen.

Then, you’ll see two tabs containing Instagram stories and posts. You can go ahead and choose the stories tab. Meanwhile, the stories tab will tell when the story was posted. You can click on the stories and download them.

View In Airplane Mode

When you open your Instagram application, the stories automatically open up depending on how long the app has been on. With this in mind, you can easily view the stories when in airplane mode. 

Avoid clicking on any story when you open your Instagram account. Once it’s been open for a while, turn on airplane mode before watching any stories. When watching the stories on airplane mode, your information won’t be seen by the owner. In addition, you can even take screenshots of the stories you view. 

Create A Fake Account

You can view Instagram stories using an alternative account that’s difficult to trace. This account is known as a ‘fake account’, and you can create it using the steps below: 

  • First, create an email address that doesn’t have your name or initials to avoid the account owner finding out. 
  • Next, you need a new number that you don’t use for anything apart from the Instagram account. 
  • Once you’ve set up your email, the next thing is to decide on an Instagram handle. This handle should have a unique name that doesn’t circle back to you. Additionally, the name should match the email handle to ensure consistency.
  • Afterward, find a photo that can’t be linked to you or your personality. For instance, if you love sports cars and most of the people you know acknowledge this, consider using a photo of flowers. 

However, avoid using photos of celebrities for your profile picture, as this will raise a red flag. In addition, your account might come under review, which doesn’t do good for your anonymity.  

  • After signing up your account, consider setting it up as private. You can privatize your account by going to your profile and clicking on the menu, which offers you a choice of account privacy. 
  • With your new account ready, consider being part of engagement groups to make the account real.

You can now use your account to view stories anonymously. The account owner won’t be able to pick you out due to a lack of suspicion.

Install A Chrome Extension

You can use a Chrome extension on a desktop after a successful installation. 

  • Go to the taskbar, type in the URL code of an extension, and let it load. 
  • Next, click on the ‘add to Chrome’ button and then ‘add the extension’, including the browser installation. 

With the installation ready, search for the account owner and view their currently uploaded story. Consequently, the account owner won’t be able to see your name on their view list, making your presence anonymous. 

Try The View-Block Trick

The view-block trick is a clever technique for watching a private Instagram account’s story anonymously. All you need to do is view the owner’s story and then block their profile on Instagram. Blocking the user will remove your view count from the list. 

If you’re new to Instagram, here’s what you need to do:

  • Go to the story.
  • Next, after viewing their story, tap on the username.
  • Look for the ‘kebab’ menu or the three-vertical-dot icon in the right corner.
  • Search for the ‘block’ option. 
  • Then, tap the ‘block’ button.

As a result, your profile will be removed from the story view list. 

What is the best Best Method To View Instagram Stories Without An Account?

Use third-party apps to view someone else Instagram stories anonymously.

Bottom Line

Instagram stories appear for 24 hours before disappearing. And once you view the story, the owner will also be aware. So, if you want to view an Instagram story anonymously, you should consider finding alternative ways. 

Meanwhile, when choosing third-party sites, consider getting one with numerous features and compatible with all devices. In addition, when using the methods discussed above, ensure that they’re right for you. 

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