How to Improve User Experience on Website | Tips to Enhance UX With Your Content

Having a website for a business is a must nowadays. But it’s not enough to create it only once and reap the...

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Having a website for a business is a must nowadays. But it’s not enough to create it only once and reap the benefits tomorrow. No matter the purpose of your website – business, charity, personal needs, etc. – you must pay attention to its quality and updates. 

Keep in mind that website UX plays a critical role in its success. UX is defined as user experience and means the design area responsible for users’ satisfaction from visiting your web pages. Let your visitors rate your website as higher as you want and focus on improving its User Experience. 

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Why Improving User Experience on Website Matters

According to statistics, 53% of visitors leave a website in 3 seconds if its User Experience is poor and low-quality. Experts in web design have a thousand and one cause for you. But do you need another reason to improve UX? It seems that you will lose any chance for developing your project without taking care of web design, features, and interface.

Let’s mention the major causes to optimize user experience of your website:

  • Improve the way users consume your content;
  • Increase your website’s positions on search engines;
  • Raise the traffic and the number of unique visitors;
  • Boost your brand awareness on the Internet.

So you definitely should pay attention to the UX. Now it’s time to find out how to improve user experience on a website and scale its perspectives on the Web. There are many ux research software available in the market that can help too.

5 tips to develop your website’s UX

We all know that content is a king. This is what users are searching on search engines and the exact websites. They aim to consume high-quality content to find solutions for their issues, and wise providers create relevant articles, infographics, podcasts, and so on. 

Despite most website owners understanding the role of useful content in developing their projects, they still don’t take proper steps to improve their relationships with users. Let’s see how you can do it properly by following these 5 simple and efficient tips. 

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1. Analyze your target audience

This is the first step to making any moves in improving UX. Your priority is to understand who your users are and what they want. No matter the type of your website and its purposes, you aim to get as much information about your potential visitors as possible.

Also, keep in mind that depending on your website type, your target audience’s interests vary a lot. For instance, blog posts are important for people searching for useful information. If users need any online services they will seek platforms where professional assistants can help them. 

That’s why you need to clearly understand your users’ expectations, desires, and needs. Having this data, it’s much easier to improve your content and other elements on a website. The goal of the website defines the major actions to do to improve the UX. 

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2. Create high-quality and relevant content

Once you have built the portrait of your average user, you can start producing relevant content. This is a huge part of your website promotion because your texts, articles, images, and so on influence the ranking in search engines

Besides taking care of the content relevance, you must verificate it. This is an unforgivable mistake that may easily ruin your reputation. If you fool your visitors with fake and suspicious information they may never trust you again. That’s why other UX improvement methods wouldn’t make sense too. 

When it comes to UX writing and content design you have to keep in mind all modern rules and requirements of content marketing. Check the information you use as sources, check links you rely on, check citations you refer to, etc. You must keep checking everything to make sure new content is worth publishing. 

3. Organize easy-to-use and friendly website navigation

If your visitor opens only one or several web pages and leaves your website then you do navigation wrong. Of course, the problem may also be poor content quality or its irrelevance to the target audience’s interests. But bad navigation causes losing your user base. 

If you desire to achieve opposite results and work on your website experience improvement, then focus on a smooth, simple, fast, and user-friendly navigation. Every new visitor should experience no issues while consuming your content and using research. 

Also, take care of useless information. Don’t store any content that doesn’t bring you and your visitors any benefits. This data only takes a virtual place and slows down your website speed. As a result, it pushes both new and loyal customers. 

4. Provide customers with several support options 

If your customers face a problem of any kind they want to get a solution here and now. That’s why your team must include a support department. Your support agents should be online to be in touch with users and provide them with relevant assistance. 

At the same time, it’s not enough just to have online support anymore. You must provide your target audience with a variety of support options. It plays a great role in raising your reputation. 

Here are the most popular support options:

– Create a chatbot. Thanks to AI, you can provide customers with informative solutions without the direct participation of human support agents. Besides, many people have a positive attitude to such an option because they can really get simple solutions;

– Use a live chat. This is one of the most required and popular communication channels for users. They prefer chatting with an online agent instead of making calls and sending emails;

– Add other options. Let people know that you also accept calls and emails, have online feedback forms, and so on. They will know that your support team is flexible and friendly. 

All good UX websites must have friendly online support that is easy to contact. That’s a great part of User Experience that raises the company’s reputation and trustworthiness. 

5. Add proper CTA and buttons 

The role of CTA in the UX is significant. According to many surveys, your customers wouldn’t do any action before you ask them for it. For instance, if you want your new visitors to subscribe to your newsletter you should tell it in a pop-up window or any other part of your web page. 

Then, take care of buttons on your website. Most websites use standard buttons. For instance, a hotel booking service usually includes typical options like ‘Find apartments’, ‘Show a room’, and so on. It’s fine if your website has the same buttons but using unique phrases and design elements will play into your hands. 

It’s important! Use all CTA and buttons wisely. Don’t add too many elements that may distract and bother customers. Otherwise, you risk making them hate you for annoying behavior. The less is more – this proverb should be your major rule. 

Such actions allow reaching high customer satisfaction and a better conversion rate. So if you decide to develop your user experience you need to work with Call-to-action elements as well. 

As you can see, there are many reasons to focus on improving your User Experience. It has a significant role in developing your website and brand. And what is more important –  you can do it. Using the tips mentioned above, you can improve the UX for your website content and boost engagement with your target audience!

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