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How to Create a Website Like OnlyFans

By connecting creators to their audiences, OnlyFans has expanded beyond the adult industry with an overwhelming 150 million+ users and over 1.5...

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By connecting creators to their audiences, OnlyFans has expanded beyond the adult industry with an overwhelming 150 million+ users and over 1.5 million creators. So as an entrepreneur, if you’re interested in creating a website like OnlyFans, you’ve come to the right place.

Although OnlyFans has a significant presence, it is a competitive niche. So if you’re thinking, ‘can I win against such a big competitor?’ Don’t sweat it; you can create a website like OnlyFans and earn $10,000+ monthly without a hitch. 

That said, let’s get started. 

What do you need to know before creating a website like OnlyFans?

As a content-exclusive website, OnlyFans offers a unique platform with a synergistic user experience that ensures privacy and enables an optimal space for creators and users. 

So before jumping into buying a domain or looking for developers, let’s get to know the precepts of creating a site like OnlyFans. 

Legal Stuff

Adult content creators can earn thousands of dollars online if provided with a safe and secure platform. But to cater to such a platform, you must familiarize yourself with your region’s laws and regulations and the countries you’re targeting to launch your OnlyFans website. 

A website like OnlyFans predominantly comprises adult content creators, and many OnlyFans users use the platform to consume the same. So consult with a legal professional and understand all the legalities. 

Research your niche & target audience.

OnlyFans encompasses a diverse field of creators that can satisfy a large audience. But you’re just beginning your journey in this field, so limit your scope to a particular niche and small audience. So do some groundwork to understand your potential users and their pain points. 

Start your research by doing the following:

Social demographic: Discover the demographic of your users, such as the age group, gender preference, location, etc. 

What is the demand? Find out what your users need & want from a subscription platform like OnlyFans, and the behavioral trend of the users. Discover the cause and formulate a solution.

Monetization and Payment gateways

There are different types of monetization at OnlyFans: membership subscription, PPV, live-streaming, e-commerce, and personal tipping. So, determine the monetization method you want to integrate and its price range. 

Also, bear in mind PayPal doesn’t support adult content sites. Instead, you can opt for CCbill, Veretol, cryptocurrencies, and more.

Enrolling Content Creators

Content creators and Models are the souls of websites like OnlyFans. For starters, you can approach or outsource models already working but on less pay. Apart from outsourcing to your nearby model agency, you can also look into the subreddits of web models and other adult forums like

How much does it cost to create a site like OnlyFans?

The costs and resources to build a website like OnlyFans vary according to how you want to build. There are two primary methods:

  1. Create from Scratch      
  2. Build using a readymade script like xFans by

If you build your own OnlyFans clone site from scratch, you’re in for a long and arduous ride. The development process starts with the design and ends with testing. It will cost you more than $30,000 (prices may vary depending on your location) and 6-8 months. 

You can, however, make a website like OnlyFans immediately with less cost and time by purchasing a readymade OnlyFans clone script like xFans by Well, here’s how you can.

How to create a site like OnlyFans using xFans by

We’ve broken the process into 6 steps to make things easy.

1. Choose a Domain name.

The first step is to find a suitable domain name for your site. For websites like OnlyFans, you should name it up to two words and try to incorporate the word ‘Fan.’ The name should be relevant to your niche and easy to spell and remember. Also, the tone should be catchy; only then word of mouth can be done right. 

Conduct keyword research on your niche, determine which domain name can be relevant, and ensure the .com extension is available. 

2. Finding a hosting provider 

Finding a suitable hosting provider for your site is imperative because many hosting providers often systemize some restrictions for websites that deal with adult content for various reasons. Concerning specific state and international laws regarding possessing and distributing adult content, many hosting providers refrain from doing business with them. 

But don’t get worked up; since you’ve already chosen xFans, you can purchase your domain and hosting services from Adent’s partner M3Server with a 50% discount for the first month.

3. Buy readymade scripts like xFans by

As xFans is built on the latest MERN stack with dynamic REST API, you can start running the script when you buy it. 

But before you begin installing the software into a server, check yourself with the following as it’s an essential requirement:

  • A domain name
  • A CCbill and Verotel account for payments
  • An unregulated VPN server
  • A PositiveSSL Wildcard’s team of experts will guide you through the installation process from beginning to end. 

4. Integrate payment gateway

The seamless payment transaction is one of the essential features that retains your customers repeatedly. By utilizing xFans, the payment gateway system covers the transaction process with an in-built CCbill and Verotel payment gateway that runs seamlessly to facilitate safe transactions. 

With multiple revenue channels, from model subscription to affiliate marketing, you can set the default and individual commission for models and creators. 

5. Launch your website.

After integrating your payment gateway, you can launch your own website, like OnlyFans. Start your PR campaign by introducing your website to adult forums and subreddits. Introduce your marketplace site on social media and adult magazine sites like XBIZ, AVN Networks, and more. 

6. Customization.

Adent’s technical team will assist you in customizing your website at a professional level but at an affordable price. Their sophisticated and cool premium add-ons let your website transform end-to-end, like integrating creator analytics, referrals, and more. Mainly the ‘Featured Creator’ add-on help create a positive competitive space among your creators and generates more revenue. 

Must have features in OnlyFans Like Website

As you’re on a path to creating a website like OnlyFans, you should pay attention to all features; otherwise, it can put you in a tricky situation in the long run. 

We’ve gathered a better list for the admin, creator, and user perspectives.

Features of Admin  

  • Master dashboard: One panel to access everything. Privacy restriction, geo-blocking users & more.
  • Payments & Payouts: Without any interference, the admin should be able to manage and track payment history records and release payouts immediately to creators.
  • Media & Gallery: Access to all galleries and videos as it enables them to remove illegal & restricted content.
  • Orders History: The admin must have a separate panel to track the record of orders and subscriptions of users.
  • SEO & Analytics: The admin should access in-built SEO, Google Analytics, and flexible payment integration within the system to optimize the site. 

Features of Creators 

  • Creator dashboard: A complete one-stop dashboard consisting of profile, earning payouts, purchase history, galleries, and a separate page to report violations. 
  • Monetization: When it comes to monetizing, creators should able to price their content according to its exclusivity within the range of limit.
  • E-commerce: Models and adult content creators should’ve access to sell their adult products, such as toys, used panties, and more.   
  • Private chats: Creators should have two segregated dashboards for private requests and messages. It allows them to block or reject bids from spam and malevolent accounts.
  • Payments tab: Able to track the record of their earnings and payout status on every monetized content. 
  • Geo-blocking: It’s a must-have access for creators to restrict their content and services to users with harmful intentions. 

Features of Users

  • User dashboard: An all-in-one dashboard that allows users to keep an account of their subscriptions, ongoing purchase, and purchased products. 
  • Wallet Top-ups: Top-ups should be encrypted and protected to ensure integrity and security for your users.
  • Live models: Easy access to live-streaming models with a letter-perfect experience. 
  • Transaction: Users should have access to track their transaction history. 
  • An advanced search: Access to sort personal preferences and help users to search for their desired models. 

We’ve covered most of the distinctive features that should be available to admins, creators, and users. With these features, your user experience will likely increase by leaps and bounds. 

Final Few Words

Websites like OnlyFans are becoming more successful because users using standard social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram want exclusive content from their favorite influencers.

As OnlyFans allows monetized content, creators and models can benefit from their work. It’s a win-win for both. So if you’d like to create your own OnlyFans clone site using xFans, then contact 


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