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How to Record Someone’s Phone Call | How to Listen Other Mobile Calls

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record other phone call 2022

It is a very common instinct of a couple to spy on your spouse. Parents are also not very different, they are always worried about their children’s online lifestyle. Because of this worry, parents begin to look at their children with keen eyes. It is specifically true when kids are entering their teenage. It’s a time when children must have goals and the determination to achieve these objectives.

The Best Way to Record Other Phone Call

However, the majority of teens and students tend to focus on social interactions, relationships, parties, and other activities that are not ideal. So spy on your spouse or It’s very difficult for parents to keep track of the actions of their children. What if you were capable of listening to all conversations of your child?

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if you were able to keep a record of kids’ conversations? Additionally, you’ll be aware of whom the child talks about, what they talk about on the phone, and what kind of language they speak.

In the end, you’ll be aware of whether your kid is protected from danger or not. This is why parents are required to protect their children from dangers by allowing access to calls and listening via the spy app for android.

This is also the case when employers or spouses want to know what their employees or partner are talking about with other people via their mobile phones. The employer wants to ensure that company information isn’t leaked while the spouse is trying to determine whether their better half is doing something wrong or not.

And how do you achieve this? By using the best recording app for Android to monitor someone’s phone calls, which we will discuss in this guide. But, first, let’s look at how TheWiSpy App can allow the user to record and listen to conversations from a distance.

TheWiSpy- Overview of Another Person Call Recorder – 2022

TheWiSpy is the best recording app for android that allows users to monitor and record online mobile activities remotely. The spyware stealthily collects every digital activity and transfers the recorded information to TheWiSpy’s online Dashboard.

other person call recording app screen 2022

The user can log in to the control panel online and view the data recorded in secrecy and remotely. TheWiSpy is invisible mobile spyware which means that the user cannot detect spyware on their mobile device.

How to Listen Others Phone Call With TheWiSpy?

Call recording is among the most requested spy features for smartphones. TheWiSpy app is a well-known call recording app; unfortunately, most apps do not provide the feature. It might be claimed on their list of features, but it’s not helpful when you require it.

However, I’ve discovered one application, TWS, that lets you record calls easily, comfortably, and cost-effectively. We’ll now move on to the most-awaited portion of this article that will not only go over the basics of recording calls but will allow us to analyze (briefly) the advantages and drawbacks of using the TheWiSpy application.

Step1: Purchase TheWiSpy Call Recorder Software:

You can’t record calls until you have installed this application on the device whose calls you wish to record. However, this is a bit unfortunate, not only for TheWiSpy but for any other app you find; you’ll have to follow this procedure for any app you’ll find.

Install the app on the phone, and you’re good to record phone calls. But first, go to the website and get a suitable price plan. TWS is affordable spyware for Android, so you don’t worry about extreme pricing as other recorder apps offer in the market. We’ll discuss the pricing in detail later.

Step2: Install the Spyware:

This is an easy step; however, you’ll need to be careful to install the TWS spy app for Android on your smartphone because it will not automatically perform the process. You should click on the link to get the app on the phone. It is important to give permission to TheWiSpy to access all the stored data and installed applications.

After the installation process, you’ll be asked to keep the shortcut on your smartphone. After that, it’s entirely up to you to decide how you’d like to watch, i.e., privately or in public. So, if you want to record phone calls secretly, then activate the stealth mode.

Step3: Start Recording Phone Calls:

If you’ve previously used spyware for Android, you must be familiar with how to use them. What you’re monitoring from the phone is transferred onto the internet-based control panel or Dashboard, which is where you can log in to it.

how to listen others phone call in 2022

It’s known by various names for different applications, but for TheWiSpy, it’s known as Dashboard. This means that you can switch on features that you would like to utilize. Apart from the call recording feature, TheWiSpy offers these useful functions as well:

  • Monitor SMS, emails, contacts.
  • Spy on browsing history.
  • Monitor social media activity of Facebook Messenger, Viber, and WhatsApp.
  • GPS trackings, such as geofencing and real-time monitoring of locations.
  • Access of phone remotely, which allows remote lock and data wipe.
  • Access multimedia, such as images, audio, videos, and photos using Gallery and IM applications.

Phone Call Recorder Pricing:

TheWiSpy is least expensive than other top spy apps in the market, yet it offers the most quality features. There are three packages available to choose from.

Basic Plan:

You can get the basic plan of this spyware of Android for $19.99 for a month. It has standard features for monitoring such as SMS and call spying, GPS tracking, and more. Moreover, you can get this plan in extended versions, such as a three-month plan for $29.99 and a six-month plan for $49.99 only.

Premium Plan:

The premium plan is for people who want to monitor the target device remotely and at the same time control the ongoing activity. Through this plan, you can record calls, record surroundings, and click live pictures remotely. You can avail of the premium package is $29.99 for a month, $49.99 for three months, and $79.99 for six months.

Platinum Plan:

It’s the best one so far as you’ll get access to every modern and improved set of features. So, for example, you can learn how to record a phone conversation and spy on social media applications. In the end, it all depends on the needs of the user, but it’s the best deal you’ll get. You can subscribe to the platinum plan for a month at $49.99, three months at $79.99, and six months for $119.99 only.

Benefits of Using TheWiSpy:

Recording phone calls is as simple as you think. So, if you’re using TheWiSpy for recording calls, here are some advantages:

  • First, you can spy on the cell phones of others at the least expensive cost.
  • It’s reliable, fast, and is compatible with every Android device.
  • Finally, it will never disappoint because recordings are high-quality and transparent. 


You can’t control that your children will talk to strangers online, or your employees will harm your company whenever they see any benefit. But you can prevent significant problems by listening to the recorded phone calls they make behind your back. TheWiSpy lets you record phone calls and surround conversations as well.

You can listen to call recordings online through the TWS dashboard or download them to your device. If you find a bully harassing your child, then you can block them immediately through this application. It has the simplest user interface, so you’ll learn instantly how to record conversations without making any disturbance.

Written by Natasha Scott
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