How to Verify Google My Business Without Postcard Address

So today I'm going to show you 7 different ways in which you can verify your business without Google's postcard method. And...

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Verify Google My Business

You probably know that Google has made getting verification really tricky. And postcards get lost for some reason or other. But if you skip verification, then you’ll never be able to do anything with your business profile. This guide will cover the process of instant verification of my business. So, let’s get you started. 

Google sends a postcard to your mail so that you can claim your business and verify your ownership when needed. But, the postcard can take up to 14 days before it arrives in your account. Not all business owners have this long time to wait for the postcard. So, what can you do about it? Well, there are ways you can proceed to verify google business without postcards. Yes!

So today I’m going to show you 7 different ways in which you can verify your business without Google’s postcard method. And that means then you can take charge of your business and not be waiting weeks for these postcards to arrive. 

Is Google Business Account Verification Possible With No Postcard?

And what most business owners haven’t realized is that postcard is only one method that you can use to verify your business. So let’s go straight into the computer and see what the other seven methods are that you may want to use. 

So you get instant verification. So if you want to manage any of your businesses, you just go to business and there then you’ll see any locations that you’ve got, any profiles you’ve got, and of course your business profile is absolutely free, so it’s well worth verifying. 

And then if you need to verify it, it will tell you there you’ll see verification needed comes up. To finish your free listing, you’ll need to verify that you’re authorized to manage it. What you’ll get with verification is it allow you to update your customers, create promotional posts, track analytics, respond to customer reviews, and then if you click Verify now to verify it, you do need to give an address. 

And this is what confuses people. They feel by putting the address in, they’ll then be found. Well, you can choose whether or not that address then shows on Google Maps. So if you’re a service, you’re not going to want to show your business address. 

If you’re a shop front. You will want to show your business address. So all you need to do then is fill this out and then Google will give you all the options needed to know whether or not you can then use a postcard or whether there’s alternative options. 

So what are the alternative options? Phones. So you put in your phone number and Google will phone you. So all you need to do is to pick up the phone and they will then verify and maybe ask you a question or two about your business. 

Lets read in detail

If you have a business and it’s on Google map, you all know the importance of making sure it’s verified. Without verification, you can’t keep your business up to date. Yet verifying a business can be difficult because postcards are slow.

Sometimes they don’t turn up and sometimes you can have to wait up to two weeks before your postcard arrives. Yet without receiving postcard, then you’ve got no chance at all of verifying your business. Of course, once it’s verified, you can then update your business, your hours, and Google will then bring in a stack load of traffic, new business, new clients to your business.

So today I’m going to show you seven ways to verify your business without Google’s postcard method. And that means then you can take charge of your business and not wait weeks for these postcards to arrive.

Verify Google Business Without Postcard Follow These Steps

  1. Call Google Phones you
  2. Text Google text you
  3. Email This uses your domain based on the official website domain
  4. Google Search Console You can add your website to the search console Then verify domain ownership on your server using the Googles TXT record
  5. Video verification Set an appointment with Google.
  6. Video Recording

There are various ways to verify a GMB ( Google My Business ) account without a postcard. Let’s look at each of them.  

1. “Call Me Now”  

These are one of the methods to verify without the postcard. And here are the steps on how you can do it. 

  1. Firstly, you want to sign in to Google My Business.
  2. Pick the business you want to verify if you have multiple businesses.
  3. Select the “Verify Now” option.
  4. Press the “I don’t have a Postcard” option as your verification method.
  5. Enter your phone number, and the “Call me now” option appears on the screen. Click on the option.
  6. Once you select the option, Google calls you with a verification code.
  7. Enter your verification and click on the verify button.

2. “Google Business Support”

The second option that you can try is Google Business Support. If the above verification method doesn’t work for you, then your best option is to try Google Business Support. To contact google business support, here are some steps that you can follow:

  • First, visit Google Business Support using this “” URL.
  • Now pick the method from “Chat,” “Phone,” or “Email.”

Once you are done, Google Business will contact you to help with the verification and let you know your options. 


This customer service option addresses only certain issues involving Google Business Profiles. Receiving a live phone call from the support team works well. In addition to the call option, you can also use the live chat feature. Remember that live chat and live calls are typically only accessible during Google My Business operating hours. Therefore, if you are still looking for one of the customer service options, you can try it during business hours. 

3. “Google Email Verification”

Use Google Email verification to avoid waiting for the google postcard verification. This method is among one the best ways to verify your GMB account. 

  • All you have to do is select the option to receive a numeric code via email. Google will send you a verification through your provided email, and you are ready. 

4. “Video Call”

Another method to verify your Google business account is a video call. In this method, a google agent will help you to verify your account. This option is available for specific hours, so you should check for the service time in your country before going for this option. Also, Google can record your video call and store your information according to their Google Privacy Policy. 

  • Activate Google Pay for Business. 
  • Tap Verify the company.
  • Review the list of items required in the “Things you’ll need” section.
  • Tap “I agree” to start the video call.
  • On the video call, check information about you and your company with the agent. You need some documents like a PAN card or a legal affiliate for the verification to take place. The agent may ask for proof of address and evidence of ownership.
  • Once done, you can continue with the services and features of your GMB account. 

These are some of the methods if you want to take advantage of the time to wait for google verification postcards. These methods can help you instantly verify your account and avail the benefit of a Google verification account. 

How To Verify Google Business Without Address

Verifying your business on Google is an important step to take. It helps you get found by more customers and tells them that you are a real business.

To verify your business without the address, you can visit Google Business Support to access reliable assistance. 

The Importance Of Verifying The GMB Listing 

Let’s talk about the importance of verifying your business. In essence, when you verify your business, you are confirming to Google that you are the proprietor or authorized representative of the enterprise. Google perceives you as such and manages your company’s information on the Google Business Account. 

This gives you the ability to access the benefits of Google My Business (GMB). The verification will help you keep note of everything that is important. Additionally, once done, you can access several GMB features, just as access to adding photos, creating posts, and leaving reviews. 

These features can significantly enhance your ability to connect with clients and persuade them to work with you. Also, verification is the first step in the GMB listing. It requires all of your fundamental details like company name, address, and website.

If you can wait for the postcard, verifying your Google Business account becomes easier and less hectic. You can send your postcard to Google for verification. To do this, you must provide a working business phone number if you opt to verify by phone. After that, Google will call you and give you a verification code to be done with the process.

key takeaways 

To help you claim your company and prove your ownership, Google will mail you a postcard. However, it might take up to 14 days for the postcard to show up in your account. Without the postcard, there are a number of other ways to confirm a GMB (Google My Business) account. One of the best ways to verify your GMB account is via email. Video calls are an additional way to verify your Google business account.

If you don’t want to waste time waiting for Google verification postcards, these are some other options. A crucial action is to verify your company on Google. It makes you more visible to customers and lets them know that you are a legitimate company. By doing so, you can use GMB features like adding photos, writing posts, and leaving reviews.

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