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How to Promote your NFT Collection | NFT Marketing Strategies to Promote & Sell Your Collection

Tips to promote NFT on Instagram & Twitter. Step by step guide how to promote your NFT on Opensea. How can I...

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The NFT shook the world in very little time. The milestones that it has set in the development of art, the world, and culture, in general, have significantly given artists around the world to embrace their art. 

NFT knows no limits. Any artist comes to the NFT world and mints their art and makes some money out of it. It provides a great way for every artist to come to the spotlight through their art and earn the name they truly deserve. 

A lot of artists come to the NFT to create their unique art. But it’s not enough to grab the attention an art piece deserves. Artists have to put further efforts to promote it just as they have to do in the real world. 

Promoting the NFT is not challenging, all it needs is a few strategies, the right platform, and NFT. This guide will introduce a few ways in which any new or expert artist can promote its NFT and grab valuable recognition. Let’s start without making any more dues. 

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1. Start With Social Media Platforms

The first step that comes in NFT promotion is understanding the target audience. After finding out the targeted audience, now it’s time to look for the right social media platform to target that audience. All social media platforms hold almost every type of audience. Let’s look through all the social media platforms and know-how to promote NFTs art on different social media platforms.

2. Promote NFT on Instagram

Instagram is the best platform for sharing digital art, photos, and other art. The wide way of promotion it offers makes it the best platform for promoting the NFT collection. Some of the world’s leading NFT artists use Instagram to advertise the NFT and to get more viewers for the upcoming projects in life. 

And on top of that, more importantly, Instagram offers the convenience to make eyeballs on NFT. All an artist requires relevant hashtags on the art. Despite all of these benefits for the photos and videos NFT, Instagram is not a good option for content art. 

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3. Using the right hastings

Hashtags provide an identity to the content for a wide range of users. It helps to narrow down the search for viewers so that they can find what they are looking for in less time. And on the other side NFT provides a way for artists to rank their art. 

So to know how to promote NFT on Instagram, artists must know how to use the hashtags on Instagram. Artists can find the most popular hashtags trending on the platform and can add these hashtags to their photos. Just make sure that the chosen hashtags are relevant to the NFT. 

5. Promote On Twitter

Another popular way to promote NFT is to use Twitter. This micro-blogging offers much more than tweets. The one just has to dig a little and Twitter can. Artists can use Twitter and Twitter parties to value a hashtag associated with their NFT art. Then every other user uses that hashtag to enter the party. It is an interesting way to broaden the follower base and get some new followers for the next NFT art.

The Twitter parties revolve around participation and engaging the guests by asking specific questions. Party hosts can even offer prizes like early access to the NFT collection drop for the guests to encourage more participation. So that is how to promote NFT on Twitter in an efficient way. But it is not the only way to advertise the NFT. The artists can use collaboration strategies too. Like they can collaborate with an experienced agency to get more trading on their NFT.  

The use of proper Twitter marketing can lead an artist to a whole new level in NFT trading

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6. Build A Community To Promote The NFT

Building a community before advertising the NFT project is just as important as placing a foundation before building your house. The strategy includes everything, from having social media accounts like Twitter, and Instagram to having the NFT on OpenSea, but most importantly it includes Discord. 

Nearly all NFT artists have projects that have a discord server to put a spotlight on their NFT. And there is a good reason for it.

A discord server offers a perfect opportunity to build an interested and valid community around an NFT collection. Artists can use it to create hype around their old, current, and upcoming projects. They can also use a discord server to limelight on their other social channels such as Twitter and Instagram.

The community built on Discord can chat and exchange with the artist. The stronger the community, the more trust there will be. 

7. Promote On Reddit, Quora, And Bitcointalk- 

These platforms help when you have to spread the word about your NFT collection to a wide range of views. Quora and Bitcoins are not the social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. But these platforms are just excellent at creating a loyal community that multiplies the number of views on your NFT collection. Now, you probably want to know how to promote your NFT collection on these platforms.

You can simply use crowd marketing and write a thread on these platforms with some questions. For example, ask questions like “What kinds of NFT do you recommend to follow?” And using some other account, you drop some links and promote yourself, but on the behalf of someone else to create some genuine response on the link. Or like an artist, try to involve yourself in other discussions that go on these platforms. Remember, the more often your name pops up, the more users will remember it and the more reviews you will get. 

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8. Use Influencers

Next up to social media platforms is using Influencers. From the latest brands to the celebrated ones, everyone utilizes the influencer market to promote their brands. Some can also go for the NFT marketing. Usually, Influencers have a very loyal follower base.

More often, when an influencer promotes the NFT collection their users mostly check out that NFT collection. And some of them also tend to buy it. However, to hire an infuser an artist must have some budget in mind because influencers can charge anywhere depending on the number of users they have. From $100 to multiple thousands an influencer can charge any amount. The benefit of the Influencer market offers multi-channel advertising. This means a single influence can promote an artist’s NFT on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and other social media channels without any issue. As an artist hiring an influencer can be a great move. 

9. Reach Out To The Newsletter

In most cases, marketplaces like Rarible, media, and other crypto trading platforms deliver newsletters several times per week to their users. Artists can reach out to these platforms and request to add their NFT release to the upcoming latest newsletter. Sometimes these platforms can do this for free to some extent and after that, they can charge money. The process also can happen and vice versa. The marketplaces like the NFT calendar, choose five NFT collections three times a week. So, the artists can use the calendar to promote their next drip and participate in the community to increase the instances of getting spotted. 

10. Get The NFT Collection Find On The OpenSea- 

Being an original marketplace, OpenSea has been an integral way to promote the NFT collection. The platform uses the NFTs as proof of ownership of a digital asset, whether these are artworks, digital real estate, or video game items.

The NFT artists can verify their ownership using a private key, which makes it easy for the platform to authenticate the NFT. The marketplace offers a common place for everyone to promote, buy and sell NFTs. But the question is how to promote OpenSea NFT. To do so first artists need to create a MetaMaks and then link their NFT to the account. Well no worries, OpenSea makes it easy to find and link the NFTs. All the artists have to do is go to the homepage, enter a specific URL ( that OpenSea provides), and then scroll and find their NFT. 

After all of this, during the promotion phase, artists can add particular characteristics to their artwork. Add prices to the descriptions along with offers and listings. Once the description is completed, artists have to use their social media accounts to promote their collection because OpenSea does not offer a way to promote the NFT directly. But what it provides is the perfect way to list the NFT collection and then advertise it through social media like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, and promote the NFT. And that was how to promote your nft on opensea, now let’s move further.

11. Add Drops To The NFT Calendar

The article has mentioned the NFT Calendar before and because it is one the best marketplace to promote and trade the NFT, it needs a deep mention. The NFT calendar gathers the various marketplaces in one place. So, the artist can utilize the NFT Calendar, to sum up, their purposes. With it, artists do not have to rush from one marketplace to another to find the new releases making it easy for the users to know about what is coming up. 

An artist only needs a few minutes to add a drop into the calendar. They can fill in all the details in the drop. And afterward, they are good to go. The details include the NFT collection title, artist’s descriptions, NFT collection’s descriptions, the main aspect of the drop, date and time, marketplace where the NFT is about to drop, and the link to the release. Once you submit the artist successfully, it starts to appear in the quick review sections of the calendar. Also, artists can give their names for the NFT calendar‘s Instagram and Twitter features. 

12. Join The Dedicated Telegram Group

If you want to know how to promote your NFT art effortlessly, this is the easy way. Telegram is also a social media application, but it does not work in the same manner as the other social media platforms. How it works effectively to advertise the NFT, one artist gets hold of it. Crypto enthusiasts have used this platform since the launch of the NFT to promote their projects.

However, an artist has to put some serious effort when it comes to promoting the NFT on telegram. So, instead of just saying something like “ come and check out my NFT collection” an artist has to build the value first for its NFT collection.

Telegram has a huge base of users and it is unlikely that any user will show any kind of interest based on just these lines. So in alteration, artists can try to build a narrative for their NFT collection. They can engage the users by describing how cool the NFT collection they have is and how users can benefit from it. Riding the strategies a little can help an artist to sell their NFT collection fast and in the first place. 

13. Write Content About The NFT Collection And Promote It On Medium Along With Other Websites

Content marketing always works, even in the case of NFT collections. This makes it a good idea to write an article about the NFT collection, whether the latest, old or upcoming and distribute through it its platforms like Medium,, tumbler, etc. And the artists can also offer collaboration using these media platforms along with paid advertising. 

The key to writing content about the NFT collection is not to disclose too much while encouraging the viewers to buy the NFT collection. The better an artist can write, the more chances they have of minting their NFT. 

14. Organize Events Like Giveaways To Promote NFT

Giveaways in the NFT industry just function the same way as they do in clothing or any other industry. Organizing a Giveaway of NFT and making it a piece of an about-to-drop collection is an effective practice in the NFT community. Artists can give away something from NFT collectibles to the physical replica of their art. Artists set giveaways according to the scenario, where every participant has to follow the artist on social media accounts like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook and share their posts, stories or retweets, etc.

It is like erecting extra wealth around the NFT Collection, and an opportunity to flatter the followers.

For everyone who wonders how to promote nft art, these are some strategies that anyone can use to promote their NFT and get some new followers and a reputed name among the NFT artists.

How much does it cost to promote NFT?

Avergae cost to promote is NFT is $220 to $599 per month.

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