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Why And How To Outsource IT Support: A Complete Guide

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Information technology (IT) affects every area of modern businesses. It’s the backbone of the growth of any company, regardless of its size. Without leveraging IT, it’d be almost impossible for any business to skyrocket.  

With technology evolving every second, most business organizations are choosing outsourced IT support services today. By partnering with an IT company, your business can benefit from continuous IT support, which can help improve operational efficiencies.  

Reasons To Outsource IT Support For Your Business

There are several reasons to count on reputable companies, such as ShipshapeIT and similar others, to provide IT support for your business. They include the following.  

  1. To Reduce Operational Business Costs 

There is no question that the long-term growth of your business relies on its ability to save money. By saving money, your business will become more profitable and remain afloat. As such, your company will likely thrive well in the foreseeable future.  

Outsourced IT support services can help reduce operational business costs in various ways. For instance, it ensures you aren’t employing a full in-house IT team. Working with many permanent employees comes with increased costs. First, the cost of hiring and training a new IT team can be so huge. And secondly, there’s a high cost of maintaining internal staff members in terms of monthly salaries, allowances, continuous development, leave pay, medication, and other benefits.  

Outsourcing IT support services means you won’t have to hire permanent IT employees. And if you choose to have them, you’ll only need a few to complement the hired IT company. In the long run, the outsourcing model lets you save a lot of money.  

Also, note that outsourced IT companies provides services under a fixed monthly rate. So, regardless of the tasks they complete in a certain month, you’ll only pay a single fixed fee. This prediction allows you to budget effectively.  

  1. To Boost Online Security

Today, businesses in all sectors are facing the challenge of cybersecurity risk. When faced with online security risks, your business can suffer in different ways. For instance, you can lose critical information for your company. Today, companies use data to make strategic decisions. This means you may be unable to run your business if you lose data to cybercriminals.  

Plus, online attacks will likely hurt your brand’s reputation. Customers purchase from you because they trust you. But at the same time, they expect you to maintain their privacy. So, what happens if you lose customers’ confidential information through online attacks? Most will no longer shop from you. And to make matters worse, they’ll likely leave negative comments about your business online. Such comments will damage your reputation and ability to attract new customers.  

An outsourced IT company will help build an effective cybersecurity strategy. They’ll help you to implement effective online security measures for your business. They’ll also keep updating your website, software, and other systems to give your business the protection it deserves.  

  1. To Focus On Core Business Activities

Managing an IT infrastructure is a wide concept with several small sub-areas. Updating websites, developing software, monitoring networks, and maintaining communication lines are all tasks of IT departments. Completing all these tasks will consume much of your time, so you might be unable to run your business well. But the good news is that you can use outsourced IT support services and improve operational efficiency.  

The outsourced IT support service provider will fully manage your computing systems. As such, you and your employees can centralize focus on core business activities. However, you’ll need to find a reliable IT support company.  

  1. To Gain Access To The Latest Technology 

As noted earlier, technology affects every aspect of your business. Therefore, you should implement it into your business systems. But outdated technologies might not be effective in the ever-changing business world. Your company needs to make use of the newest technologies to succeed.  

Although you can work with an internal IT team, it might lack an up to date understanding of modern technological solutions. And even if they’re knowledgeable, they may lack adequate time for implementation.  

An IT company is a technological expert. Outsourcing your IT support task allows you to access modern technologies and expertise. As such, your business will remain on top of technology and gain a competitive edge.  

  1. To Increase Employee Productivity 

Every business enterprise aims to improve employees’ productivity. With increased employee productivity, a company can make more revenue. It also ensures high production at a lower cost. This implies that a productive team is the backbone of a profitable business.  

As noted earlier, outsourced IT support services allow internal employees to concentrate on other important factors of the business. In the long run, this leads to increased productivity.  

Aside from that, an IT company can help reduce system malfunction. Whenever technical issues arise, they could lead to disruptions and downtimes. An IT company will work for your interest in preventing technical issues from occurring. As such, systems will always remain functional, ensuring employees aren’t taking unplanned breaks, thereby improving the company’s overall productivity.  

  1. To Get 24/7 Support

Another reason you’d want to hire an IT company is to get support 24/7. You may experience a technical challenge at any time of the day. Internal employees provide services only during working hours. Therefore, relying on the internal IT team might not be an effective solution for solving technical issues.  

Most IT support companies service their clients 24/7. Plus, they provide remote technical services. The right company can troubleshoot all the problems in your systems and offer solutions. Therefore, you won’t have to wait many hours to have technical issues in your systems addressed. 

How To Outsource IT Support For Your Business 

As detailed in the previous section, there are many reasons to outsource IT support services for your business. However, you’ll need to find the right IT support provider. But with so many options, deciding which company is the most suitable for you can be overwhelming. Fret not because here are important steps on how to outsource IT support. 

  • Define Your Needs

The most important step when using outsourced IT support services is defining your business needs. In this step, you’ll identify the goals you want to achieve. This means you’ll need to know which areas you need assistance from an IT company. 

Outsourced IT support services may be able to assist you with the following areas: 

  • Cybersecurity
  • Device and inventory management
  • Network monitoring and server management
  • Data management
  • Backup and disaster recovery
  • Telecommunication
  • Real-time support.  

Before you start looking for an IT support company, have an idea why you’re outsourcing. Do you want to enhance your communication? Are you looking to boost inline security? Do you want to update your website? Answering these questions will help define your needs, so you can choose the right service provider.  

  • Check The Credentials Of The Outsourced IT Support Company

The credentials of an IT firm will be a vital consideration in selecting outsourced IT support services. To begin with, confirm that the company is properly registered with the state and licensed to offer IT support services to clients. Avoid any provider without the right licenses for the tasks you need help with.  

Aside from that, the company you choose to hire must be experienced. An experienced firm will likely provide better services than an inexperienced one. Experience increases with time. So, find an IT support firm with a reasonable time in the sector.  

But note that IT challenges vary from one niche to another. Therefore, it isn’t just enough to consider how long the company has operated. You should also confirm if it has served several other businesses in your industry. If so, then you can count on such a company to offer solutions to technological issues in your business.  

  • Check The Service Level Agreement

You can’t avoid checking the service level agreement (SLA) when choosing an IT support company for your business. SLA is a contractual agreement that specifies what services you’ll receive when you pay a certain IT support provider. Most outsourced companies offer all-inclusive packages with a fixed rate. But don’t assume right away. It is important to read through the agreement to understand what it includes. By checking the SLA, you’ll know whether the company offers what you want and whether you’re getting the best value for your money.  

  • Read Online Reviews

It’s also necessary to read online reviews before signing a deal with a particular IT support company. Whether happy or unhappy, most customers will always leave online reviews about their experience with a service provider. A good company will have more positive reviews than negative ones. 

But don’t just look for reviews on the provider’s website. Some publish fake reviews to win the attention of potential prospects. Instead, navigate independent online review sites to find genuine opinions from real customers. This way, you can make an informed decision when chasing the best IT support company.  


Outsourced IT support services can be a practical way to grow your business. It involves hiring an IT company to do IT work for you. And this has several benefits, including reduced costs, enhanced security, quick adoption of the latest technologies, and more. However, you must find the right service provider. Use the information in this article to find a suitable IT support service provider for your business.  

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