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How to Grow Your NFT Community in 7 Steps

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Recently, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have been the crypto industry trend. Unfortunately, the industry is flooded with scams and dormant communities due to several failed NFT projects. The ones that have thrived in the past and present have successfully built solid marketing strategies and active communities. Despite the struggle on how to grow your NFT community, more NFTs are being launched, and the competition increased. Several brands are building their NFTs to a level where they now tend to offer some service or community. For instance, some brands offer tokens where holders get access to other NFTs or other benefits. 

One of the most important things about selling NFTs Is the community you build around at NFT. Because with NFT’s, even the people who already own it stay in the community for the long haul. Now, maybe that’s just to resell your NFT, or maybe it’s to take advantage of all the perks that come with being an owner of your NFC collection. But one way or another, you need to build a community. It’s really important.

So today, we’re going to go through the basic NFT community building. Let me know where you are in this community-building journey. I would love to help, even if it’s just in the comment or write us an email. Would love to be able to help you there. But until then, let’s get started.

7 Steps On How to Grow NFT Communities

NFT investors want to ensure that the projects are backed up by reliable teams and grow around supportive communities. In addition, there is a need for transparency. It enables the investors to know more about the project’s progress and hope that the people behind it will stay put continuously. To develop your NFT projects, you would need an NFT collaboration service.

If you want to build an active NFT community, here are 7 key steps on how to grow your NFT community.

  1. Develop a Simple Ground Plan and Communication Technique

An understandable, clear, and precise groundwork is vital for community development. This helps to lay out the direction of the project. Also, a good communication technique will help to ensure that your community members do not lack updates about your NFT project progress. Successful NFT communities are the ones that have clearly outlined their goals and steps on how to actualize them. They also share frequent updates on their communities. Your community members will have a sense of ownership and responsibility when there is a clear ground plan and communication flow. They would get excited about the progress and always stay in the loop. For each quarter, share updates on your blog, Discord, or Telegram channels, depending on the one you use. 

  1. Introduce Incentive Engagement and Prices

To attract members to get into your community and make it grow. It would be great to give them something in return. What you give could be giveaways, airdrops, perks, or exclusive content for being active. One of the offers could be giving members early access to NFTs or new features. You may also give them a discount on purchases. Ensure that whatever you give is attractive enough to make your community grow and members participate fully and actively. Successfully brands are engaging in things that are interesting to members and lead to participation. When members participate and can win good prizes, they will surely stay and spread the good news about your community to their friends, family, and other social media platforms. They would do this because you have made them believe and trust your brand. Learning how to grow your NFT community can be smooth and faster when this method is implemented properly.

  1. Team Participation is A Must

Get a team out of your active members and get them fully involved in community activities. Make them partake in frequent Q&As and other vital conversations going on in the community. It helps draw members and other people to your project and makes them highly trust your brand. Introduce every of your team members on your website, social media, and every channel you use for marketing your NFT project so your audience can relate faces with their names. You may add a page for introducing your team on your page so that people can know them. This will help tell you that your project is powered by real humans, not just a faceless team.

  1. Develop Trust

To grow your NFT community, you need trust. Trust is required because NFTs are still new in the crypto industry, and several people still think differently about it. Some do not know how they work and need to be guided. By developing trust with your community, you can get people interested in your project and engage in your community to know more about how they can benefit from your NFT. When new members join your community, share clear information on how the NFT works, its use, and its value to gain trust. Also, you need to provide them with huge support whenever needed. 

  1. Make Your Community Positive and Welcoming Space

It is necessary to make your community a place where people stay positive and welcoming to new members. Make them feel comfortable when they join. Have rules against spamming, harassment, and bullying. Allow people to express their opinion without being shunned or oppressed freely. Appoint moderators to monitor and enforce the community rules. Try to keep peace yourself and stay active. Be reachable to every community member, and live a good example. People tend to leave a community when they discover it is hostile and toxic. If you want your community to keep growing, you must make it a safe place for everyone.

  1. Grow An Active Online Presence

Staying active and developing an online presence does not necessarily mean being on one social media platform. An online presence can be built on platforms where your target audience is active. Make your audience research and know where you can get your audience most. Then, establish an online presence there. You gain more exposure as you feature your NFT project on different platforms. This will help grow the awareness of your NFT community. Add your NFT to well-known marketplaces, directories, calendars, and other platforms that permit the advertising of NFTs.

  1. Hear Your Community Opinion

On the path to learning how to grow your NFT community, if you want to be successful, you must listen to feedback from your community and consider them. Remember that they are the ones experiencing your services and products. Also, make necessary updates and changes that will benefit them after your consideration. Developing a successful NFT community is best for any NFT project. However, it should be noted that a successful NFT project and community is not an easy task. You need to follow the process and make your research.


This guide on how to grow your NFT community is simple and easy to follow. However, you need to know that before you can succeed on this platform, you must dedicate your time and resources. Build a community that understands your project, and develop a reliable team that can always back you up. You will succeed greatly in your NFT journey when all these are implemented accurately.

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