How to Create an Infographic in 5 Easy Steps

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How to Create an Infographic in 5 Easy Steps

Did you know that you can use Infographic maker to get more customers, increase sales and support your brand? Infographics are quick and easy ways to describe complex topics in visual ways. An infographic is a piece of content that transforms data into an engaging visual that helps to tell your story easily and quickly. 

In the early days of newspapers, businesses used to include an illustration in their printed publications to communicate the message visually. This form of communication has been passed down through the years and is now used in the shape of infographics.

The infographic is an easy way to communicate ideas on almost any topic. Suppose you want your friends, employees, or anyone interested in your business to understand more about it and even remember the information more easily. In that case, creating an infographic is worth considering. Use the following tools and steps for creating an infographic in 5 easy steps.

Step-By-Step Guide To Creating Infographics

Creating an infographics or comparison infographics is not tough, but it does require a certain level of knowledge about how to create one by using templates. There are many different ways to go about creating an infographic, some better than others but each with its pros and cons in terms of layout and design. In this article, we’ll walk you through the process of creating a simple shareable infographic that you can use to add value to your site or blog post.

  1. Know Your Goals

You need to know what your goal is before you start creating your infographic. Create an infographic to deliver a specific message or story to your audience. If you’re creating an infographic for a business, you might have a particular message that needs to be communicated. Or If you’re creating an infographic for yourself, the point could be about your favorite topic or something else completely. Ultimately, the goal should be clear and concise.

This will help you work toward your goal rather than simply creating an infographic because it is trendy or fun to do. Make sure your point is clear in the very first sentence of the graphic. This can be tricky because when you’re creating an infographic, it’s easy to get carried away with too many details and lose sight of what originally inspired you to create it in the first place. After you’ve decided the purpose behind your infographic, it’s time to create.

  1. Choose An Interesting Topic Or Issue

The more interesting the topic, the better chance your data has of being shared. You might even consider using images from social media posts related to your topic as part of your infographic design so people can easily see how their content relates to yours. 

The topic you choose for your infographic can make or break it, so choose wisely. If you’re creating one for a business, choose something related to the business or industry that will be driving sales or leads. If you’re creating one for a school, choose something related to education because this is what they want people to know about their school.

  1. Collect Information And Data

The purpose of an infographic is to provide information in a creative format. The best infographics are created by gathering information and data and then organizing it in a way that makes sense. Follow the below-listed steps to get started

  • Identify the type of infographic you’re creating (e.g., pie chart or bar graph).
  • Collect data from multiple sources (e.g., Google Scholar, websites, books).
  • Organize your data into categories so you can easily access it later.
  1. Select An Infographic Tool

There are several websites where you can find examples of great infographics such as Piktochart, Venngage, Canvas, Visme, and others. Or, if you want to do something from scratch, plenty of websites offer free tutorials on how to create infographics like Venngage. Venngage allows you to create infographics effortlessly by combining images, text, and other visual elements in one place. You can also edit the text or images according to your requirements.

  1. Use Templates

If you want your infographic to look as good as possible, then choose premade infographic templates. The template will give you a general idea of what your infographic should look like and how it should be laid out. A visually appealing infographic is easy to read and comprehend. The templates have everything you need to create an infographic: the font, colors, and layout of your design. Templates allow you to create an infographic with minimal effort on your part quickly. The templates are free and easy to download. This is a quick guide to using an infographic template to create your infographics.

  • Choose a design that you like
  • Open the template and make any changes according to your requirements
  • Create infographic
  • Download the template
  • Share as a PDF or JPG file
  1. Add Touch Ups (If Needed) 

If you’re looking to customize your infographic further, you can change it. You can customize your infographic by changing fonts, images, icons, and sizes. Furthermore, add a logo to your infographic. Moreover, You can use the same customizable features on different types of infographics. If you want to change the background color of your infographic, then you can do it through the color palette or by adding a texture to your infographic.

You can also use color combinations to change the overall look of your infographic. You can draw on pictures or add images to make your infographic more appealing. Images are important because they help people understand what is being said in an infographic and attract people’s attention.


Creating an infographic can be a very intimidating task. This post is the perfect guide for anyone looking to learn how to create an infographic in easy steps and see results quickly. There’s no one-size-fits-all answer to creating an infographic, but you can follow some easy steps to get started.

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