How To Sell My Youtube Channel

Every day, more than one billion hours of YouTube videos are seen globally. The highest-paid YouTubers make $54 million a year. The...

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Every day, more than one billion hours of YouTube videos are seen globally. The highest-paid YouTubers make $54 million a year. The second most used social networking platform worldwide is YouTube. If you have a well-known YouTube channel with 100k subscribers or more, you can monetize your account to generate monthly income. But even if you stop making videos, the money can still come in.

To make money off of already-existing video content, several people want to know how to sell a youtube channel.

With an astounding 1 billion hours of video watched per day and an average of 2.6 billion active users each month, YouTube is the second-most popular social network in the world. With a large user base and the status of being many people’s preferred search engine, business opportunities are abundant. We describe how to sell on YouTube in this article.

Look no further than these five simple techniques to get you started, whether your brand is launching a YouTube channel for the first time or you’re a video producer with a modest following looking to sell items. Learn how much can you sell a youtube channel for by reading on. 

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Let’s look at how to how sell your youtube channel for a sum of money that will change your life.

Why Should You Sell a YouTube Channel?

If you have a high-performing asset, you may be perplexed as to why you would ever give it up. That being said, there are a variety of situations in which it might be necessary to find a new owner for your channel. People usually wonder how much can I sell my youtube channel for. Personal reasons and potential future business prospects are the two most frequent reasons we see vendors approach our marketplace.

Private reasons

Someone may cut profitable assets as a result of significant life adjustments. A death in the family, impending education costs, and retirement are among the personal reasons someone might require immediate access to huge sums of money. The fact that our marketplace vendors haven’t found out how to reduce their time commitment and expenses is one of the main reasons we hear from them want more time and money for their growing families.

Opportunities for future business

Internet entrepreneurs frequently run several enterprises at once. They might want to invest more resources in developing a new company model they’ve developed or a new channel they’ve launched. By selling, they gain immediate access to a significant quantity of capital that will enable them to scale up a new company more quickly than they otherwise could. Whatever your motivations for wanting to sell your YouTube channel, you likely have questions about whether it’s legal to do so and, more crucially, how to go about doing it.

How to sell a youtube channel & make money?

When selling your channel, there are a few things you need to have to maximise your return and ensure a seamless transaction to do. This is what you need to do and how to sell your YouTube channel.

1. Get your YouTube channel in order

Before selling your YouTube channel, the first thing you should do is spring clean it to make it more enticing to potential purchasers. Working on “curb appeal” is what this is known as in estate. Remove any outdated videos from this section that don’t fit the channel’s theme and aren’t receiving any views (even if you’re not trying to sell them!).

By altering your channel banner and perhaps even your thumbnails, you can make your channel homepage more appropriate for your niche. (Remember, regardless of whether you plan to sell your channel or not, you should still do this.)

Remove any movies that you don’t require and shouldn’t be included in the sale as another thing you should do to tidy up the back end. These could be private videos that you no longer require, unlisted videos that are embedded on websites that are not a part of the sale, etc. Before you put your YouTube channel up for sale and wonder how much can you sell a youtube channel for, make sure your comments are cleared up, all questions are answered, and any erroneous copyright claims against you are resolved.

2. Prepare data with proof of income.

You should keep track of your income and expenses every month. Make sure you have a spreadsheet with all the pertinent information when you’re getting ready to sell your YouTube channel. preferably monthly, with the various sources of income in separate rows and the same for expenses. If you received any commissions from Amazon’s affiliate network for the month, take screenshots of your earnings to include with your statistics. The same goes for any other ways you may have utilised to monetize your YouTube channel, including your ad money.

3. Aim to sell while growth is increasing.

Given that you are unsure of how high your channel will go, it can be quite alluring to wait until it is declining before selling it. Nevertheless, buyers will be able to see it as well if you wait for your channel to begin decreasing, and you may receive less money when you sell. We advise selling when it’s rising if you’ve lost interest in your channel or want to move on to different initiatives.

If the market does decline after that, you will have exited at the right time since buyers will be more interested. Alternatively, if you are aware of any private buyers, you can make your offer to them personally. Considering that you already organised all of your paperwork in step 2. 

4. Finalise and agree on a legal purchase agreement

It’s time to finalise the agreement and take care of the legal paperwork once you’ve located a buyer. Instead, if you are aware of any private purchasers, you can make your offer to them personally. Since that you already organised all of your documents in step 2, this shouldn’t be a difficult procedure. This can entail things like continuing to make videos for the channel for a set amount of time.

What the parameters of the video production are (i.e., are you in charge of everything from research through filming, editing, and posting, or are you just the face and they supply the script/content)? Verify the assets being offered as well, such as any additional websites, social media profiles, or even the raw video content for the current videos.

How much can you sell a youtube channel for?

Your YouTube channel may often be sold for 36 times its monthly revenue. Hence, $18,000 would be a fair price for your YouTube channel if it earns $500 every month. For your channel, you can ask for $3,600 if your monthly revenue is a mere $100. However, these numbers can fluctuate based on a variety of variables, including how they are monetized, channel engagement, audience attachment, content style, and more. But we’ll explore that further in a moment. 

However, there have been instances where channels have been sold for up to 50 times their monthly income. Like the children’s kids’ songs channel “Little Baby Bum,” which allegedly sold for between $7.75 million and $11 million, some popular YouTube channels are fetching millions of dollars.

These MCNs can use the potential collaboration to entice YouTubers to join their networks in addition to the income streams brought in by purchasing a channel. To diversify their portfolios, media corporations are also looking for quality channels. To avoid having to start from scratch, people search for channels that have already made progress. Oh, and if you’re wondering if selling your YouTube channel is even legal or whether it violates YouTube’s Rules of Service, you can do so without running afoul of either of these restrictions.

How to calculate the value of your YouTube channel?

Monthly Income

Your monthly revenue is arguably the most significant aspect in determining the value of your channel. This is done by figuring out how much money your YouTube channel has made each month during the previous three and previous twelve months. The monthly average for both the 12-month and 3-month periods can then be calculated. After multiplying these averages by a multiple of 36, you may determine the price range at which you should sell your channel. For instance, if you made $500 on average over the last three months but received $300 per month on average during the previous 12 months, your YouTube channel would be valued between $10,800 and $18,000.

Channel expansion

To fairly assess the channel’s growth, we use both the 12-month average and the 3-month average. Even though it may have produced significantly more a few months ago and is currently showing a fall, it still has promise, therefore earlier momentum should still be considered. You might get a valuation based on the most recent three months, depending on what happened to trigger the decline. If the channel had seasonality, such as a winter sports channel, you might value it for a longer period of time because the decline is to be anticipated. It’s generally a good idea to employ the shorter valuation term if you start noticing things with your channel growth that are unexpected.

This may also be advantageous for you if you’re selling your channel and it has only recently begun to acquire pace. Your YouTube channel valuation should take this into account because YouTube growth is sometimes exponential, meaning you may go from making $100 per month to making $1,000 per month in a matter of weeks.

Here are 3 strategies you can use to sell your YouTube channel.

  • Use the marketplace on a YouTube channel
  • Establish a related website and submit it to a website directory.
  • Search Facebook Groups for places to list digital assets.

Conclusions regarding selling a YouTube channel

Now that you know how to sell a youtube channel, you may make about 36 times your average monthly income. Additionally, there are a lot of valid reasons why you would wish to sell your YouTube channel. If you find yourself in the position to sell, it is nearly always preferable to do so when your channel is expanding or is earning a consistent income. Before listing it for sale, make sure everything is in order. If your channel isn’t quite ready to sell, putting in the time to get it ready can help you earn the most money from the transaction.

Although the ownership transfer procedure for a YouTube channel is far simpler than it is for a website, for instance, you need still exercise caution to get away from con artists. Hopefully, this post has given you a better understanding of how much can you sell a youtube channel for and why you would want to sell your YouTube channel, and how to go about doing it.

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