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How to Quickly Convert HEIC File Format to JPG Online

How to Quickly Convert HEIC File Format to JPG Online. Without Using Any Software How to Quickly Convert HEIC File Format to...

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Well, HEIC (High-Efficiency Image Container) is a well-known Apple photo format that is mainly designed for iOS Apple users. You can find that Apple devices by default store native images in .heic or .heif file extensions. The amazing thing is that .heic Apple photo format takes almost 50% less storage space as compared to different file formats. However, this Apple format comes with some limitations including it does not support by all operating systems (Windows, Linux, or Mac) and devices (Android, iPhone, tablets). So, this is where you need to convert HEIC file to regular image format like JPG raster image format. And, thus we shortlisted few best HEIC to JPG converter sources that enabling you to transform one or multiple heic Apple photos to JPG images within no time. 


If you’re seeking for the HEIC file to JPG converter that preserves the original quality, then you should have to stick with best HEIC to Image converter. This is where a free, but best HEIC to JPG converter by takes cares of quality while turning HEIC into JPG image format. 

How to Con­vert HEIC to JPG on iPhone without any software

I’ll convert this HEIC file to GPG. So open files app from your iPhone home screen. If you don’t have file app, you can download it from the app store. So open the file tab. App browses on the top left. Then tab on my iPhone. Here you have to create a new folder.

Just slide down tab three dots on the top left. Yep, new folder. Type your folder name, fire. You want to save your all JPEG files. So the new picture is my new folder. Now open photos from albums in every sense. Selects on the top right. Select the photo that you want to convert. When the photo is selected a share button on the bottom left, then copy photos. Go to file save and tape on your new folder. Tap on hold on the empty area and select post. All done!

Heic. Online:

This is a freeware medium that is loaded with an optimal level HEIC to JPG converter that lets you change macOS and iOS heic files into regular JPEG image format. Don’t fret since this platform is highly compatible with all operating systems and devices without any disruption. All you people need to stick with the process of uploading one or multiple HEIC files to process HEIC to JPG conversions. 

The great about this easy-to-navigate HEIC file to JPG converter is that it lets you set the image quality, resolution, cropping, re-sizing, compression, and different other considerable parameters. No need to worry about this file’s security since the server uses a strong algorithm and erases all the files permanently after processing. No personal information was asked and even say goodbye to all the daunting processes for saving HEIC as JPG raster image file format. 

How to convert HEIC to JPG using Heic.Online?

Step #1:

  • You need to click on the “Add HEIC files” or just simply drag and drop the Apple file into the given drop-zone area

Step #2:

  • Now, the time comes to make a selection for the output file type such as JPEG – once you selected the format, you need to make an instant click on the “Convert” button

Step #3:

  • You need to simply Download the converted JPEG raster image files or save them instantly on a single go

CleverPDF is one of the tremendous sites that is loaded with the best HEIC to JPG converter for converting HEIC Apple photos to JPG files. Users allow you to add Apple HEIC files up to 20MB, once uploaded, hit the convert button to download the converted JPEF images from this legitimate source. This handy web-based application ensures the quality of the resultant images. This also cares about the security of your files, all the HEIC Apple photos and JPEG downloaded images are automatically deleted from the server of CleverPDF. This site supports every single Operating system and device that is loaded with a modern web-based browser. 

How to Convert HEIC to JPEG online with CleverPDF?

Step #1:

  • In this step, you need to add the Apple heic image format that you currently decided to convert into JPG image.

Step #2:

  • Now, you can stick with the output file settings, which means you can set the resolution of the output picture, and then click on the given Start button to process Apple photos to JPG conversions instantly.

Step #3:

  • You can make a single click on the provided Download button to save the converted JPG raster image files in Zip format and store files swiftly.

This online web-based application was designed recently to provide you with the ease of swift, secure, and free online file transformation. No matter at all what file type you want to convert, this online converter assists you to make conversions at an optimal level without any quality loss. And, there you experience best conversions from HEIC photos to JPG converters with the use of free online HEIC to JPG converter. 

Even once you convert HEIC to JPG image, its online JPG Image compressor allow you to reduce image file size without impacting on its quality. The most apparent reason to use this converter is that it is always free and never ever compromises over the quality while converting files. 

How to Convert HEIC to JPG free with theonlineconverter?

Step #1:

  • Just navigate theonlineconverter official site and get its best version online HEIC to JPG converter by using the search assistance. And, then add HEIC Apple photos there that you want to convert into JPEG.

Step #2:

  • Now you require to hit the “Convert” button that is given at the bottom of the toolbox where you uploaded the files.

Step #3:

  • Finally, this HEIC file to JPG converter is moved to the next page where you have to press the Download button to save HEIC as JPEG image file.

Hope these all HEIC files to JPG converter works best for you related to exporting HEIC as JPG image online. No matter how frequently you’re going to process conversions, they work tremendously for you. Good Luck!

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