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how to sell products on your blog

In this blog, we will explain all you need to know to sell your digital product on your blog. It’s easy if you know exactly what to do. But the best tips and tricks to learn marketing and stay updated with the latest technology trend, you should bookmark our website and keep reading our latest article.

We are MakeAnAppLike helped thousands of people across multiple platforms make passive income and today we wanna help you to sell products on your blog and website. Alright, today we will talk about everything required to sell your first digital product on your blog. We will discuss the different ways that you can do to sell products on your blog.

how to sell products on your blog
How to sell products on your blog

Do you have a blog page attracting a decent number of visitors? If yes, you have an excellent opportunity to earn huge money. But how? Well, by selling products on your blog. While people choose to start blogging for marketing purposes, many people set up their blog for selling products or services online. 

How to Sell Products on Your Blog in the Right Way?

So, if you think you have a great product that can address the problems of its users, but you are not sure how to start selling that product, you should try selling it on your blog at least once. You can sell physical or digital products online to enhance your income. 

But what about those who don’t have any product or service to sell but have a blog page? They need not be sad; even they can sell products on their blog page. All they need to do is use their blog as a hub to sell a product for a company in exchange for a referral fee.

Whether you have your own product or not, if you want to use your blog to sell products online, it can be the best decision you can make to get the most out of your blog. However, before you go ahead, you need to know how to sell products in blog posts correctly. 

So, here are a few tips for selling products in blog posts

  1. Avoid direct promotion
  2. Target content to different levels of engagement
  3. Target content to different levels of engagement
  4. Write about customer pain points
  5. Create lists of similar products
  6. Keep CTAs in sidebars, add-ons and inserts

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Now read a detailed explanation of selling products on a blog or website

1. Avoid direct promotion:

Blogs and articles are meant to provide readers with helpful information. And your readers come to your blog because they like your content. They believe that you provide them with valuable information. But if you act like a salesman who is constantly promoting their product’s features, you may lose the trust of your audience. So, your priority focus must be on blogging instead of selling products on your blog.

2. Target content to different levels of engagement:

People visit different websites for different reasons. Some people will visit your blog for information – some will like your content, and others won’t. And those who liked your content, a few of them may get ready to take action and choose to buy the product you are selling or recommending in your blog posts. So, when you write a piece of content for your blog page, make sure you curate your blog while considering readers of a specific stage. 

Since reading the blog posts with the same information gets boring, you should write blogs for yourself and your readers. So, ask yourself the following questions before you start writing a post:

  • What is the stage of the user – why do users visit your blog page
  • What are their general demographics and their buyer persona

3. Write about customer pain points:

This is one of the bloggers’ best e-commerce marketing strategies to promote their products via a blog. When you understand your customers’ pain points, you can solve them better. There are several benefits of knowing the pain points of your audience, including:

  • It shows readers that you know their situation & you sympathize with their problem
  • It enables you to showcase your knowledge about a particular topic and help gain the trust of your audience
  • You will be able to provide a better solution to your audience 
  • It allows you to reach your goals and promote your products

4. Create lists of similar products:

list of similar products
list of similar products

Another way to promote your products is to use an affiliate marketing strategy. You need to create an affiliate site where you have to create a list of similar products available in the market, write unbiased reviews of each product, and let the readers make their buying decisions. 

5. Keep CTAs in sidebars, add-ons and inserts:

Every blog requires a call to action. However, before doing so, make sure you understand the difference between an outstanding call to action and an advertorial passage.

An advertorial passage is a promotional part of a post that usually targets the promotion of the product or service. On the other hand, a CTA is usually small and discreet. It is just available if the user wants to take the next step.

Now that you know the tips on how to sell products on your blog posts, what are you waiting for? Start selling products on your blog to earn a lot of money. 

What are the best tips to sell products on your blog?

Here we have created a list of the 5 most vital points you should consider to sell affiliate products on your blog.
1. Recognize the needs of your Audience
2. Act Like a Blogger and Not Seller
3. Be Neutral and Honest
4. Be Patient
5. Maintain Content Relevancy

What are the best product you could sell from your blog?

The seven types of products will be more profitable to sell from your blog website.
1. eBook
2. Printables
3. Subscriptions
4. Online courses
5. Cheapest Servers


Selling products on your blog website isn’t easy, and it necessitates a set of processes to follow the letter. Begin by researching extensively and investing time and money to create a professional blog that can market products without difficulty. It’s the kind of long-term value investment that will pay off handsomely.

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