How to Unfriend or Block or Delete Someone on Discord?

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There are times when you want to cut off Discord to stay away from any future communications. And the good news is Discord allows you to do that. You are free to unfriend them and call an end to a not-so-wanted series of calls, texts, and videos. Without making any delays, let’s know more about it and first know a little about Discord and friends. Blocking issues and then diving right into the steps to block someone and how to unfriend someone on Discord.

What Is Discord?

Imagine a social media platform where you become part of a global art community, a gaming community, or a school club. A place where you can spend time with only a small group of friends. A location that makes it simple to socialize more frequently and enjoy your time. 

That place is …………………Disord. 

For a good reason, it is used among the 300 million registered users as of June 2020. It stands out from other communication tools even though there are a bunch of chat apps and websites providing you with the same. 

But what makes it stand out?

There is not only one single feature that users appreciate and like about Discord, but there are a bunch of them. To count a few, first, Discord has a nice user interface and all the best capabilities of messaging apps like Slack and Skype. It also makes a lot of effort to improve voice chat so that it is useful while playing games. 

Second, Discord has proved itself way more than a communications tool, which is one of its best features. It is a fantastic social media platform because users take full advantage of its conversation options to connect with and communicate with other like-minded individuals.

Another huge benefit of the platform is the variety of configuration options available for users when setting up a server. All of these benefits are just a few. It provides you a way more than you can expect. That’s also why it is often preferred over the social media apps like Facebook and Instagram too. 

Why Is Deleting Or Blocking Someone On Discord Different From Other Social Media Platforms?

When you see a question on the internet, that means there is something easy or it is more challenging than it looks. Otherwise, why would a user want to search for it in such a large capacity? The name is true in the case of Discord too. Some claim that the Discord platform is pretty awful when it comes to delving into and blocking someone.

Despite all the functionality it provides to you, it has a terrible blockchain system. So, sometimes it happens that you have blocked someone, but they can still communicate with you. Pretty annoying?

The problem is Discord doesn’t force users to leave the users from its platforms, even if it’s about blocking the users from one server.  

But there are not fewer times when users get horrified by the blocking setup because they want the other person out of their life. And if you think that’s it. No! Wait for the question to come in. Discord asks you dozens of questions before letting them leave. The questions the blocking systems contains can go like this:

“Do you want to see their messages?”

“Do you want to know if they are on a server, group chat, or call with them?”

“Do you want them to automatically mute for you when on a call with them?”

“Do you want them to see your messages?”

“Do you want them to not hear you in calls?”

“Do you wish to be able to see the DMs with you and the blocked person?”

All of these questions can easily annoy the users. And sometimes, it comes to the point where leaving the platforms becomes much easier than blocking someone on it. So, are there any practical solutions to this annoying blocking system? Yes, there is. 

The Steps To Block/Unfriend Someone On Discord- Explained

No matter what, there is no doubt that it lets you block/Unfriend someone from the platforms. Now let’s know how. 

“Block A User”

Discord is available for both mobile and PC users. So, depending on the platforms, you need to follow the different steps to block anyone on Discord.

Block On Mobile Phones

The procedures to block someone on the Discord app for iPhone or Android are slightly different but still straightforward. Follow these steps:

  • First, tap the user whose account you want to block.
  • Second, select the three dots on the menu in the step.
  • Last, choose the “Block” option.

Block Someone On Discord From Laptop

It’s easy to block someone on a Discord PC, and the process stays the same whether you’re using the desktop client or the web browser. You can block someone using two methods: their name or their profile. Let’s take a brief look at both.

Block With User’s Name

  • Find a message from that user in any channel’s chat as the first step.
  • The second step is to right-click on their username to open a menu, then choose the “Block” option.
  • The last and final step is to select “Block,” and you are done! 

Block Using User’s Profile 

  • First, go to the user’s avatar and click on it.
  • Following this will open a box. Check for the three dots in the top right corner. 
  • Click on the three dots to bring up the options menu, then choose “Block.”

“Unfriend A User”

The steps for the PC and mobile users stay the same. So, how to unfriend people in Discord mobile? You can follow these steps no matter what platform you use. 

  • Open the Discord app.
  • Enter your login credentials.
  • Click on the server you and the users you want to block share if you don’t share a server. In that case, type the user’s name into the search bar at the top to find the user.
  • On Discord, click on the user’s tag. If you’re using a desktop, you’ll need to right-click on this.
  • Choose the “Remove Friend” option from the drop-down menu.
  • On a mobile device, swipe to the right on the user’s Discord tag, tap “More,” and then choose “Remove Friend.”

And with clicking remove friend, you are all done!

Is there any other option besides asking yourself, “How do I delete friends on Discord?” You can also mute them. Muting is also a good option. It restricts the messages, calls, and other notifications from the. However, it does not stop them from sending you messages. They can still send you, but can’t disturb you. If you wish, you can check their messages. Otherwise, leave the communication passive. 

Muting A User

  • To begin the process, open the Discord app or the websites. Then log in to your discord account.
  • Choose the server that you and the other user share. If you don’t share the server, use the DMs or your inbox to click on their tag. 
  • Drop down a bit in the menu till you can’t find the “Mute” button. Swipe to the left, select “Notification,” and pick a period to be mute.

Are You Allowed To Report A Person On Discord? Let’s Find Out.

Sometimes blocking a person is not an option. You want to complain to completely remove them so that they can never bother you again. Blocking the user is a good idea, but they will become aware that they have been blocked. 

On Discord, there are a few ways to find out about the block system. Once a person has been blockchain, the Clybot will immediately return an error message if the blocked user tries to send you a private message. Clybot prevents the users from communicating with you again, but they also let that person know that you have blocked them. 

Unfortunately, you can only easily report a user on Discord once you have proof that they have sent you abusive chats. It is a good and bad feature as it prevents innocent people but also makes the victims of online harassment, threats, spam chats, etc., suffer more.

Before you can report the users, their message must violate the guidelines by the discord community to be reported. The following list of remarks and actions is against the Discord community:

  • Harassment and threats
  • Bot chats
  • Trading child exploitation
  • Promoting suicide
  • Sharing pictures of animal abuse
  • Violating IP rights

Reporting someone to Discord is only possible if their texts fit into all of these categories. Instead, think about discussing any mischievous behavior from one member with members of the community. However, if you run the server, your situation will be better. You can reject them or expel them from the group. You can also silence or entirely block that user. You won’t have to deal with these annoying chats or abuses anymore.

Wrapping Up!

The guide has covered the most basic question asked about the discord platform: “How to Block anyone on Discord.” Blocking a user can be a little tricky and annoying, but eventually, it can help you and prevent other users from talking to you anymore. 

When you block a user, you will receive no notifications or alerts from them. The other user will not initially become aware that you have blocked them as a result. According to the Discord privacy function, if you choose to block, the other user won’t be aware of it until they try to communicate with you. However, you have other options if you don’t feel like blockchain someone. And some of these options are unified, mute, and simply setting your status offline. 

Discord wants everyone to enjoy themselves with others, share interests, and communicate well with them. So, Discord will support your decision to send a user out of your communications and blockchain them. 

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