How to Start an Airbnb Business Without Owning a House?

Starting an Airbnb business without a property or money? This comprehensive guide gives you practical suggestions and proven techniques to establish an...

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If you’re wondering how to start an Airbnb business with no money, the good news is that no specific talents are required. Read on to learn the crucial stages to setting yourself up for success, from choosing the right property to making it guest-ready.

What are the Steps to Starting a Successful Airbnb Business?

1. Have You Counted All the Costs?
2. Find a suitable real estate market.
3. Search for a property with great income potential.
4. Analyze the projected ROI.
5. Decide how you will finance your property.
6. Obtain legal permission and licenses.
7. Get vacation rental insurance.
8. Find the most suitable vacation rental platform.
9. Prepare Your Airbnb Listing.
10. Improve Your Host Rating.
11. Grow Your Business.

Is It Profitable to Have an Airbnb in 2023? 

Yes, starting a business like Airbnb is profitable this year.

How much does it cost to start an Airbnb business?

It depends upon your revenue model. Under $7000, you can start an Airbnb business, including a mobile app for customers and an admin portal for owners.

What is the cost of vacation rental insurance in the USA?

The average cost of vacation rental insurance varies from $1500 to $2500 per year in the USA

So you want to go and make passive income with Airbnb, but you do not want to rent out your own office space or your living room, or your kitchen. It doesn’t matter because, in today’s article, we will talk about how to start a business like Airbnb & make passive income without actually owning or renting an apartment.

How to Make an App like Airbnb

How AirBnB Generates Business

Airbnb is a website that connects people looking for a place to rent with others who have places for rent. Although most renters look for short-term rentals, long-term rentals are also available. An Airbnb property can be as small as an additional space in a room without a bathroom. It can be an RV site, a large house, or an apartment.

No matter the size, an Airbnb can be a profitable option for anyone looking to raise their side income. You can either run one property as a side hustle to support your income or run multiple properties as a full-time rental business. But how to start an Airbnb business? In this blog, we will discuss everything that you need to know about starting an Airbnb business.

how to start an airbnb business without owning a house
how to start an Airbnb business without owning a house

Why should you start your own Airbnb business?

  1. You’ll earn extra income. You set your property’s rent.
  2. You can list your properties for free on Airbnb. Of course, there will be some fees, but that’s how more than one billion people booked a hotel room.
  3. Most guests expect to stay in some peaceful, at-home experience when away from home.
  4. The Airbnb host guarantee protects you from rental damage up to $1 million.

how to start an Airbnb business without owning property & Make Money

Let’s go straight into how to start an Airbnb business with no money. Because there’s a good amount of opportunity in this right now when it comes to making money online, especially with all the things we’re talking about here.

  • And the beauty of this is Here I am teaching you how to think more creatively.
  • So you’re not risking your own living area or your own actual upfront money. So here’s the thing, okay.

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Here’s the problem of running an Airbnb business from your apartment.

So many people, when they see other people making Money with Airbnb, they think the most logical way. They don’t think most creatively. They don’t try piecing the pieces together and say, they’re like, Oh, the most logical ways people are making money on Airbnb, so I need to make my own money, and I need to invest in this property.

So either they raise Money, get a big loan, or maybe work a long time and put all their savings into this Airbnb property to go out and see if they can rent it right.

But little do they know all of the problems associated with it. No one realizes all the problems that come with it; for example, your neighbors might not like it if you rent it out or threaten to sue you; might do things. Also, you could deal with like a lot of very negative customers.

People are not aware of these things when getting started in an Airbnb business. This leads me to the second thing, and that’s most Airbnb hosts are normal working-class people that don’t have the right expectation.

  • They don’t realize that there are all these entrepreneurship hurdles.
  • They don’t realize that there are all these things that they have to do from, you know, optimizing your Airbnb listing to pictures and two descriptions to making your entire listing.

And Airbnb sticks out amongst everyone else to certain strategies on how maybe you shouldn’t be the most expensive one when you’re first getting started. And make it very, very low. So you could get the most reviews possible.

So many people that start Airbnb businesses don’t know marketing; they don’t know sales, they don’t know copywriting, and they don’t know how to use psychology to influence and attract people that come into their listing.

And because they don’t have the right expectation, many people who just get started don’t know exactly how to make even more money with Airbnb. This is where the opportunity lies.

wondering how to start an Airbnb business
Wondering how to start an Airbnb business?

And instead, leverage your creativity and vision to make Money almost out of thin air. Right? So let’s, let’s talk about how you can earn with Airbnb Business.

Because the opportunity right now is you go to these people that don’t have the right expectations, and you say, hey, I’ll literally do everything, I’ll even talk to the customer. You don’t have to do anything. I’ll do all the listings, the pictures, and all of that. And you get a percentage of the profit. So you got to think about why this is a win-win, right? It’s a win for you because you make Money. It’s a win for the person because they don’t realize the expectations that are coming up.

And you can go to the people that have been kind of failing on Airbnb, right, and don’t have any reviews, don’t have any money, haven’t been making any money, haven’t been getting any recent bookings; you can go up to them and say,

  • I’ll do all of it for you to optimize the listing of the pictures,
  • I’ll make even more beautiful pictures,
  • I’ll make a better description.

And then you could get a percentage of the upside. And that’s the biggest thing, you know, you start you you win, of course, then the person wins, who owns the property because then they don’t have to deal with it. And then, of course, the customer wins because now they can find this property.

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In Detail About The Airbnb Industry

how to start a airbnb business without money

Airbnb overview

Launch date11 August 2008
HQSan Francisco, California
PeopleBrian Chesky (CEO), Joe Gebbia (chief product officer), Nathan Blecharczyk (chief strategy officer)
Business typePublic
IndustryVacation rental
Source: Businessofapps

Airbnb was established in 2007. Its name comes from air mattresses, widely used for home guests.

Nonetheless, most Airbnbs offer more facilities than a spare room with an air mattress. The short-term rental sector has grown rapidly in the hospitality industry. Many employees in their ‘gig economy’ are looking for a place in other people’s houses.

There are more than 4 million Airbnb hosts in possibly every corner of the world. More than a billion people have stayed on Airbnb.

Evaluate your Commitment to an Airbnb Business

Before you sign up to be an Airbnb host, prepare yourself for the difficulties. A few considerations and the time commitment necessary to give excellent customer service to your visitors.

Do you have time to host?

It takes time and effort to build a successful Airbnb hosting business: You’ll need to be available to answer any queries visitors may have throughout their stay and respond immediately to booking requests. Cleaning the area between reservations and completing any necessary repairs might take longer.

If the extra expense is worth it, you can always hire cleaning and maintenance services to ease some of your hosting responsibilities.

Be sure to rent your property. 

Before advertising on Airbnb, ensure you’ve solved all possible hosting major obstacles, such as municipal restrictions, rental restrictions, and neighborhood norms.

There may be regulations at the national, state, local, or property levels, depending on where you reside. There may be a requirement for registration, permissions, licenses and safety certificates, and additional insurance. Airbnb offers resources to help hosts learn about local rules and supports the development of host clubs to connect local hosts who can share knowledge.

Having a reliable cleaning service is an important factor for the success of any short-time rentals:

Local zoning rules should be the first step in searching for an Airbnb property. Short-term rentals are prohibited in several areas.

After overcoming the major hurdle, conduct market research; what’s the competition? What are the monthly rental prices in the region for apartments and houses?

1. Decide on your budget.

If you are buying a property, you should know the limit of how much you can spend on it. You will be able to figure out all the property’s costs, including mortgage, taxes, insurance, etc.

Simultaneously, you will also need to figure in additional costs, such as the cost of furnishing the house, including linens and towels, and the cost of designing the kitchen.

A real estate investor is likely to enter the short-term rental property market of Airbnb businesses. Think about this. Wouldn’t renting a property for $200 for a day make sense if you live in an area where most flats rent for $2000 per month? Even if the house is not rented every day of the month, you will still be able to make more money with the cost of cleaning services.

2. Choose your rental services.

Who are your guests? Are you looking for business travelers, or is your property near a local attraction like an amusement park or any ancient museum.

3. Name your New Airbnb Host Business 

Before naming the new business, smart researchers look for the already taken names in the area. For instance, names like Beach Escape or Mountain Gateway define the place and are thus used frequently, particularly for vacation rentals. In addition, you might call them Joy’s Beach Escape or Harry’s Mountain Gateway to add a personal touch.

This will make it easy for satisfied guests to share a word about their wonderful experience renting your Airbnb. Hence, you will get more reservations as a result.

4. Create a legally recognized business entity

Most people prefer to stay in properties that are legally registered business entities since it’s a suitable choice for most Airbnb rentals and protects your assets.

5. Get your taxes in order.

Like everyone else, who owns some real estate properties, you will have to pay real estate taxes. Furthermore, you will also have to pay sales tax plus municipal corporation tax, often known as a hotel tax.

You may have Airbnb collect and pay the hotel tax. You will be responsible for paying taxes, which must be calculated every month. Sales tax can be paid monthly or quarterly.

Ensure you keep an accurate record of all costs, including cleaning, maintenance, and replacing aged furniture, linens, towels, and other kitchen supplies. It will take considerably less time to file taxes at the end of the year if you keep track of your spending. On a schedule, you must also record the profit from Airbnb rentals.

6. Choose a location

Potential guests look for a pleasant Airbnb rental experience and also prefer where there is easy access to parking. Furthermore, the property’s entrance must be simple- no long staircase. Another important aspect of effective Airbnb hosting is the location of your property. 

7. Sort out permits and licenses

Airbnb businesses cannot operate in regions where zoning prohibits using a property as a short-term rental. To run a business rental, you’ll need a business license. The license is usually called a ToT certificate or a Lodgers Tax license. Moreover, you will have to register your small business with the local office in charge of collecting hotel taxes.

8. Open a business bank account.

If your annual income is more than $20,000 per year or in case you make more than 200 transactions via the Airbnb site, you will get a 1099-K from the company. Having a specified business account makes it simple to keep records and simplifies the accounting process. You can deduct the costs like Airbnb fees such as reservation fees, which can range up to 1-20 percent depending on the nightly cost of your rental.

9. Acquire Business Insurance

You will require homeowners insurance to cover it when the property isn’t rented. Airbnb, in addition, provides a $1 million damages insurance policy. You will also require general liability and property-casualty insurance for your company, and if you employ workers for cleaning, you will also require workers’ compensation insurance.  The average cost of vacation rental insurance varies from $1500 to $2500 per year in the USA

10. Look at properties on the market.

You may look at other Airbnb real estate in your neighborhood to see what facilities they offer and how much they cost. This will eventually give you an estimate of how much each night you may charge. You may not have a high rental rate when you first start, just like any small business. Please make a list of improvements that the property may need before offering it as a rental property when looking at properties.

11. Buy the property

Almost every real estate transaction includes extra costs such as transfer taxes, real estate commissions, and filing fees. You will normally require a 20% down payment and pay mortgage origination fees to purchase a property.

12. Create an Airbnb Business Plan

One of the best aspects of having your listing on the Airbnb website is that hundreds will see it of people, and you won’t have to spend a lot of time marketing your business. Here are a few tips if you are hosting an Airbnb business-

  •  Describe the organizational structure. Who is the host? Who is the in-charge and who is going to respond to complaints?
  • What is the property’s desired client base?
  • What are expected earnings?
  • How will the host receive his payment?

13. Create your Airbnb listing

Example of Airbnb listing
Example of Airbnb listing

To make your property stand out, you’ll need high-quality photos to make, especially when it has unique features like a fireplace, pool, or beautiful view.

14. Be a successful small business owner of an Airbnb business.

Customers usually give hosts ratings depending on how they reply to them. One negative comment can devastate your small company. A water heater might go out in any house, and a storm could cut out electricity. But despite such situations, one must be a responsive host to be a successful business owner. Also, keep in mind that the guest and host reviews are public. You will have an amazing Airbnb business if you are quick, attentive to your customers, and available without being invasive. 

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