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How to Make Your Computer Setup Look Clean?

If you're looking to transform the way your PC setup looks, try out these simple options to help spiff things up considerably.

Written by Niel Patel · 3 min read >
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If you’re looking to transform the way your PC setup looks, try out these simple options to help spiff things up considerably.

Homebased computer desks are becoming popular due to the rise in remote working and the number of people playing games at home. Despite designating a location for your computer desk, you must have a perfect setup for your devices. A good setup should be tidy, organized, and free from wires on the floor and the table.

Having a perfect computer set up can sometimes be challenging due to the number of cables and devices you have to handle. You can follow these tips to help you arrange your setup. 

1. Utilize Extension Cable

When you have a desk setup with multiple devices, you need to know the number of cables you will be dealing with. The other challenge is limited space to plug all the devices into the socket; hence you need one power source with outlets to connect all the power cables. That is why you must have an extension cord for your setup.

The best extension cord for such a setup would be the 10-gauge extension cord. It is ideal due to the unique benefits, such as the security features to protect the PCs from shock and the power capacity to support multiple devices simultaneously. It is also suitable for ensuring the area around the desk is clean and free from many cables lying on the floor and can easily cause accidents. 

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2. Utilize USB and Bluetooth-enabled peripheral devices

There are many computer devices you need for your computer setup that may contribute to the clutter on the computer desk. The peripheral devices include keyboards, mouse, headphones, microphones etc. Having wires connecting all these devices to the computer will make the table too congested limiting space for other activities. It is also much easier for the cables to be entangled as you move these devices on the desk. 

Instead of the cables, you can connect the mouse and keyboard to the computer using Bluetooth dongles. For other speech, audio, and sound devices, you can connect them using Bluetooth technology. Bluetooth technology can also assist you in transferring documents from phones to computers instead of using USB cables. Use the LAN and network connectivity to share documents with other devices such as printers. 

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3. Reusable Zip Ties

You can get different types of zip ties in the market, the non-reusable and the reusable. The reusable ones are suitable for multiple uses. Therefore, you need them in the future when you need to add more cables to the existing ones, especially when you buy a new device such as a scanner or printer. The non-reusable ones can also be ideal, but you must purchase new zip ties every time.

Besides the usability, the zip times can help reduce the clutter around the computer setup. You can zip the cables from the monitors, keyboards, and mouse and use a zip tie to tie them to the back of the CPU. They can also be suitable for securing the cables from the power source. Besides external connectivity, they can also be suitable when building your CPU. You can tie the wires inside the CPU using the ties to create enough space for other components, such as fans, hard disks, and DVD drives. 

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4. Use Stands 

Monitors can occupy a lot of space on the table, limiting the space available for other devices, such as extra monitors and CPUs. You need to create a space by mounting the monitor on a stand to create free space below. Moreover, you can constantly adjust the stand’s height to increase available space. The space can accommodate other items such as notebooks, pads, and pens.

You can also use the stand for other devices, such as headphones. Instead of leaving them lying on the table, you can designate a separate stand next to the monitor to accommodate the headset. The stand will be critical to protecting the headset from damage, such as accidental falls. It will also keep the cord from being tangled up with other cables.

5. A Gaming Playmat

You can use the computer setup for different purposes such as work, games, and entertainment. Regardless of the use, you need a mat since they are wide enough and can easily accommodate a medium size keyboard and mouse. Buying a smaller pad for the mouse alone will require additional space that could be otherwise used for other purposes. The game mats are suitable for heavy and repetitive uses, and you can safely put the mouse and keyboard on the mat without worries that they will slide and fall off the table. 

6. Divide the desk into positions

Positioning the setup desk will enable you to keep the workspace organized. Organize different components in different positions. For instance, the monitor should be located at the central part of the table. The mouse and keyboards can be at the front, also centrally located. The CPU and other gaming equipment can be below the table. You can create a lower section to accommodate the play station and have the CPU on the floor. 

The printers, scanners, or headphone stand can be on the right or left side next to the monitor. Balance them to ensure there is no congestion on one side than the other.

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While creating your computer setup, the main focus should be on the computer devices‘ cleanliness, order, and safety. Therefore, you must use the stands and zip ties to maintain organization and reduce unnecessary clutters. It all takes time and patience. You can try THC Oil to make yourself feel relaxed and enjoy the process. You can exploit networks, USB, and Bluetooth connectivity to avoid too many wires on the table. You can also use extension cords to connect all the devices. 

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