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How to Create an Electrical Drawing

Lead-in Part Electrical drawings, or wiring diagrams, are one of the most important technical drawings that depict the components of any electrical...

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Electrical drawings, or wiring diagrams, are one of the most important technical drawings that depict the components of any electrical or circuit system. Traditionally, an electrical drawing includes the visual representation of the components of any circuit system. Additionally, it includes information about lines, symbols, notations, and dimensions that an electrical engineer will refer to once they start building the actual circuit system.

With the help of electrical drawings, system engineers can quickly work around the circuit systems in case some maintenance is required. Additionally, elaborated electrical drawings help the system engineers to ensure that the system runs safely. In general, there are four different types of electrical drawings, namely:

  • Schematic Diagrams
  • Wiring Diagrams
  • Block Diagrams; and
  • Pictorial Diagrams

All these different types of electrical drawings require precision and the awareness of using the right symbols to depict the electrical diagramming symbols. As a result of which, we highly recommend using electrical drawing software like EdrawMax. Some of the notable benefits of using electrical drawing software are as follows:

  • With electrical drawing software, you get the universally accepted standard symbols.
  • It becomes easy to draw an electrical diagram using the pre-built diagramming features of any electrical drawing software.
  • Modifying and sharing electrical diagrams becomes easier once you start using electrical drawing software.

Importance of Electrical Drawing

Electrical drawings play a very important role when working on any circuit system. These electrical drawings depict information related to electrical lighting, digital communication, and power distribution. This information helps the system engineers to easily create the system.

Some of the most important benefits of creating an electrical drawing are:

  • Easy Maintenance: The primary reason to create electrical drawings is that it helps the system engineers when they have to perform some maintenance tasks. With the right electrical drawing, you are not dependent on any technical. Rather, the original electrical drawing can be passed on to another electrical engineer who would be assigned to handle the maintenance task.
  • Reduction in Rework: If the system engineers have worked on the correct electrical drawings, then these drawings assist in reducing downtime and also help reduce unnecessary costs.
  • Implementation: By referring to the components added in the electrical drawing, system engineers know the dimension and the location of each component. This prior knowledge of placements escalates the implementation process.
  • Saves Resources: With the electrical drawing in place, system engineers already know about the resources they will need. It helps streamline the production stage.
  • Improves Communication: Detailed electrical drawings ensure that everyone in the development team understands how the system will look post-completion. Since all the information is in the drawing, it helps improve communication.

How to Create an Electrical Drawing [Step-by-Step]

Electrical drawing requires understanding symbols, components, and information about the dimension. We highly recommend using a free electrical drawing software to properly create an electrical drawing. Check out the following steps if you are planning to create an electrical drawing using EdrawMax:

  • Download EdrawMax: The first thing that you need to do is to download EdrawMax. The 2D electrical drawing software is available for different operating systems. Head to the official website and download this tool as per your computer’s OS.

If you plan to collaborate remotely, check out EdrawMax Online and build your own team.

In both the offline and online versions of this electrical drawing tool, you will need to register to access the personal cloud files.

Once you are logged in, you will see hundreds of diagram types. Head to the ‘Engineering’ diagram category and click on ‘Electrical Engineering.’ In this sub-category of Engineering diagrams, you will find ‘Basic Electrical,’ ‘Circuits and Logic,’ ‘Industrial Control System,’ and ‘Systems.’ Click on any of these diagram types to access the pre-built templates.

  • Template Access: EdrawMax has a vast community of designers. Head to the ‘Templates’ section on the left to access user-generated templates.

In the search bar, type — Electrical Drawing, and the system will give you the results accordingly. Some prominent electrical drawing templates you can find here are Electrical Plan for House Electricity, Electrical Project Electrical Diagram, Electrical Plan, and more.

Click on any of these user-generated templates and click on ‘Use Immediately’ to replicate the content of that electrical drawing template.

  • Build from Scratch: Head to the ‘Engineering’ diagram category and click on ‘Electrical Engineering.’ Now click on ‘+’ to start with a Blank Drawing.

First of all, know your layout and then start adding the appropriate electrical symbols.

With the help of a built-in connector, start connecting different connections. Add labels as and where they are required.

Head to the Design option in the top bar and click on ‘Fit to Drawing’ to ensure the diagram looks neat and clean.

  • Customization: After you create the basic electrical drawing, start the customization process. From the Design option, you can change the orientation, update the background by changing the color or adding a picture, add borders or watermarks, and even resize the electrical drawing symbols.
  • Export & Share: After completing the electrical drawing, you can export it into multiple formats. Some of the most common export options that are available in this electrical drawing software are JPEG, PDG, PNG, SVG, EDDX, and Office.

You can further embed the electrical drawing code if you want to add it to your webpage or share it with different social media platforms for better collaboration.

Final Thoughts

Electrical drawings are the blueprints of any circuit system. Just as a blueprint is required to construct a building, an electrical drawing is also necessary if you are planning to reduce maintenance costs in the future. An electrical drawing comes in handy when you need to understand how the electrical circuit system works in the building. In order to properly create one, we highly recommend EdrawMax. This free electrical drawing software comes with such features that help beginners easily create electrical drawings. In addition, one can create more than 250 diagrams with this all-in-one diagramming tool, making it one of the best graphical diagramming software in the market.

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