How to Use Proxima Nova Font for E-commerce Websites

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Suppose you plan to initiate an e-commerce site; what will you prioritize first? I am sure no one knows how meaningful the font selection is.

On these sites, you must manage the entire home page and description of all the products; what if people perceive them wrongly? With the wrong font selection, you might miscommunicate and lose more than half a percent of your audience.

You might be convinced of the importance of fonts in e-commerce sites, but the question is, which one should you pick? All these questions will be discussed below, so hold on and keep reading for some informative content.

Importance of fonts in E-commerce Sites

To get maximum user attention, preferring the right font for your site is fundamental. Initially, you might assume it is a normal task, but with time, you acknowledge how significant it is to find the right font to grow in this competitive world. Let’s figure out the significance of font for the site.

1- Smooth Use Experience

The user can make or break a site, so the user experience plays a consequential role. How much time a user takes to acknowledge the content on your site should be minimum. The font size on the screen should be easily accepted, so they know what your site is about.

One of the developers’ major blunders is not testing the content on different devices. Sometimes, the content on the desktop is understandable, but at the same time, it is inappropriate on mobile screens. Ensure your text is visible on every screen because you never know how the user will perceive it. A smooth user experience will assist you in proceeding toward success.

2- It Grows your Business

The better your content emerges on the screen, the more followers you will accumulate, which will be good for your business growth. Never let your users be inconvenienced while looking at your site because it will leave a bad impression, and you might lose them forever.

The right font prompts favourable emotions and makes the user curious about your site. These little things that are not so little will help you to stand firm in this competitive world.

3- Gains Maximum Attention

We all mold a site to get the user’s engagement because it is the only way to succeed. By sticking to valid font choices, you can acquire this milestone. Selecting the correct fonts is not enough, as you must think outside the box.

Highlighting consequential notes in the content and using numbers to differentiate the points will add value. The user will simplify your content, and he might be impressed with whatever you offer through your e-commerce site. All these points, when combined, create a captivating image of your site.

4- Helps to communicate well

Choosing the right words to communicate is not enough because how you communicate also matters the most. Different types of websites are available on the internet. When you open them, you instantly own what it is about by choosing the right typography.

For immaculate transmission, you must be cautious about communicating with the users. Do not exceed the number of fonts to 4; use only 2 to 3 in a single design because overloading can cause issues. Ensure you have made the right combination.

Proxima Nova Font for E-commerce Websites

You are now familiar with the significance of typography in e-commerce sites. Now, what’s next? Choosing one font among so many convincing options is not straightforward. Let me clear up this confusion.

Proxima Nova font is the most feasible opportunity you can consider for your newly created site. Our services are here if you don’t know this font’s history or other details.

What is Proxima Nova font?

It is one of the oldest fonts on the planet which has a big font family and the best things about this font is that it’s available to download and use free in your personal projects. The Proxima Nova font is one of the approvingly regarded web fonts that emerged in 1994. Mark Simonson is the man behind this massive creation. In the early 1980s, he started thinking about designing a new elemental font. He sketched his imagination on a piece of paper. However, it took him many years to transform his thinking or imagination into a reality.

Initially, it was given the title of Zanzibar, but with time, it changed to Proxima Nova. He thought of enriching this font to make it the next big thing, but he couldn’t give it enough time due to his work obligations.

The font’s popularity enriched in the early 2000s when it was used in one of the favoured Magazines ‘Rolling Stone.’ Later, it started featuring in many celebrated places; that’s why it is deemed one of the most highly used fonts of all time. To know why it should be your next possibility for an e-commerce site, check the points below.

1- Highly Acknowledged font

Before deciding on any particular font, the main thing to prioritize is understandability. We have seen many fonts that fail to impress users due to inferior readability scores. Proxima Nova appears readable on the screen, so the user instantly interacts with your content.

It also supports numerous languages, becoming in demand with time. The key to a successful site is the highest readability score, and Proxima inevitably offers this feature, so why not regard this font for our next project?

2- Used by 25000+ sites

Everyone wants to pick the font that is the current favorite of the public. Proxima is one such font used on more than 25000 sites, making it extremely widespread. A few noted digital media companies that have chosen this font include Mashable, Buzz Feed, NBC News, etc.

It is one of the many causalities that should be your next target if you create an e-commerce site. It has also been featured on numerous mobile applications, online sites, branding, etc.

3- Modern Modification of the font

One might think it to be an old font with limited styles and weight that is not true. In 2005, this font was modified and redesigned according to the latest typeface specifications. Many weights and styles also emerged that made it a complete package.

For modern sites, we need a font that fulfills all the requirements. Never doubt Proxima Nova because it is re-designed while keeping all these points in mind. We have got another reason to utilize this font in our e-commerce site.

4- Good for Different Screens

As already explained, the font should emerge great on different screen types because you never know how the reader will sense it. A few fonts have the power to appear splendid on different screens, and Proxima is a prime example.

With the rise of the internet, people have different mobiles, tablets, and desktops. The need for a perfect design for every screen has also increased, so designers should be extra mindful while picking an adequate font. You have already got the choice. Just avail of it.

5- Make a perfect font combination

Every design should have a maximum of 3 fonts that coordinate well. Font combinations also play the most consequential role in building the site’s character. If your 3 chosen fonts don’t make a perfect combination, it will create hurdles in the site’s success.

Proxima Nova coordinates well with Helvetica Neue, Futura PT, Century School font, Lucida Grande, etc. Pick any two combinations and adjust well in your design because the flow shouldn’t be broken. Initially, decide which font will be used on the heading and which will appear on the body.

6- A Versatile font

There is no need to use a font that can be used on web applications or for printing purposes. We already have Proxima that can be utilized for both objectives. This versatility makes this font ahead of others. The shapes of the characters are symmetrical and wide, and there is enough space between each character.

A long list of styles and weights improves the importance of this font and works like a cherry on the cake. You already have sufficient options to decide why this font is outstanding for e-commerce sites.

To use the Proxima Nova font for an e-commerce website, you can follow these steps:

  1. Purchase the Proxima Nova font from a reputable source, such as or
  2. Once you have the font files, upload them to your website’s server.
  3. In your CSS file, import the font by adding the following line: @font-face { font-family: ‘Proxima Nova’; src: url(‘path/to/ProximaNova-Regular.otf’) format(‘opentype’); }
  4. Next, apply the font to specific elements on your website by setting the font-family property in CSS: font-family: ‘Proxima Nova’, sans-serif;
  5. You should now see the Proxima Nova font being used on your e-commerce website.
  6. If you’re using wordpress you can use any font plugin to use Proxima Nova font.
  7. Please note that the above steps are a general guide and may vary depending on the specific implementation of your website.


Choosing the suitable font for your e-commerce site might seem straightforward, but as soon as you dig further into the project, things will seem complicated. This guide has pulled you out of this mess by defining each step comprehensively, along with the font name.

If any other font in your mind can be used on these sites, go ahead because Proxima Nova is not your only option. Before picking any option, remember to test it on different screens to ensure its durability. Confirm its versatility and examine whether it is suitable for your site.

San-serif fonts are the best picks for readability due to their sleek design. Your combination with your chosen font should be accurate; otherwise, your design will not be flexible and won’t click on your users. Create a successful site by obeying all the points mentioned above.

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