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How To Download Facebook Reels Videos Unlimited and Free

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Facebook Reels can be found via the Facebook app on both iOS and Android devices. It is a feature that allows users to record and edit short, vertical videos like Snapchat and TikTok. This feature appears on the Facebook home page, which is located between the “Stories” and “Rooms” tabs. 

The reels feature on Facebook does not allow you to save them to your device directly. Therefore, you will need a Facebook reel downloader like FBVideoDown.

Introduction of FBVideoDown

To be precise, FBVideoDown is an online Facebook Story saver and video downloader that allows you to download any content from Facebook, including but not limited to download Facebook photos, reels, videos, posts, etc.

This platform is available for free on any software (such as Android, iPhone, Windows, macOS and Linux) without any procedure prior. This means that you will not need to go through such as hassle to make a registration.

Moreover, FBVideoDown is equipped with fast server and is completely free from advertisement. Therefore, you can download any content from Facebook instantly without having to spend some time on watching video ads or pop-up. 

How to download public reels from Facebook

We will divide this section in two parts. If you’re used to using this online Facebook video downloader on your smartphone, read the first part. Instead, if you like a bigger screen to download them, read the second part. 

Step By Step Guide For Android/iPhone on Using FBVideoDown

  1. Open your Facebook application to find the reels

As usual, go to your FB app and scroll through the homepage to find your favorite reels.

  1. Copy the Reels’ link

On the Reels’ video page, tap on the three-dots icon or the right-pointed arrow to find the Copy Link menu.

  1. Go to FBVideoDown website

Open your device’s browser and go to

  1. Paste the link on the search box

You will be greeted with a white search box in the middle of the page. Paste the link on that box and tap Download box.

  1. Preview video and download

On the last page, re-watch your reels to make sure you have pasted the right link, then tap on the Download box again. 

Step By Step Guide For PC on Using Fbvideodown

  1. Go to Facebook website and log in to your account

Since Facebook does not allow you to explore the homepage before logging in, you wil need to type in your username and password on the homepage. Once it is signed in, explore the homepage to find your favorite reels.

  1. Copy the reels’ video

Explore the Reels homepage and find one to download. Tap on the three-dots icon on the top right corner and tap on the Copy Link option.

  1. Go to FBVideoDown and paste the link

Open a new tab and navigate to FBVideoDown official website. Paste the link in the search box of the website and tap Download

  1. Tap Download again

Lastly, you will see your reels preview and a Download button. Simply tap on the Download button to save it to your PC. 

How To Download Private Reels From Facebook Groups

Unlike other platforms that only supports public contents, FBVideoDown allows you to download private contents as well. However, the process is a little bit different than the usual on. Make sure you are using your PC as it does not work on smartphones.

  1. Sign in to your Facebook account and find the private reels

Open the browser > go to Facebook website > sign in to your account > and explore the Reels’ homepage.

  1. Copy the link

Tap on the three-dots located on the top right corner to find the Copy Link option.

  1. Open a new tab and go to FBVideoDown website

Please make sure that you’re using the same browser to visit FBVideoDown website, then tap on the FACEBOOK PRIVATE VIDEO DOWNLOADER menu.

  1. Paste the link in the first box

In this page, you will find three boxes. Simply paste the link on the first box. 

  1. Copy the link of the second box

Once you’ve pasted the link on the first box, it will automatically generate a new link on the second box. Simply tap on the COPY button.

  1. Paste the link on the new tab

Open a new tab and paste the link, a bunches of lines will pop up.

  1. Copy all of the lines

Simply CTRL + A then CTRL + C, or COMMAND + A then COMMAND + C to copy all of them to your clipboard.

  1. Paste the link on the third box

Now, go back to FBVideDown website and paste the link on the third box. Do not forget to hit the DOWNLOAD button.

  1. Download

Lastly, you will see a video preview with a DOWNLOAD button. Hit on that button to save them to your device and DONE!

Download FB videos either public or private is not as complicated as it used to be. With the help of FBVideoDown, you can download as many contents from Facebook as you like and it won’t charge you a cent!

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