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The Basics of How to Develop a Casino App

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Written by Niel Patel · 2 min read >
casino app

Online gambling is one of the most profitable industries in the world. Gambling appeals to a vast swath of gamers. The sure-fire way to increase market reach is through a mobile casino app.

With the advancement of technology, you do not need coding skills to build a fully functional app. You can have your application up and running in a couple of hours, filled with all the casino games you love. However, the legal side of developing a casino app may take you some time to navigate. Let us run you through the basics of creating a casino app.

Get Licensing

The only way to legally get clients to your site is by obtaining a license. Different countries have varying laws and guidelines on online gambling. In some states in the U.S, online gambling is illegal, while Australia allows you to have a betting firm.

You may consider getting licenses from different countries if you plan to run your casino in different states. Licensing may cost you a hefty upfront investment. Knowing the guidelines associated with each license before developing an app is essential.

Choose a Software

Many casinos have the same popular games, sounds, and displays. Game developers usually use underlying code and better it to prevent using too much money and time developing a game from scratch. Millions of game developers worldwide will design the gaming software for you.

If you want a site with slot machines, online poker, and other games like on, then you can pay renowned developers specialized in that area. The good news is there are millions of developers; the bad news is it is hard to settle on one. You can run tests on the software by each developer to whittle down to one.

The developer is also responsible for making your game compatible with different operating systems and platforms. Ensure you sign the contract detailing the scope of services and liability before hiring the developer.

Add Custom Features

The gambling market already has applications like yours. Therefore, you need to make yours exceptional. The standout features begin from the display to in-game graphics and gameplay. Your unique angle may be creating an intuitive platform, having flashy graphics, or bonuses after every deposit.

Your bankroll and deep understanding of the market will determine the unique features to include. Do not forget the standard features of a casino app, such as the login details and the terms and conditions. Once you have every element nailed down, you can start thinking about publishing but not before you add secure payment options.

Add Games

An application should be a replica of the website version of your online casino. Add the popular card and table games and other games with a large following, such as keno and Sic Bo. There’s no limit to the games you can add. However, try to make the game lightweight so that the final app size is not too bulky for many users. Users prefer a lightweight app that does not cause the phone to stall or take up much storage space.

Add Payment Modules

Most online casinos support payment systems like Visa, PayPal, credit cards, and World Remit. An application is no different. Your app should support popular payment methods used in your target country. The currency should also be the local currency.

In recent times, online gambling sites are adopting cryptocurrency payments which are popular among the millennials and the younger generation. Cryptocurrency is safe and secure since it runs on an impenetrable blockchain network. Be sure to check the licensing before integrating crypt pay into your app.

Advanced technology has made it possible to integrate any upcoming mode of payment through APIs. You will still have to contact the payment organization responsible for streamlining deposits and withdrawals.

Contact the App Store

After developing your app, you must publish it on the most popular app stores. The obvious options are Google Play Store, Apple Store, and Huawei app store. The app stores usually have rules your app must conform to before they launch. However, with proper licensing, you will overcome this hurdle easily. Some developers choose to launch a trial app and receive feedback before launching the final app. However, you can launch the beta version and issue an update later.

Once the app store has green-lighted your app, you can market it on different platforms and optimize it on the app store.

Market Your App

Since yours is a new app, you must pay to popularize it. Get influencers and build a social media page to market your application. Since your app has unique features, it will quickly gain traction. After some time, online gamblers will choose your casino app as the go-to solution for their gambling needs. Be sure to update the app with newer and more appealing features constantly.

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